Hello there, this is my first attempt at fan fiction. I have had a lot of ideas brimming in my head and it's good to have a place to put them. Hopefully they will be presented in a good story for you all. This is going to be focusing on the prototype one world as I felt that the prototype 2 was a bit over dramatic, making Alex Mercer into such a bad guy in the end made me feel kind of cheated as I built him up in prototype 1. So if this goes well, instead of a prototype 2 expansion I will probably do a few crossovers instead. Feel free to comment away. Anyway let's get started

"Jerron" called his friend Alandre. "Jerron are you listening to me?" he shouted. "Come on man it is time to climb the cliffs today, we have been planning it for some time."I laughed and began to run to him, but at that moment, my mother, Cirea, begin to cough blood. "Alandre," I shouted, "help me get here inside my mother is coughing blood." He ran over and begins to help me as I shouted for my father …*SHAKE*

I jolted awake. The captain's voice came over the speaker, "Sorry folks, we hit a bout of turbulence there, and we are about to begin our descent as well, please return to your seats and buckle in." I had no problem as I was sleeping anyway, so it wasn't that much of a bother, but a few of the little kids didn't want to sit. I had been on a very long flight, from L.A. to Washington D.C., all in preparation of a huge embezzlement case in General Electric. I was excited to present the newest piece of evidence I had to finally catch that CFO and his gang (I liked to think of them as Ocean's 11 for dummies, but my co-workers simply rolled their eyes at that). After taking so much from the employees, finally the company could save its face and turn over a new leaf after this debacle. The plane jolted as we landed and I begin to gather my things as the plane came to a complete stop. "This is the captain of Southwest Airlines flight 297 wishing you a pleasant stay in our nation's capital. I hope you fly with us soon," blared over the speakers in the plane. I smiled and stretched my legs, never liking long flights that cooped me up so, and as I got off I turned on my cell phone expecting to see a few messages probably from work. However, as I turned on my phone I saw the urgent marker on a message left by an old friend, a contact in the CIA named Jane. She would never contact me so openly unless it was urgent. She was one of the few that knew a good amount about me, and though a government spook, she had given me every reason to trust her, so trust her I did. The message was simple from her, "CALL ME IMMEDIATELY!" Contacting me openly was one thing, but giving me orders, was not a common occurrence, and I felt a tickling in my shoulder blades.