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The next few weeks were not easy by any means. Jake and Bella became pros at sneaking around, even just to get a minute to inconspicuously touch one fingertip to the other's. But, they survived it and the two were much happier for it, especially Jacob.

Jake didn't think he had ever felt so good. Bella had started to open herself back up to him again and even though it was tough, Jake started to relax and forgive when it came to the Cullen topic. He and Bella both agreed to leave it in the past and work towards the future, their future, together. Bella became a constant fixture around Jake's house. Despite being grounded by Charlie, somehow Bella got him to ease up so she could go out to see her friends the afternoons she didn't have to work. The afternoons she did, well, Jake and Bella made excellent use of that back room.

One such afternoon, Bella and Jake were almost caught by an early returning Mike. Jake had never seen Bella move so fast to slip her shirt back on, covering up his second favorite lacy bra on her. He had snickered but put his own shirt back on quickly himself. While Bella distracted Mike, Jake snuck out the back. He sent her a few steamy texts, purposely to keep her hot and bothered while she worked. Once she was off shift, Bella hurried out to his car, before Mike or Mrs. Newton could see her, and jumped Jake right there in the driver's seat. He could barely see enough to drive down the block, park someplace they wouldn't be seen and then allowed Bella to do what she would. Thankfully, no one had been around to see the windows fog up or the car rock every now and then.

Jake smirked, thinking back to that little escapade.

A song Jake hadn't heard in years was on the radio, playing low, not really able to compete with the gasps and heavy breathing coming from the driver's side of the car. Had Jake been able to form a coherent thought, he would've realized some of the lyrics were pretty perfect for their situation when it started and before they had officially been together.

But as of that moment, he was busy running his lips across the bare skin of Bella's chest, right above the cups of her bra, in a sensual caress. She moved to his neck and pressed heated kisses down to the juncture near his shoulder, making sure to pull the collar of his shirt away, stretching it. Jake moved his own soft kisses to her bare right shoulder down to her upper arm.

"I want you," Bella breathed out, cupping his face and bringing him up to her for a passionate kiss. He was about to give her what she craved but Bella became impatient. Instead, she took it for herself and Jake was only too happy to let her. Bella had been wild that night; those texts had done their job well.

Jake had been so stuck in the vivid memory that he hadn't even realized someone had arrived until he heard the keys hit the kitchen counter. "Hey, babe," Bella greeted him.

He smiled and turned to look at her as she approached him. "Hey."

She stopped, her eyes widening slightly. "You wear glasses?"

His own eyes widened. Shit! He quickly removed the frames and closed them, feeling his cheeks heat as he looked away from her back down to the paper he had been reading through. "Um, yeah," he mumbled uncomfortably. He hated wearing glasses and used contacts as much as he was able without irritating the crap out of his eyes. He only needed them for reading and when Bella was around or spent the occasional night that she was able to get her friend Angela to cover for her, there wasn't that much reading going on. So, Bella never knew...until now.

"Baby," Bella had crawled onto his lap, moving his papers to the side. She forced him to look up at her. "Don't be embarrassed. You wear glasses, so what?"

He frowned and dropped his eyes. He knew that it wasn't that big a deal and Rachel had always told him how ridiculous he had been about the whole glasses thing but he didn't like them. And he would never forget the first time he used them in middle school and how he was made fun of nonstop, even after he put them away, his face burning.

Bella pressed a soft kiss to his lips, making him meet her eyes once more. "Babe, it's not that big a deal." A tiny smirk played about her own lips. "I actually think it's hot." He arched a brow at her and her smirk widened. "Yep. You have no idea how sexy you look with them on. As a matter of fact, that's the only thing you're allowed to keep on. Everything else has to come off," she finished in a murmur before kissing him fully.

She was able to slowly pull him out of his embarrassment and he started to kiss her back, wrapping his arms around her to hold her closer. "I take it you don't have work tonight," he whispered, moving to her neck, sweeping her hair over her shoulder for easier access to her skin.

"Mmmm, actually, I do."

Jake jerked back. "But it's almost six now. I thought you were at-"

Bella silenced him with her fingertips, smirking again. "Dinner break."

Jake gaped at her. "But, honey, it takes you ten minutes to get here and the same going back. You only get a half hour."

Bella gently took the glasses from his hand. "Well," She unfolded them and tenderly placed them back onto his nose, kissing it as she did. "Then I guess you better get a move on, Mr. Black." She accentuated her smirk by biting her bottom lip playfully.

Jake shot to his feet, tightening his grip on her so she wouldn't fall, and Bella shrieked. "Still not respecting my time, I see, Miss Swan. This calls for some sort of consequences. You've been a naughty, naughty girl." He hurriedly carried her to the bedroom while she giggled the whole way and held on.


A few nights later, Jake and Bella were sitting on his couch, tangled up in one another with her watching TV and him grading tests. Bella glanced down at the letter he had just circled at the top of a page in red ink and rolled her eyes. "That is definitely one thing I don't miss about your class. You're such a hard ass."

Jake's jaw dropped as he looked over at her. "Are you serious? I'm one of the most laidback teachers on staff."

Bella smirked and leaned in, pecking his lips. "I'd say."

He snorted and shook his head, smiling, as he turned the paper over and started looking at the next one.

Bella went back to her show, some sort of vampire girly diary series or some shit. She continued to caress the arm she was leaning against. "Dad told me earlier that you guys are coming over Christmas Eve."

Jake froze and his brows arched above his glasses at her. "We are?"

She nodded. "He talked to your dad yesterday and he confirmed it." She turned and gave him a small smile. "Guess I'll be the master chef again," she teased lightly.

Jake frowned. "Shit. I was hoping to spend Christmas Eve with you."

She smiled wider, shrugging a shoulder. "Well, you are. Just with everyone else there."

He sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly before putting his glasses back on. Bella had been encouraging him more and more to use them, insisting she really did think they looked good on him. He had been hesitant but when she kept pushing him to, he eventually started to use them more frequently even though she was around. "As long as we don't have a repeat of Thanksgiving, we should be fine."

Bella laid her head on his shoulder, smiling. "We will be. No matter what."

Jake tenderly smiled back down at her. "No matter what," he agreed.


The next day, Jake was standing at the open door to his classroom, watching as students trickled in from the hallway masses passing him. They would say hello and he would return the greeting, albeit distractedly. He scanned everywhere for Bella but still didn't see her. That was odd. At this time on this particular day of the week, she should be walking by any second, smirking discreetly at him to which he would wink at her when no one was watching.

The traffic began to thin out and still, no Bella. He sighed quietly in disappointment when the final bell rang and the hallways emptied before closing the door and starting class.

"Alright," He said loudly, to break up the rowdy conversations going on behind him as he wrote on the board. "Yesterday, we had been talking about themes in Tess Of the d'Urbervilles. Let's see who can remember the different ones we discussed." He turned to face the class, picking a student at random. "Mark."

Mark looked uncomfortable, almost trying to hide as he sunk into himself. "Uh...something about...birds?"

Jake gave a slow nod. "Yes. We did discuss birds being symbolic in the novel, more of a motif. It's not a theme per se but it is related, so good." Mark looked relieved at that last word, the only one he really cared about. Jake turned to write it on the board, rolling his eyes where the students couldn't see. "Okay. Birds are indeed symbolic in the story. What else?"

"The Victorian era, the class structure," someone called out. Jake pegged it to be Kyle, one of the few who almost always had the right answer when called upon and paid attention in every class.

Jake nodded again. "The idea of social class and how to define it in that time, good. What else?"

"The sexes," a girl called out meekly. One glance back confirmed it to be Janine, a girl who only spoke up when no one else was going to. She sat in the back corner and stayed quiet most of the time, almost willing to lose points on the participation part of her grade in order to remain silent and blend into the background, being willingly invisible. But Jake knew better; he had seen her work. The girl didn't miss a thing and she was a smart cookie, just shy. Almost like Bella had been in his class. He smiled slightly as Janine turned beet red and tried to shrink into herself in a similar fashion to Eric's from previously. "How men treated women?" She nearly squeaked out the rest.

Jake gave her a nod of approval. "That's right." He smiled encouragingly at her before turning back to the board and wrote what she had said down. "Specifically the way men dominated women, having power over them and exerting it consistently."

"Sounds like last weekend," Todd joked and most of the class chuckled.

Jake glared over at him. "Something you'd like to share with the class, Todd?" The kid was a pain in the ass and one of the few Jake couldn't stand. Todd was one of the usual ones to be talking all throughout class, never doing their homework, not caring if they failed or not, got caught texting more than enough times - the kid just hated being there and made sure everyone else knew it. But Jake had discovered one helpful tool in dealing with him - Todd did not like being made an example in class and everyone laughing as he was chewed out by a teacher. Either, Todd would then rebel completely and be sent to the principal's office to which he just ate right up as the students laughed but cheered him on or he would shut up and stop acting like an ass. With Jake, usually it was the latter. So, Jake decided to shut him down early this time around.

Todd shrugged. "I would, Mr. Black, but something tells it's already been shared with the whole school." Three quarters of the class chuckled, the guys being the loudest this time.

Jake's glare intensified. "If you're quite done, Mr. Reynolds, I have a class to teach. So if you would be so kind as to keep your comments to yourself until after class..." Jake stared at him pointedly and then turned back to the board. "Alright," he snapped. "What other themes are in the novel?"

Before anyone could answer, Todd spoke up again, making Jake tense and turn back around, glaring once more. "Actually, Mr. Black, I have a question about the book. The girl in it, she's a bit of a slut, isn't she?"

Jake felt his blood pressure rise as each student turned to stare up at him, waiting for his reaction. Todd just kept smirking at him. Jake tossed the chalk onto the desk and wiped his hands of the residue, walking over towards Todd's desk. "That word is never to be spoken in my classroom again, Mr. Reynolds. Ever. It not only disrespects me but your classmates, particularly of the female variety, and the school itself. Never again. Do I make myself clear?"

Todd smirked wider. "Sorry, Mr. Black. I wasn't sure what word to use. No disrespect. Let me rephrase. Was she...easy then?"

Jake took a breath and crossed his arms. "No. She wasn't easy. She was taken advantage of and in a not so pleasant situation. Hence the sexes being a theme in the story."

"But if she really wants it and spreads it around, then...she really is easy, though...isn't she?" The guys around him snickered.

Apparently, it was that time of the week again and Todd had decided to push all of Jake's buttons. "What point are you trying to make here exactly, Mr. Reynolds? That you should pay Mr. Hale another visit?"

Todd shrugged and the guys snickered again. Just then, there was a knock on the door before it opened. Jake turned to see Bella standing there. He gave her a soft smile, happy to see her though confused as to why she was coming to see him now; the smile soon dropped, though. Snickers rose up around him and Bella's cheeks reddened.

"Speaking of easy," Todd spoke up. "It's like the book come to life." Bella's eyes teared up and she glued them to the floor when louder laughter erupted.

"Quiet," Jake snapped, turning to glare down at Todd who just kept that smug smirk in place. "One more word out of you, Mr. Reynolds, and you can go down to see Mr. Hale and explain to him why you won't be allowed back in my class for the rest of the week." Jake then glanced back over in Bella's direction. She still wouldn't meet his eyes. He cleared his throat quietly and forced out a somewhat okay sounding, "Yes?"

"There's a," He saw her take a breath when more snickers sounded behind him. "Phone call for you in the office. Mrs. Fisher asked me to tell you," she finished in a shaky whisper.

"Yeah, I bet she did," someone behind Jake said and more laughter was heard. Bella bit her lip harder. Jake stiffened and turned to face the class. "That's enough. The next person to say something will have a week of detention with me to look forward to."

"I bet she'd definitely look forward to that," someone else piped up.

"That's it. Detention for the whole class." Everyone groaned and a few complaints were made. "You don't like it? Too bad. You have Mr. Reynolds and his friends to thank for that. They should've kept their mouths shut when I told them to. Kyle," Jake barked and Kyle jerked in his seat. "Get up to my desk, bring your book and read Chapter Fourteen to the class." Kyle nodded and quickly did as he said. "I'm going down to the office. I will leave the door open and let Mr. Yorkie know that I will be gone temporarily. Any trouble and a week's detention will be the least of your problems. Understood?" Some kids groaned, some nodded, others didn't make a sound. Jake turned to follow Bella out but she was gone. His brows furrowed and he hurried out of the room amidst Kyle's voice beginning to read.

He went into the hallway, glancing up and down it. Bella was nowhere to be seen. Shit. What the hell was going on? He walked towards the open door on the right of his, knocked and stuck his head in the door, making all of the students turn to look at him. "Hey, Eric."

Eric turned around from the board. "Yeah?"

"I just got a message that I have a call in the office. I set up the class to read out loud but do you mind keeping an ear out?"

Eric nodded, his brows furrowing. "Sure."

"Thanks. I'll make it quick. Sorry to interrupt." He quickly made his way down the hallway towards the office, thinking he might find Bella in there because maybe he really did have a phone call, when a door opened a foot away from him and a hand flashed out, grabbing his arm and yanking him into the room. He turned to see Bella closing the door and locking it, leaving them alone in the dark and empty classroom. "Bells, what-"

She turned and his heart broke. Tears were slipping down her cheeks at a fast rate and she let out a sob. He went to move when she gripped his wrist, pulled him out of sight of the window and then buried herself in his arms. He held her tightly, stroking her hair as she cried into her hands. "Jesus, Bells, tell me what's going on. You've got me freaking out right now."

She pulled back, looking up at him, struggling to breathe so she could speak. He wiped her cheeks gently and waited for her to be able to talk. When she finally was, she swallowed thickly. "Edward..."

Jake froze. That name hadn't come up in a while and Jake hoped never would again. "What about Edward?" He said through gritted teeth.

Bella started to cry harder and gripped his shirt in her hands. "You have to believe me. I haven't-been with him-since you. Not since-"

It felt like she had slapped him. "What?"

She sniffled, sobbing. "Jake, I swear-I haven't been with him since that one time. I've only been with you." More sobs turned into coughs and she gulped for air.

Jake felt like he was falling, falling nonstop and wouldn't hit the ground anytime soon. No, this couldn't be...

"Jacob," Bella shook him back into reality. "Don't look like that. I haven't done anything. I need you right now."

That snapped him back into functional mode. "What happened?" He whispered.

"Edward...told...about us." Jake's eyes widened. Oh fuck. He was in deep shit now. "No, not you and me us, me and him us," she clarified.

Jake's heart started to beat again and he let out a small sigh of relief. "Oh, good. Wait, what?" His voice rose slightly at the end.

Bella shushed him and covered his mouth with her hand. "About me and him before you and I got back together. You know I haven't been with him or anyone else since, Jacob Black," she said sternly, making sure he got the message.

After a moment, Jake nodded and Bella removed her hand, sniffling and still breathing raggedly. "Okay. Tell me what this is about."

She broke down into sobs again but through the tears, Jake was able to make out that Edward had been at a party and let it slip that he and Bella had slept together the one time. Now, it was all over the school and as it was, what happens so often when rumors spread, the story changed and became worse. As of that late morning, when Bella had gone to retrieve him, she and Edward had orgies at his house on the weekends his parents were away. Bella had even done the whole football team in front of Edward, his friends and half of the senior class. There were even whisperings that Edward was pimping her out, taking money if he hooked a friend up with Bella. Jake couldn't believe his ears and Bella had a tough time getting through it all but she did. When she was done telling him, she collapsed against his chest and he held her to him, petting her hair and rocking her, speaking to her in soothing tones, telling her not to worry.

Jake believed her. Of course, he believed her. She and Jake had been inseperable since they were finally officially together. If she wasn't with Jake, she was at work or at home. As far as he knew, there were only one or two afternoons she had spent with Angela and she had insisted upon calling him at least once in each visit so he knew she was indeed with her friend and not using the latter as a cover. Jake had told her it wasn't necessary but she wouldn't listen. The guilt Bella felt never really went away though he tried to tell her it was in the past. Secretly, though, Jake had been relieved when she had called those afternoons. But, overall, Jake tried his best to put that all behind him and concentrate on the now with Bella. And for the most part, Bella herself did, too. Now...now, it was a virtual impossibility to keep pretending like they had been, that Bella didn't have an ex that they had to see everyday. That Jake didn't have to be reminded of the huge mistake he'd made by letting her go. All thanks to that kid's big fucking mouth.

Bella had been scared of his reaction, thinking he wouldn't believe her and it would spur distrust and more trouble in their relationship. That was why she did the one thing she never did and went and got Jake out of class to tell him before he could hear it from someone else and get the wrong idea. Jake was relieved she did.

Jake rubbed her back and kissed her forehead, telling her everything would be alright and that he would kick Cullen's teeth in. Her head shot up and she shook it fervently. "No, this wasn't his fault. Don't. Jake, I'm serious. Don't. You'd lose your job, his dad would press charges, and it's not even his fault."

Jake scoffed. "Not his fault? How the fuck is this not his fault?"

Bella winced when his volume increased. "I told you. He was drinking, wasn't thinking clearly. He didn't start all of this."

Jake scoffed again along with a laugh of disbelief. "Are you kidding me? He opened his mouth, drunk or not. Okay, fine, if he didn't start this, then who did?"

"Lauren Mallory."

Jake's brows knit together. "What?"

She nodded. "Edward hooked up with her at that party. Somehow, they got to talking about me and he let it slip, not thinking. She took it and ran with it and now..." Bella took a deep breath. "Now, she's got rumors spreading all over the school. She's the one that suggested all of this...stuff that people are going on about. Edward wasn't the one." Jake let out a spat of air in further disbelief. "You know she knew it was me that got her in trouble with Hale. This is her...payback, I guess." Her eyes lowered to Jake's chest where her fists were still gripping onto his shirt tightly. She let the fabric go and did her best to smooth out the wrinkles that had begun to form.

Jake sighed heavily in annoyance. "Alright. I know what I want to do and that is, haul her ass, as well as Cullen's, down to Hale, let him take care of this shit. I didn't want to make a big deal of it but maybe I should let Hale pursue that whole thing with her parents. Maybe it'll help, I don't know. And Cullen, I know you don't want me to beat the shit out of him but maybe-"

Bella shook her head, looking up at him with those big brown eyes pleadingly. "No. As much as I'd love for all of this to go away...I don't want you involved." When his eyes widened, she explained, "What I mean is, I don't want you to get hurt by being involved. Think about it, Jake. If you suddenly press things with Lauren with Hale, how will that look to her or even to Hale? A red flag will go up and with the whole rumors happening, trust me...it'll just be a huge mess and it'll drag you under with it. I don't want that. I can do this, I can ride it out. My only concern is you and as long as you know the truth, that's all that matters."

Jake's features softened as he heard her speak. If he ever still wondered (which he didn't) why he loved this girl even though she was only eighteen and technically off limits to him, moments like this one right here proved to him why. How could he not love her? "But, Bells, you shouldn't have to go through this. You didn't do any of this shit and it's all being made up by some jealous bitch. I still don't think Cullen's innocent but if he somehow is like you think he is, then it's not right for him to have to go through this, either. Though, he still opened his mouth. Why fucking tell that bitch at all?"

She sighed and pressed her forehead to his, closing her eyes. "I don't know. It doesn't matter, though. He's tried telling everyone that all the rumors are fake but they won't believe him. Instead, the girls either look at him in disgust or throw themselves at him while the guys fist bump him and treat him like some kind of big man on campus. He truly is sorry, Jake. No matter how things went with me and him, he does care about me. And I...I still care about him. Not like that," she added quickly, her eyes snapping open. "But as a friend."

Jake let out a slow sigh, nodding reluctantly. "What do you want me to do?"

Bella gave him a small smile and wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning up to kiss him.


Needless to say, the rumors ran rampant, so much to the point that even the teachers mentioned it in the Teacher's Lounge. Jake wanted nothing more than to correct the gossiping assholes who sat there and said they never thought Bella Swan would be the type, but...he promised Bella. So, instead, he went and finished his lunch outside.

Meanwhile, Bella did her best to keep a brave face on. It broke Jake's heart to watch her do so, especially when he would see her pass a group of snickering students in the hallway. Her bottom lip would quiver but she would bite down onto it and force her head up high, jutting her chin out defiantly. And if she happened to catch Jake watching her, she would give him a bright smile or a discreet wink before passing or going to her locker. She tried to portray the confident playful girl pre-rumors but failed each and every time. Jake could see right through her; this was destroying her. But she kept trying anyway for his sake. Jake wanted nothing more than to take her into his arms and protect her from it all.

Especially, the night she called him up, crying, saying the rumors had even reached Charlie and after a very awkward yet angry confrontation, Bella was on lockdown again. Jake vowed to handle it but she begged him once again not to. "These people have to get bored eventually," she chuckled sadly amidst a sniffle, the sounds pulling on his heartstrings. Charlie believed her, too, but wasn't sure what to do, so grounding it was, forcing Jake and Bella to go back to sneaking around school or Jake visiting her at work when Mike wasn't there just so they could see each other for a few private moments.

Todd Reynolds and his buddies had detention with Jake every afternoon up until the holidays. Jake was ornery, aggravated and angry, not to mention he was missing Bella fiercely - not a good combination to have in a teacher who you have to sit there with every day. Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly) Todd and his friends never said another word about the rumors or Bella. Which was good considering Jake wasn't so sure he could keep his fist from smashing into Todd's face the next time he tried to intimate that his girl was easy.

Jake hated this. He felt like he was doing the wrong thing by not stepping up but when he talked to his dad about it (Jake had grown so frustrated with the situation he had gone to Billy for advice), Billy said he understood that way of thinking but pointed out that what Bella wanted was most important. She was in the situation, she had to handle it on her own, as much as Billy hated to say it. Jake knew it to be true and agreed with Billy that he would take his cues from Bella. If she wanted help, she would ask for it; she knew it was there, always.

But that didn't make it any easier to watch. The only reprieve that came along was Christmas vacation. The holidays had approached fast and without much warning, like always. Before Jake knew it, he was dismissing his last class on the Monday before Christmas. "Please try to read Chapter Sixteen before we come back. I know it's the holidays and you want to enjoy them but try to at least take a peek to keep it fresh in your minds, okay? Enjoy the holidays, guys." Everyone quickly left, chattering excitedly; a few wished him a happy holiday on the way out to which he responded just as warmly.

Once the last student had forayed out into the busy hallway, Jake turned around and started erasing the board. A moment later, he heard the door snap shut. His brows furrowed as he turned around, shocked to see Bella there, smirking at him. "Have I ever told you how hot you are when you're all Mr. Serious English Teacher?"

He smirked and shook his head in disbelief. "I can't say that you have, but you know-" His eyes roved down her body and his words came to a halt. She had on a long black coat, the hem ending mid thigh in her thigh high black boots. He glanced back up at her in shock to see her smirking wider. Her hair was being held in by chopsticks and her eye make-up was more heavily applied than it normally was, like she was going out somewhere. "You going somewhere?"

She just kept smirking and locked the door, flipping off the lights. She then walked over to the windows, her heels clicking the whole way against the tile, and slowly pulled the shades down of each one, watching him the whole time. She made her way over to him and placed her hands on his chest, looking up at him. Jake's breathing may or may not have picked up as she did all this. "You know, Mr. Black, I've been having some trouble with my paper. I was wondering," Bella trailed her finger slowly down to his stomach. "If maybe you would help me and if you did, that I could give you something in return."

Jake swallowed hard. "What do you need help with?"

"A few things. Sentence structure," She leaned in and kissed his right jaw. "Citing sources." She then leaned over to the other side, kissing his jaw line. "Spacing." She licked his adam's apple before it bobbed up and down. "And length." She reached down and cupped him, making him jerk slightly. "But we'll go over all that later. Right now, I'm more concerned," She moved in again, this time brushing her lips across his left ear lobe. "With giving you something in return for your help," she ended in a husky whisper.

Jake swallowed again. "And what would that be?"

"Letting you open your Christmas present early." She then nipped his ear.

"M-My Christmas present?"

Bella pulled back, still with that damn smug smirk on her face, and nodded. She picked up his right hand and placed the tie of her coat into it. She then moved her hands away, waiting.

Jake didn't make her wait long. He tugged it until it was loose and then Bella did the rest. She shucked the coat off and there she stood, in a pleated skirt and a red and white bra. Jake gulped and she chuckled quietly while reaching up and pulling the chopsticks out of her hair to let large soft curls fall down her back. She tossed the sticks onto his desk and shook her head gently so a couple of curls moved over her shoulders.

Jake's eyes were wider than they had ever been before. Who was this girl? She looked like his Bells, sounded like his Bells, even smelled like his Bells, but...who was this sexy girl before him? Bella had definitely become more confident since they had been together and a side of her had that he had never seen before came out to play, but this was definitely the most confident he'd seen her yet. And he liked what he saw.

Whatever worries he might have had about them being caught in a compromising situation before fell to the ground along with her coat. "Holy fuck," he breathed.

She smiled and moved into him, reaching down to unbuckle his belt. Suddenly, the worries were back. "Bells, what if-"

She lifted a finger to his lips. "Shhh. Don't worry about any of that. Just focus on me."

He hesitantly nodded and didn't go to stop her when she unbuttoned and then unzipped his pants. She pushed him into the side of the desk so he would lean against the edge. Bella then got to her knees, smartly making sure the coat was under them, and pulled his pants down until she had him out in her hands. Jake's hips jerked when she ran her thumb over his head and she smiled up at him. He was still in shock so when she took his hands and placed them on the sides of her head, he didn't utter one sound of protest. Protest? Why would he?

"I want you to sit back, enjoy this and hold on." She gave an experimental lick on the side of his shaft and his breath hitched. She smiled up at him again. "Merry Christmas, baby." She then engulfed him and Jake let out a loud grunt, sitting back and enjoying as she said to do, holding on as she went to town on him.

Merry Christmas, indeed.


Jake was still trying to get his breathing to go back to normal when Bella laid on the desk next to him, giggling. "So, I take it you liked your present?"

"Very," he panted. "Very much."

She giggled again and snuggled into him. "I'm glad. I was nervous."

He turned an arched brow on her. "You could've fooled me."

She smiled shyly, blushing, and buried her face into his neck. There was his Bells. "I was. I was scared I'd do it wrong and it'd be the worst you'd ever had."

He pulled back and cupped her face, making her look at him. "Definitely not the worst. That, no joke, was the best."

She rolled her eyes and then laid her head down on his heaving chest. "You're just saying that. As long as it wasn't disappointing, which it didn't seem like it was considering," she teased. "Then that's all I care about. I'll get better, I promise."

He shook his head, chuckling in disbelief as he held a hand to his forehead. "Disappointing? Are you fucking kidding me?" She let out another giggle. "That was the best, I'm telling you."

"You're so full of it but thank you." She lifted up and kissed him.

"Bells, I'm telling you the truth. The presentation alone..." She laughed and he smiled. "Seriously, that was the best Christmas gift I think I've ever gotten."

She smirked, rolling her eyes again. "What? A blowjob?"

He snorted. "No, though that was definitely a fucking perk." She laughed again, shaking her head. "But you." Her eyes snapped to his and he lifted a hand up to her now somewhat messy hair to stroke it. "You are the best thing I could ever ask for and somehow...I've got you."

Her eyes softened and she leaned down, rubbing her nose along his affectionately. "I'm yours. I will always be yours, Jacob Black."

"And I will always be yours, Bella Swan," he whispered to her lips before kissing her. It was sweet and loving at first, but as always, it soon started to get hot and heavy again. His right hand lowered underneath her skirt to grip her ass and squeezed roughly, making her gasp into his mouth. He smirked and rolled them over until she was on her back, underneath him. "Now, about that paper," He reached down and ripped her panties off, probing her slightly and making her gasp again. "There's something you forgot to mention in your little list that needs to be focused on."

Her chest was the one heaving up and down now and Jake loved the sight, especially in that Christmas bra she had on. Fuck, that was hot. Her smirk from earlier reappeared. Even hotter. "Really, Mr. Black? And what is that exactly?"

Jake's smirk grew bigger. He got off of the desk, sat in his chair and moved Bella around, pulling her to meet him at the edge of the desk. "Your thesis statement." He started to rub her gently.

"Th-Thesis statement?" Bella bit her bottom lip and started to move her hips a little, lifting her head to watch him.

Jake's eyes met hers. "Yep. Thesis statement. A preview of what's to come." He snaked his tongue out and licked along her slit. Another gasp escaped her, making Jake smirk once again. "I'd say the body of your paper looks good, damn good. And the conclusion? Well, we'll get to that." He smirked wider and then mercilessly dove in, making Bella grip his hair and hold him closer, biting her lip harder to keep loud moans from escaping out.


They both were picking up papers that had flown to the floor in all of the frenzied activity of a little while ago. Jake smiled as he moved, seeing Bella, with her coat back on and tied and her somewhat sweaty hair back up, stacking papers and then tapping them into a neat pile. She went to grab another paper on the floor and looked up, catching him watching her. She smiled back. "What?" She asked quietly.

He shook his head and lowered his hand down to hers, covering it and squeezing gently. "I love you."

Her smile brightened and she tilted her hand to the side to squeeze his back. "I love you, too."

He smiled again and leaned over, kissing her. The papers could wait.


It was Christmas Eve and everyone was at the Swan house in Forks for dinner. Bella did indeed elect herself the holiday cook once again but this time Jake insisted on helping her. She tried to tell him not to worry about it, that she had it, but Jake wouldn't hear it. Bella rolled her eyes but kissed him on the cheek and thanked him. Each smile she threw his way as they worked together was another one of true appreciation to which he smiled back and winked.

"I can't wait to give you your gift later," Jake murmured to her hair when she had come over to collect the cheese he had cut up for her.

"If it comes with that skirt and that bra and panty set..."

"Ha ha." Bella smirked and Jake moved her hair away from her ear, nipping at her lobe. "No. I think you'll like this. At least, I hope you will."

She put the bowl down on the counter and turned to face him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "I would love anything you gave me."

He smiled and kissed her. Footsteps made them break apart quickly and good thing, too. Charlie's form filled the doorway of the kitchen. "How's the cooking going?"

Jake shrugged. "According to Chef Bella over there, I don't know a thing and don't belong in the kitchen."

Bella turned, hands on her hips. "Jake, I specifically said that you don't know a lot, enough to keep up with me anyway, and you don't belong in my kitchen. Get it straight."

Charlie chuckled and Jake glared at her. Bella winked discreetly at him. "Don't worry, Jake. She never wants me in here, either."

Bella spun around again, pointing her big salad fork at her father. "With good reason. You belong in here less than Jake does. Now, go. Shoo."

Charlie held his hands up in placation, filled with two new beer bottles gotten from the refrigerator. "Easy, Bells. I'm gone," he played around. "Oh, I just got a call from Sue on the cell phone. Looks like we have one more place to add after all."

Jake's brows furrowed and they did even further when he noticed Bella stiffen. "Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know, Dad. I'll take care of it."

Charlie nodded. "You got it, kiddo. Yell if you need any help, you two." And then he was gone as promised. Charlie knew better than to mess with Bella when she was cooking, joking around or otherwise. The kitchen was her domain just like Jake knew. He was somewhat surprised at how laidback Charlie was around him now when it came to Bella. Ever since that night with Embry at his dad's house. Charlie must have decided that Jake wasn't as much of a threat as Embry. Jake felt slightly bad about that but not bad enough to stop seeing his daughter.

Jake walked over and laid a hand on Bella's shoulder. "Babe, what's wrong?"

She shrugged. "Nothing. It's just..." She looked over at him. "Leah's going to be here."

Jake stiffened himself and sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Great," he muttered.

Bella let go of the salad utensils and hugged his waist, resting her chin on his chest as she looked up at him. "It'll be fine. Last time...everyone was tense. This time, it'll be different. And even if she isn't, we're in a much better more secure place. Right?"

Jake nodded, brushing her hair back from her face tenderly.

"We'll be okay," she assured him.

He gave her a half of a smile. "Yeah, we will."

She leaned up on her toes to kiss him and he embraced her, squeezing her tightly. They would be fine, just like she said.


It wasn't too long after that before the doorbell rang, signifying that the Clearwaters had arrived. Bella squeezed Jake's hand in reassurance. He squeezed back and took another sip of his beer, leaning back against the counter. When Bella was done frosting the cookies (and Jake had sampled some on her finger, making her eyes darken like he planned but also chuckle), she led him out to the living room to say hello, letting his hand go before they entered and were seen.

"Jake," Harry called. "Bella, how are you?" Bella hugged him hello and then Sue. Jake shook Harry's hand and hugged Sue as well. Everyone greeted one another except for one person of the Clearwater family: Leah. She was sitting on the couch, watching quietly.

Bella gave her a friendly smile. "Hi, Leah. It's good to see you."

Leah snorted. "Right."

Bella's lips formed into a thin line and she dropped her eyes. "Leah," Sue warned.

Jake stepped up next to Bella. "Leah." He gave her a nod.

"Jake." Leah smirked up at him and shook her head.

He sighed quietly. "How are you, Leah?" He discreetly grabbed two of Bella's fingers, squeezed and let go before anyone could see.

Leah shrugged. "Couldn't be better. You?"

He shrugged himself. "Not too bad. I gotta go check on cookies, that's my job of the evening. I'll be back in a bit. Good to see you." Jake went to turn and leave as did Bella when Leah stood up.

"Actually, I was wondering if we could talk for a minute."

Bella tensed and Jake's brows furrowed in confusion until he saw just what Bella was staring at. His eyes widened. This wasn't fucking possible.

Leah smirked wider when she noticed both of their gazes transfixed on her small belly starting to stick out. She glided her hand over the tiny bump, tightening the fabric against it even more. "Congratulate me, Black. I'm going to be a mom."