*In this there is heavy cursing, so to keep it T, its in other languages so unless you are a super lingual person you won't understand half of them. And if you look them up in google, well that is your fault and I take no responsibility for it Enjoy.*

Sneaking into the Gentek lab wasn't too hard with my abilities. With the advent of modern technology, it was hard to sneak in as I had when I was a thief in the old days. Just had to find the right person to consume. The head researcher I had was still valid. I claimed I was sick with a migraine, and the boss, while disappointed, lapped it right up. So I then began to investigate who would have such an innate knowledge of the virus. I sifted through personnel files as secretly as I could. After an hour of pretending to do work I still had nothing though. Walking down to the development floor of a new toxin called Bloodtox, I could feel my virus writhe inside of me as it was attacked by microscopic amounts. From what I could see, it was totally harmless to normal humans.

"Interesting selectivity," I thought, "to not only target the virus, but stop it from a cellular attack on the infected normal DNA." It was then that I saw him.


Coming before the elders of the Chroniclers was a nervous experience. Here were people in the world who were not only older than I was, sometimes by a lot, but also who could potentially defeat me in battle. The knowledge thrilled me in a way. I had already been part of their organization for a little bit when another new guy demanded my virus. His name was Dr. Victor Franks. A talented doctor to be sure, but overzealous in his zeal to get my tissue sample. He went to try and cut me with a knife while I was sleeping to get it, and only a lucky dodge kept him from ending up with his head caved in. When I later decided to have the Chroniclers study the virus passively, I elected to keep him away from it, knowing his zeal would lead only to disaster. Without the virus to occupy him though he later went on to become known in history as…

*end flashback*

Shaking myself out of my reprieve, I muttered to myself, "Dr. Frankenstein." Of course he would have been able to study my virus in secret and understand a good portion of it. The pieces were beginning to fall together as I now knew how Gentek was able to secretly gain extra knowledge on it. However, I also knew he wasn't going to be easy to take down. Dr. Frankenstein was a genius and what is more, his abilities over electricity were formidable. He was even able to attract lightning to help to give his own monster a semblance of life, inspiring the very story that has had such an impact on Halloween. I also decided to get out of there quickly. Frankenstein only needed a few minutes to detect my irregular bio electric signature as I remembered it. Leaving a quick little message to make it seem I wasn't lollygagging, I headed off back to the labs, and out of the building to Dana Mercer. Entering in quietly I called out, "Dana."

Coming out of the bedroom, she replied groggily, "Yeah, what do you need?"

Laughing I told her, "Good morning sunshine, and I need a few things from you. First I need a way to contact you so I don't need to run out here all the time, and I also need you to find some things on any head researchers in Gentek."

She nodded, looking me dead in the eyes, and asked, "Sure, you will get that, but I am curious about you. You didn't give a lot of information on yourself."

"I normally don't offer such information. I will tell you this though, I was born on the A.D. side of the timeline, if that helps you," I said sarcastically grinning. "Also I will tell you this, if all goes well and you and/or Alex survive this, you will get my recommendation to join us."

Questioningly raising her eyebrow, she asked, "Who is this us? And why would we want to join?"

"Really my dear, did you think that Alex and I were the only ones? The only ones with power in this world that is unnatural? There is quite the secret society that I am a part of, not that you will ever find it without me. You are good Dana, but not that good. We also have millenias of practice when it comes to hiding from the world." I told her mockingly. "And with my organization you could actually live a life, knowing that you are helping others stay hidden while they in turn keep you hidden. There is always room for a helping hand among us chroniclers as we do have normal human contacts that know of us. Or we have their descendants help us if they so choose. So far we remain away from the public eye so it has worked."

Her thoughts churning inside her evident on her face as she digested this, Dana hesitantly answered, "I will think about it. But for now one problem at a time, no? There is a lot of work to do before we clean up New York, and those Blackwatch guys aren't going to fix it, that's for sure."

Smiling at her, I flirted, "Right you are beautiful. Now I am off dear, and I will be bringing my stuff here so I don't have to run between this place and my hotel room. See you in a bit, don't forget dinner now honey." I dodged the water bottle she chucked at me as I ran through the door and jumped into the sky.

Making my way back to the hotel opened my eyes to the state of the city. I could clearly see now hives of the infected popping up across the city. The infection was gaining strength, and with a driven leader now, things were certainly going to get worse before they got better. My hotel was getting a bit too close to redzone for comfort, and Blackwatch had ordered the hotel evacuated. Quickly changing to my photographer I ran into get my stuff and hurried out as Blackwatch went through. Sighing with relief at my close call from Blackwatch getting my stuff, I hurried away to a rooftop, and made another call to the Eldest.

She picked up quickly, "Hello Joseph, enjoying the sights?"

Cracking my knuckles, I sarcastically replied, "Oh it is a down right wonder. Got all manners of twisted bodies, hives, and hunters to look at here. It sure is pretty here."

Laughing, she sobered up saying, "All right back down to business. I have confirmed the majority of the chroniclers, but there are always are a few who are AWOL."

Shaking my head, I told her, "No need ma'am. I already know who it is. Dr. Frankenstein it seems wasn't sated with all the other times we have helped him. He just had to go and join Gentek as a researcher. Not only is he smart, but from what I gather, he has been studying my virus in secret. Probably joined up with them because he couldn't get all the devices he wanted on his own."

As I finished I could feel a terrible pressure on the other end of the line. I heard a quick snap and the line went dead. I quickly got another call though as the Eldest contacted me from another phone. Her tone was deadly saying, "That blithering IDIOT! We have covered for him before when his experiments desecrated the very dead themselves, but now he wants to help bring about the end of the FUCKING world! I have told the other elders that it was a mistake to keep him in, that we should have given him counseling or something, but noooooo they said it was his craziness that caused him to be a genius and why should we interfere with that? I have had it up to here with that son of a whore mongering bitch. Nugator ac nebulo! Sterculinum publicum! Nugae! Gerrae! Fabulae! ابن الحمار. مالوش زب. Chupe mantequilla de mi culo. Gladna Karpatska valchitza s dalag kosam minet da ti prai deeba. Cao ni zu zong shi ba dai. Afatottari. Naridill. Sut djavlepik i helvede din bossedvarg…"

This went on for a few minutes. The Eldest in normally a very calm person, but even she needs to let off some steam. Doing it with her powers might destroy a town or two, so she has filed her tongue razor sharp instead. Calming down, she resumed her icy voice, coldly proclaiming, "However, I want you to do nothing yet. I will make certain of it on our end. And then I will rope our little elder council to give you the permit necessary to hunt him down. If he attacks you though, my order still stands. Consume all in your path, even if it is another chronicler. I will make it clear that it is my order. Be careful though, as Dr. Frankenstein, though crazy, still is quite formidable in his use of power."

I nodded, replying, "Crystal clear ma'am. In the meantime things are bound to get hairy here. So I am off to take my stuff to Dana Mercer's safe house."

Chuckling evilly, I heard, "Take a care now Joseph. Don't be sleeping while you are on the job. Dana is a cute little thing, but from what I hear, she has a brother who might take it the wrong way if you two were to relieve some stress."

Rolling my eyes to her, I simply said "Yes ma'am I will be careful if I ever decide to do that."

Mirthfully, she let me off with a little tidbit to say before she ended the call, "Take care now Joseph, do come back alive and well. You still owe me some gardening time from our last bet that we had when we fought"

Grimacing as I remembered owing her a month's worth of gardening still from losing a fight to her in under three minutes, I picked up my stuff and headed back to Dana's place. However, I found myself soon being chased by a few hunters. Putting my stuff down, I jumped to the roof between us. "Here little puppies," I mockingly called to them. And wow did they come. A pack of 6 vs. little old me was no laughing matter. But being the crazy guy that I am I smiled. I decided to test a few other weapons of mine on these hunters. "Form," I whispered, "Halberd of Geiravör." My right arm twisted and molded itself. At first it became a reversed axe blade, then a short spear popped up from the axe blade middle. In addition a hook propped itself near the back. "Form" I whispered again, this time trying the new claws I had, "Furies talons."

Grinning with pride at my combined weapons, I began to dance. Three of the hunters jumped at me, while the others waited to see what I would do on the edges. I jumped to the side, grazing one as I did. Stomping with my foot, I caused spikes to come where they jumped to, impaling one of them and injuring two. The others quickly slashed at me though, knocking me a fair distance near the edge of the roof. I used my halberd to stop my flight, burying it in the concrete. As I pulled it out, one them tried to encircle me. I slashed at its face, but it dodged. I felt one jump at me and readying my halberd, I turned to it and stabbed it wholeheartedly, and then used my claws to puncture its heart and spine. Absorbing it quickly, I used its biomass to armor myself. From there I had 4 more to take down. They were more cautious now.

"Form" I whispered, "Hair of Medusa and Whip of Bondage." My hair elongated to become tendrils of biomass, while my halberd became a spiked whip. I did a full encirclement whip of myself injuring two hunters while the others jumped. One that jumped wasn't so lucky as I jumped at it in mid-air, bunching up my claws to quickly and brutally impale its head. One that dodged though, came up to slash at me from behind. I jumped slightly, catching its clawed swipe with one foot, to smash it in the head with the other. Pulling out of the ruined hunter's head I had made with my claws, I whipped at one and though it thought it dodged it, tendrils popped out as my whip went by it, grabbing it by the leg. I whipped that hunter around to throw it at one who thought to take me real fast while I was distracted. The one I kicked got up and came at me missing a tooth, so I whipped my hair back and forth (cliché I know), to encircle it my tendrils. While it tried to claw its way out of there, the fourth hunter jumped at me, trying to bite at my chest. I used my claws to grab its head, and using the remaining tendrils I had, quickly held it down while I crushed its head with difficulty. The hunter in my hair got free, and I decided to try something out.

"KNEEL!" I proclaimed. Forcing my mind to them through the haze of their own bloodlust. I was rebuked soundly in that battle though, as I felt a familiar buzzing became a roar forcing me out, and Greene's mocking laugh in my mind. That gave one time to tackle me and to try and bite my head off. However, unfortunately for it, I had consumed hyenas who have the strongest bite in the animal kingdom, being able to bite through bone even. I reached up and ripped its throat out with the fangs I made in a split second. A chilling laugh came from me, reminiscent of a hyena, but with my own personal human touch. Consuming the hunter I just bit, I then turned to the other two as they attacked. One slicing my face wide open, the other my stomach. I glared at them as I healed, then attacked with my claws, which I formed on both hands now. Knocking the other hunter to the side quickly, I sliced the hamstring and the throat of the other hunter in rapid succession, then consumed it quickly. Now it was just a one on one match between me and the other hunter.

Maniacally, I declared, "I WILL FEAST UPON YOUR BONES."Turning both hands to clawed whips I side stepped the hunter as it dove for me. I got one whip on its leg, and another on its arm. I then began to pull it in, with tendrils emerging from whips, burrowing into it, consuming it.

I cracked my neck as I finished my meal, then gathering my stuff on the roof once more, New York roofs became my own stepping stones of travel.