Real Magic

I know someone must've already thought of this. Well, here's my contribution.

Title says it all. Ginny convinces her friends to audition for a popular wizarding based on The Real World. Of course, they get in but wild guess who they're sharing a house with! Chaos ensues! Hermione and Draco fun! Woohoo!

Chapter One: The Idea

What happens when four wizards...
...and three witches...
...picked to live in a mansion...
...stop acting nice...
...and start acting REAL
...Real Magic!

Pass the canary creams?

No, no. I don't think so. You'll transfigure and distract us.

I love this show.

Fine, pass the Bott's.

Here. Ssshh. It's starting.

Eww! Toe jam! Blech!

Ron, how on earth do you know what toe jam tastes like?

None of your bees wax!

Bees wax? Is that in there too?

Harry, zip it! Lenny''s in love with Marla and I know he's going to tell her this time.

Yes! I can feel it! I wish they'd kick out Max though. He's such a prat.

This show has ruined you, Mione.

Zip it!

The four friends sat huddled on the couch of the Gryffindor common room. It was the very last week of their fifth year. On the floor sat a green marble ball (about the size of a quaffle) out of which projected a three dimensional representation of the Wizard Broadcast System 1 or WBS1. An astounded muggle would've called it a hologram. In front of them the fireplace and wall disappeared and the four Gryffindors felt as if they were really sitting in the living room of this season's Real Magic mansion in Paris, France except that the scale was half the size of real life. The opening credits of Real Magic floated in the air in front of them and the attractive faces of the Real Magic cast grinned happily.

Uh oh, Ginny said gleefully, I smell a hot tub scene.


... Seriously... I don't know what's up with Marla but Lenny is going to totally combust if he doesn't tell her already. I mean there she was with that French guy and she must know how he feels! I don't know but I'm totally staying out of it... After I tell Marla that Lenny's got the hots for her.

Merlin! Shauna's such a blabbermouth!

Well, I think she should tell him. He's never going to tell her himself.

Typical of you, Pansy.

I thought Lenny liked that Denise girl?

Crabbe, that was three bloody weeks ago!

Can't we watch The Six Million Galleon Warlock?

No! Shut up, Goyle!

They'd better not kick out Max. He's the only interesting one on the show.

No, he's not! He's a git!

I hope he hexes them all.

Draco, I told you. They live in a muggle house. They can't use magic.

Alright! This is only the second episode I've ever seen. I'm not obsessed like some people.


Like Real Magic? Why not join the cast! Real Magic is now accepting audition marbles for it's third season in exciting Los Angeles! Spend a thrilling summer in Southern California! Meet new friends! Get famous!

Ohmigosh, I have to audition! Ginny squealed. We could all audition!

Harry ogled her. Are you mad?

Ginny insisted. It would be great! What if one of us got in! What about you, Hermione?

Hermione's eyes widened. Why on earth would I-

Ginny tried to think of a reason. Because... it would like great on your resume!

Hermione gave her a look.

said Ginny, er, wizards are very impressed when you can get along in the muggle world.

Of course, I can get along in the muggle world, Hermione said, I'm muggle-born.

And I really want you to! Ginny insisted.

Hermione crossed her arms. Well, I'm not going to unless Harry does.

Harry crossed his arms also. And I'm not going to unless Ron does.

Ron shrugged. I'll do it. I don't care.

Harry punched Ron in the shoulder. Git! You were supposed to help me!

Ron laughed.

said Ginny, clapping her hands. It's settled. We're all sending in audition marbles!

Harry and Hermione sat back, looking worried.

Oh dear.


...Spend a thrilling summer in Southern California! Meet new friends! Get famous!...

Draco smirked. Think I'll send in an audition marble. I've got nothing better to do this summer. Except hang around the manor with father and his bastard friends.

Mmm, good idea, Dracy. Maybe I'll audition too.

Pansy, that was not an invitation.

Ha! Well, there's nothing you can do to stop me. I think the magical public is ready for Pansy Parkinson.

Sure, like they're ready for the next incarnation of the dark lord.

Maybe we'll try out too! Crabbe yelped, nudging Goyle in the gut.

Goyle agreed.

Draco guffawed. Shoot for the moon, mates. I'm sure you'll get in.

Draco ran a hand through his hair and grinned. With his pretty boy good looks he figured he was a shoe in. Real Magic liked attractive people. And then, he thought, he could finally get some attention for once. Or at least steal some away from that Harry Potter who always seemed to be in the spot light.

This summer, Draco said evilly, is the summer of Draco.

Summer of Draco my arse.

Shut up, Pansy!


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