Chapter one: Spring is Full of Memories

The flowers were blossoming and the wind held a nice warm breeze. The sun grew hotter in the evening and the nights grew shorter as the days went by. Excitement was all around, and everyone knew this could only mean one thing: spring break was here.

A tall blonde man was causally sautéing rice in the back. Perspiration ran down the sides of his face. It was unbearably hot and steamy in the kitchen today, but he let out a huff and continued his effort to cook it to perfection.

"Oye Sato-san! Yamada want's to cook too," said a ditzy purple haired girl. She hung upside down from the attic's trap door and continued to stare in amazement.

"..." The tall blonde continued to flip the rice in the air and skillfully catch it back in the hot sizzling pan, obviously not paying any attention to the girl.

Just then Takanashi came by the kitchen's cut out window and picked up a plate that was ready to serve. His glassed glazed over as took notice of the purple haired nuisance. "Yamada get back to work. We're short on people today. At least get down from there and sort the silver wear," he said coldly.

"B-but Yamada... Yamada wants to..."

As the girl continued to talk in third person, Takanashi had already left to go serve the dishes he had in his hands.

"Yamada, get back to work." Sato said dryly, repeating what the lanky brown haired boy had just said.

To Sato Jun, nothing was more boring than cooking the same food every day and doing the same thing each day. He couldn't remember how his life had ended up like this. By now he should be working in a 5 star restaurant, but instead he was working part time in a family restaurant in order to keep up with the rent he just barely manages to pay each month. He would like to say that he can't remember why he joined Waganaria's strange staff, except that would be a lie. In fact, the intimidating cook clearly recalls why he had signed up for this job 4 years ago in the first place…

It was back when the family style restaurant, Waganaria, was just becoming popular. Sato Jun had just turned 16 and had heard good reviews about the restaurant. So, because he had nothing better to do, he decided to see if the rumors were true for himself. He walked through the double automatic doors, a causal blue V-neck rested comfortably against his body. His fingers were tucked inside of his jean's pocket as he neared the front desk so he could be seated.

An alarmed girl scurried over toward the entrance and bowed saying the customary greeting, "Irasshaimase!"

Making sure the girl wasn't too flustered, Sato tried to give her a reassuring smile, even though he knew it probably still looked like a stone-cold glare.

The waitress fumbled as she grabbed a menu from the front desk. She then unsteadily continued to walk in front of the tall costumer, saying, "L-let me show you to your table."

Sato followed the girl and let out a huff. He could feel the tension omitting from her. Looking around, he took notice that the set up inside seemed to be pretty modern and that it gave off a friendly feel. All the other costumers were happily chatting away and were continuing with their daily lives. He let out a sigh out of habit.

As Sato sat down, a shaky hand placed a menu on top of his place mat that was lying in front of him.

"You don't have to be so nervous… Is this your first time working as a waitress?" Sato wanted to reassure the girl that she didn't have to monitor her every move. It would be a bother if she was this jumpy every second of the day, and it might cause other costumers to feel obligated to approach her with extra care. Basically it would just become a hindrance to everyone, thought Sato.

"H-hai, this is my first time working here," the blonde girl frowned but suddenly her face lit up. "But I'll try my best! Arigato-gozaimasu!"

A small blush formed on the girl's cheeks as she smiled. The tall blonde finally got a good look at her, and a small blush started to form on his own. To help get rid of the swarm of feelings that had just attacked him, Sato couldn't help but burst out into a coughing fit.

"Are you OK Costumer-san?!" The waitress panicked for a second.

Sato raised his hand, indicating that he was fine. "... I just had to cough... I'm fine now. Oh and please, call me Sato."

The girl blushed in embarrassment and started fidgeting with her fingers as she said, "M-y name is Todoroki Yachiyo."

After talking for a little while, Sato had grown more and more interested in the girl. He realized that they were the same age, but found it strange that he hasn't seen her before, not even in school. But was interested him the most was the fighting piece of metal that was strapped to her side.

That time Sato's coughing fit was caused because of how startled he was. "Ehem.. ehem… W-what is that?! Ehem.. ehem."

Yachiyo casually pointed her finger to her face and tilted her head in thought. "Um, this?" She pointed to the katana that gentle rested on her side, "It's a katana."

"I know what it is.. I meant…" Sato was at a loss of words. He was completely taken by surprise.

That was the first time anyone had startled him. Sato Jun was known to be the brooding blonde-haired delinquent throughout his high school years. No one was brave enough to face him. His cold demeanor and unwavering pokerfaced made all of his peers stay away. He had a nonchalant way about him; he never once showed his emotions. It had taken years of isolation and independence to create the thick wall he had built around himself. And for the first time – no, second time – Sato Jun was taken by surprise.

He reasoned that if he wanted to change anything in his life, the best place to start was right here in Waganaria. More particularly with the blonde waitress he had just met today. How is it possible that she could break my wall so easily?

Sato had ordered desert and was just about to leave. He received his check and took out the money form his beat up leather wallet. Sato let out another sigh.

Todoroki noticed and said, "Ano.. is something wrong?"

"Yes." Sato sighed again.

"W-what's wrong, Sato-san?" Yachiyo grew nervous.

"I'm going to do something I'll probably regret later," was his reply.

With that, the lean figure got up from his seat and made his way to the exit. But before he left he took a piece of paper from the front desk.

Yachiyo watched him raise his right arm up in a good-bye wave. She then walked over to the front desk and grabbed the paper that Sato had previously picked up.

"Since when did we have job applications sitting out here?" Yachiyo though out loud.