"Raven! I need you here immediately!"

Raven's POV

I heard something. This early in the morning? I sighed and looked around my dark and empty room. This room, why was I here again? It's so lonely… Ever since I lost Seris. Why did she have to die?

I got ready for the day; it'll probably be the same as always. I exited through the door of my cabin; it was bigger than the others since I was a first class demon hunter, but still… Even all the money in the world wouldn't make me happy. My name is Raven, I am a rank SS demon hunter, also a Veteran Commander. I've been demon hunting for years.


Oh no, the boss is mad. I sighed. Well the worst thing he can do is take away my dinner, I wouldn't mind death or pain.

I ran to his office which was very close by mine. The secret demon hunting academy was in a Feita forest. The rumors were the only thing that kept intruders away. Rumor of a vicious guardian; clawing at trees and destroying everyone that crossed the boundaries. That demon is me... And those people weren't people at all. They were all demons disguised as humans.

"You called?" I opened the door to my master's office.

"Raven… You are 3 minutes late, explain yourself." His back was towards me as he looked out his window, standing behind his desk.

"I have just woken up; I'm sorry Alex sir it will not happen again!"

"It better not." Alex my boss looked towards me and sat on his chair motioning for me to sit down at the chair in front of his desk.

I obeyed, obviously expecting some mission I would be able to finish in a day. He slammed down a GIANT file in front of me.

"These… Are your next targets."

Targets, of course he forgot it was my birthday. I opened the file and looked at the wanted posters.

"Three demons." I responded with a nod.

"I will be sending Elsword, Chung and you to go after them. Your target is this one." He pointed to a picture.

It was a beautiful lady. Her green hair, green eyes. How could she possible be a demon? She even reminds me of…

"Raven are you okay?" she sat next to me.

"Yeah I'm fine… It's just that… I can't believe you are a demon."

She nodded, "Well it's sadly true… I'm sorry I can't let you tell anyone. Bye~" He teeth were at my neck, but before she could hurt me Alex had slashed through her chest.

"Raven! Don't be a fool! You played right into this Surcubus's trap! (made up word, but basically a Succubus that actually eats the victim… so cannibal succubus.)

"Don't even think about Seris, you do remember she herself was a demon right? She tried to kill you so I had to step in and kill her for you. Ever since then you have always hated me, am I correct?"

I was afraid to reply to that, "I do respect you sir!"

He sighed, "Well that's good to know."

I looked closer at the picture and files. "But… This lady is an elf? Shouldn't she be a pure creature?" On the wanted poster she looked very angry.

Alex shook his head, "I thought that as well, but sadly not everything in the world is pure. Look closely at her files."

I examined the shuffled papers, burning cities at night? Spreading chaos to civilians using wind power? Stealing sharp objects? Attacking random civilians near the forest at night? This sounded more like an angry elf trying to protect her forest.

"True, her intentions do sound pure, but I've seen her with my own eyes. She's no pure elf. She's a dark elf. Ever since El has been destroyed and scattered, all elves have become impure. It's our job to get rid of their race now."

I looked at the other files, a robot girl and a dimension mage?

"This girl, Eve, has now received a virus that will cause every nasod, EVERYTHING we have to go into chaos. The virus's program says destroy everything. The only way to delete IT is by deleting HER."

I nodded understandingly. The poor girl looked so innocent, but looks can be deceiving. I looked through her file. Organizing nasod mafias, ambush on town mayors, killing innocent civilians, creating and army of nasods.

"How is she a demon though?"

"She is a criminal with unbelievable power that no ordinary police officer would be able to handle. That is our definition of a demon."

Why does Alex always give me the innocent looking ones? It's bad enough I have to kill them… I don't want to look at their faces while doing it. Well I just need to be calm; I'm only going after the elf.

I looked to the picture of the dimension witch. Dimension witches were never meant to exist; they were all killed off for meddling with time so often. The girl in the wanted poster had a smile on her face, her eyes looked so joyful. How could I kill a girl like that? I feel bad for whoever has to deal with her. I've heard dimension witches are very hard to catch and almost always kill you in one combo of moves.

"What has this girl done wrong? They are no reports on any incidents involving her."

"She is a Dimension Witch, that's all that matters. They were all killed off for a reason. And that reason is not my fault. It is our duty to enforce the laws Raven."

I sighed. "Yes sir…"

Alex called for Elsword and Chung. They came in momentarily and sat on the chairs next to mine. They received their targets. Elsword was to capture Aisha, Chung was to capture Eve, and I was after Rena.

"I want them dead or alive, but primarily I want Aisha and Eve."

"S-sir… M-may I ask w-why?" Chung stuttered.

"Eve would be able to make equipment beyond anyone's level if we were able to fix her. Why I want Aisha is my business."

We nodded, why would he want a dimension mage? I hope it's not any evil intention.

Elsword's POV

Huhhh… So I got a dimension mage. Why is she wanted though? She hasn't even done anything; her file is completely empty aside from the picture. Raven's target seems much easier… Lucky him. I've heard that a dimension witch can kill you without you even noticing it. You'll feel like you got knocked out cold. I had to be careful. Although with my awesome Infinity Sword power's I have nothing to worry about.

But ya'know, she's actually kinda cute.

Chung's POV

A Code Battle Seraph? Wow she's pretty… I smiled and shook my head to snap out of it. AH! Focus Chung! These are exactly the kind of thing you were taught NOT to fall for. So it says she has a whole army? I gulped, how am I supposed to get her alone? Capture her too? I know that Alex said it was okay to bring her dead, but… For some reason I just can't do that.

"You are all dismissed!" Alex said.

Raven's POV

So it says on the reports that Rena is usually seen near the tree of El… I stuffed the files away and placed a hand on the giant tree trunk… I remember now… Why they all seemed so familiar. In an attempt to restore El, they were all there… But something happened.

"KAWH KAWH!" some crows came flying from a tree and into the sky.

I got my sword ready. Elves use bows and arrows; I had to be alert at all times.

Just as I thought the attack was swift! Several arrows came at me. I quickly dodged them and ducked from some protection under a rock. She's up in a tree for sure. If I use my Air Bomb Raid, the whole forest will catch on fire.

(Don't really know a thing about the other job classes :D….)

I jumped onto a tree, a row of trees were shaking. It may or may not have been my target, but I followed it. That was my mistake. I got knocked out cold and fell off of the tree. Did I die like the rumors had said?

. . . . .

My eyelids slowly lifted up. I was alive, in front of me were several green haired elves, everything they wore was green. They looked so pure, but the only thing that was off was their eyes. Red… I was tied up, on my knees, and in front of me was my target. The lady had her legs crossed and sat on a chair much like a throne. Several other elves stood by her. She looked at me with an angry expression.

"Why have you come here?" She questioned me immediately with a cold tone.

"Y-You're the one who's been attacking innocent civilians. You've taken so many."

She looked at me with her finger to her lips. "What's your name stranger?"

"I refuse to answer that question lady Rena."

She smirked, "It's true, I've been killing off pesky civilians for the fun of it."

So she wasn't a pure elf. What happened to her? I looked up; around her neck was a necklace. On the end was dark purple crystal shard. I could sense an evil presence at work. Now the only thing that I had to worry about was how to get out of here. This is rope? It's as tough as chain!

Elsword's POV

I walked through the empty shack. This was where the great dimension mage was supposedly hidden?

The room changed, it turned bright blue, giant dark blue cubes flew in the air. I was obviously on the road to another dimension.

"Why have you come here?" A voice echoed. It sounded sad.

"To capture you." I said bored with my arms behind my head.

"Y-You… You're wasting your time."

"Sorry, boss's orders."

"Just leave!"

"No can do."

"Please leave! I don't want to have to do this!"


She huffed, "Don't say I didn't warn you!"

Maybe I should've paid attention to her warning.

Chung's POV

I hummed as I walked, so this was the famous Altera core? I didn't see any nasods anywhere. I continued through.


Lasers! Luckily I curved my body away before it could hit my stomach. I sighed a sigh of relief. I have got to be more careful.

There was the sound of a microphone turning on, "Rank SS demon hunter Chung, I suggest you leave now or face pain later. The Code does not have any liking towards you or the rest of your demon hunters. You are not welcome here Tactical Trooper."

The Code… That's what she called the virus. Code Wounded Seraph was her nickname… Or so I've heard.

I hope the others are okay.

I began to run to the final room. There was a bright flash. I had made it. There was Eve, curled up and recharging in a giant chamber where the king nasod use to stand.

"The Code does not appreciate unwelcome visitors. We will destroy you."

I was surrounded by several nasods, there were two other Eves? One looked like a queen with a white puffy top and a long skirt she wore a small crown on her head, her hair was tied up in two buns. Next to her was another Eve with her hair let out lose, she wore black and had long spiked coming from top.

Oh my… What's going on?

"Code Crying Angel is almost complete. Your cannon may help us…"

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Rena: Why am I evil? D:

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Elsword: No we don't, I ate them all.