Chapter 1: Very Crappy Start

"Ummm… Warrior of The Healing Flame, we got a problem." addressed Makoto.

"What is it?" asked The Warrior of The Healing Flame as he entered his water form which consisted of blonde hair indentical to Terra's and a black version of Tidus's outfit complete with the Rinnegan eyes.

"Well you see France kind of broke in to your authors realm and saw the two new females you were working on." said Makoto.

"And I'm supposed to care, why?" The Warrior of The Healing Flame replied.

"He stole photo's of that incident." replied Makoto.

Then The Warrior of The Healing Flame got off of his chair and headed out of the captions quarters of his ship and headed out to see France being cornered by two women. One was Vermillion, a woman who had long black hair that barely touched her shoulders , stood at '6'3' , had a body similar to Fury's from Darksiders, had blood red combat boots with two six shooters for heels with blades attached to the side of the barrel, a fur coat that exposed most of her stomach and red soul perching eyes. The other one was Yayoi, a fox with black fur who looked to be seven or eight and had nine tails with a red tuffs of fur on the ends of them and she was wearing a kimono with red dragons on them while carrying a huge battle axe twice her size.

"Yayoi, Vermillion enough." ordered The Warrior of The Healing Flame.

"He was flirting with me." said Vermillion as she stared at France with fire and daggers.

"I'll handle this." said the Warrior of The Healing Flame as he dismissed the both of them while The Drinker another one of The Warrior of The Healing Flame's OC's (In case you want to know what he looks like look on my bio, He's OC number 8).

"Drinker what are you doing here?" asked The Warrior of The Healing Flame.

"I was bored sitting on my ass waiting and I hear from Duskfang that you have a problem so here I am." replied The Drinker.

The Warrior wanted to get rid of the Drinker right then and there but then France had fled the scene, like a little girl right at that moment.

"Aw come on!" The Warrior moaned as he chased after France with the Drinker in tow.

[Billy Hill Theme]

France had fled to a room factory on plot device road, where various rooms were being made with The Warrior and The Drinker in hot pursuit. France dove into the first room dodging The Warrior of the Healing Flame's Blitzball attack which caused the door to explode.

"Drinker , start drinking." ordered The Warrior.

"Don't need to tell me twice." said The Drinker before he pulled out one of his elixr's and drank the whole thing causing a door to appear in front of the wall out of thin air which France exited from , allowing The Warrior of The Healing Flame to grab him.

[Music Ends]

"What is it you want from me?" demanded France.

"The Photo's." replied The Warrior of The Healing Flame.

France then pulled out a package and dropped them on the floor which resulted in The Drinker creating a deep abyss behind him causing The author to sparta kick him into it. The Drinker then picked up the Package which revealed a note which caused The Warrior of The Healing Flame to read it causing his face to turn pale.

"You okay?" asked The Drinker.

"She's out of her cage." said The Warrior of The Healing Flame.

Before The Drinker could ask in came a girl who was a Mary-Sue who had Perfect Tan Skin, Perfect legs, Perfect face, Perfect neon green and pink hair that was like Snooki's, Perfect ears that were peirced by Perfect Platinum hoop earrings and of course a Perfect body. This was Royal who happens to be a pain in everyones asses because she's a Mary-Sue (Pun intended).

"Hello you foolish author." said Royal in a horrible sing-song Perfect Voice.

"Should've guessed." sighed The Warrior of The Healing Flame as he used his author's powers to trap Royal in a cage.

"Why didn't you trap her in a cube?" asked The Drinker.

The Warrior din't answer that question but rather he teleported himself and The Drinker to The Smash mansion. When they arrived, The Warrior transformed into his prototype True form (for bio look on Birthday 2 The List).

"Hey Master Hand get out here and bring your psychotic brother and Everyone including the Melee Rejects out here!" demanded the author.

"Why?" asked Master Hand.

"We have cake." replied the author causing a mob of everyone to swarm out of the mansion one by one. Then The Warrior of The Healing Flame trapped them in a cage he conjured up with his author powers.

"We should've known." muttered Master Hand before turning to the author , 'What do you want from us."

"For you to participate in my OC Oneshots of course." replied the Author.

"You idiot, this is on the SSB section so legally we gotta apply to this." said Master Hand.

The author then released them from the cage before he used his author powers to teleport both himself and The Drinker before the smashers could lay their wraith upon them.

Yes Fellow Authors This is my OC OneShots so here is a quick warning of what will be in here Everything and Anything that is all. You can send in Your OC's and Ideas (Execpt for Story Arcs). My goal for this is 233 chapters in honor two of my favorite stories.