Chapter 5: Wounds of the Soul

All curses/spells are broken, FTL is restored, and everyone has been returned to FTL.

"It's the Evil Queen!" the stupid noble gawked at her.

Regina's upper lip curled into a sneer as she strutted down the halls in her black leather pants and long cape. She found Queen Snow a few minutes later, waiting outside the door to her daughter's chambers. "She won't talk to me. She just keeps demanding to see you." Snow huffed at her in frustration and jealousy.
Regina smirked, an afternoon of antagonizing Snow made any trip to the castle worthwhile. Snow sulked in response, but let her pass.

Regina closed the doors behind her and declared, "Who dares to order the Evil Queen around?"

"The Dark Princess, you royal pain-in-the-ass." came the snippy response.

"I don't do social calls, your highness." Regina remarked, but sat down next to Emma on the bed.

Emma was turned away from her towards the wall and didn't respond.

Regina leaned forward and began undoing the ties of Emma's dress, revealing her pale back. She gently traced the scars her mother Cora had left on Emma's flesh. "What do you want, princess?" Regina asked wearily and drew away from her.

"How come you don't live here with us? With Henry?" Emma spoke softly.

"Don't get sentimental, princess. Your mother banished me from her home, unless expressly summoned by the Queen herself." Regina rolled her eyes to demonstrate how she didn't care.

"I'll make her change her mind. Henry wants you here. I...want you here." Emma trailed off.

"Why do you want me here, princess?" Regina sneered defensively, "To tend to the wounds of your heart? Pick a suitor for that. There's a line, a mile wide, waiting for your hand in marriage."

"I don't want any of them." came Emma's stubborn voice.

"Then you are a fool." Regina's sarcastic voice trembled only slightly. "Please continue to wallow in your pain. You know how I love to watch you suffer...because it results in Snow's suffering."

Emma finally turned to look at Regina, furious tears in her eyes. "You're a real bitch, you know that?"

Regina attempted to fire off another angry retort, but Emma didn't give her a chance. She jerked Regina toward her and crushed her lips again hers in a passionate kiss. "mhph!" was Regina's cry of surprise, before Emma forced her tongue into Regina's mouth.

There wasn't much talking after that, other than Regina cursing Emma in frustration and denial any time there was a spare breath.

Regina never went down without a fight, but eventually the tension slowly drained out of her. Her body became pliable and languid under Emma's hands. Emma was practically purring while stroking Regina's long, dark hair. Then there was a shift. Emma found her wrists pinned above her head with a mischievous Regina smirking down at her. "If you insist upon this, princess, we must do it properly. I never bottom for anyone."

"There's always a first time for everything." Emma grinned at her cheekily.

"That remark deserves a punishment." Regina slipped her fingers inside and Emma gasped in delight.

Her hips jerked in an erotic rhythm, her entire body straining towards the woman above her, as Regina worked her. A few minutes later, she came with a soft cry of Regina!

"Emma..." Regina breathed, her body curling around Emma's.


"If you don't pull yourself together, Cora wins." Regina gently kissed her neck.

"I know. But I can't do this alone. I'm not you."

Regina threaded their fingers together. "I guess I could stay for awhile."

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