I was on my way to school when suddenly a black blast hit me. I fell over to find I was not at school. I was in a graveyard.

"What the Hades?" I looked around to find a serpent like man breathing in my face. He had real stinky breath.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" I looked around again and found a dead corpse on the ground.

"What is Edward Cullen doing here?" Why was a vampire doing dead in a graveyard? I looked up to see a boy with broken glasses.

"Who are you?" The boy didn't get to answer when a green blast came out of nowhere. I easily dodged the attack. I kept dodging it. I did a back flip and was in the the serpent dudes face. I punched him in the face and banged his head on mine. The dude went backwards. I looked up at the boy ans broke his cage thingy. It was then that I saw the black cloaks. I could tell from under their masks they had shocked looks on there faces.

"What haven't you seen a person before?" Suddenly they pulled their clocks and disappered. I turned to the injured boy.

"You OK?" I saw that his glasses were broken.

"Yeah I'm fine. Hey you just defeated the Dark Lord! Single-handed! That's so cool! No wizard has ever done that before!" Wizard what is he talking about?

"That's the thing I'm not. Names Percy Jackson son of Poseidon." He looked shocked.

"The first person to ever defeat him isn't even a wizard!" Said the young boy.