Night Dive 2

One night i talked to Izzy and i decided that i would bring her and her troop out for night diving, we always have fun when we are with each other and i decided it was time to bring them with me to do something relaxing that Cyberria and Eerie made me discover which is night diving, and to say its relaxing it is and if you can do night diving there's a beautiful sight you won't ever forget and that is seeing the moon from underwater, anyway all was going well when we all saw a shadowy form approach and Gretchen decided to leave our group when i already said "Don't ever EVER leave your diving group when you do night diving !" obviously she didn't listen to me because she decided to see the shadowy form all alone but when i first saw the form it reminded me of my boyfriend Skipper when Gretchen came back Izzy had to remind her that she should never leave the diving group to go see something all alone which she did anyway, but before Izzy gave her the talk she said that the shadowy form was indeed Skipper and to be sure i asked everyone to follow me, as i approached the form i just couldn't believe it, it was indeed Skipper ! His circus was stopping by in Danville and took the night off to go night diving, we spent so much time underwater that i lost track of the time we must've spent at least 2 or 3 hours underwater but we had to go, the same night i decided to go out with Skipper again for the night and when i woke up the next morning i noticed i had a wedding ring on my ring finger, i was so happy that day because my fiancee was the love of my life Skipper ! Then after i found our daughters Tupu and Sally before we even got to the marriage we had our daughters ! But i will explain how i found them later.