Chapter 2: Sato's Coughing Fit

Butter was sizzling in a large iron pan. Its golden film splashed up against soft vegetables turning them into crispy, slightly charred, bites. It was Wednesday and Sato was once again back in the kitchen. He wiped off the sweat from his forehead with his white cuff from his uniform's white sleeve.

A small figure had just come through the restaurant's back door. She toddled over towards the sign-in sheet and wrote her name in a tiny font.

"Ahhh! Taneshima-senpai!" A starry-eyed boy rushed over towards her.

"Ohayo Katanashi-kun," smiled the girl.

"Ohayo! You're still miss pronouncing my name Senpai? It's Takanashi."

"Hai, Katanashi-kun!"

"..." Takanashi stared at her through his glasses.


Takanashi just decided to leave it at that. He then left to go show some newly arrived costumers to their awaited tables, leaving the awkward situation behind him.

"Ohayo Sato-san!" Taneshima said as she passed the kitchen on her way towards the girl's changing room.

"Ohayo," Sato said in reply. He said it flatly, but smiled to himself as the small girl walked out of eye sight.

Earlier in the week Yachiyo was talking to him about Waganaria's ex-gang boss/manager.

"Saaato-kun!" Yachiyo squealed in a high pitched voice. "Kyoko-san was soo cool in the way she was eating her parfait today. In fact, she told me to make her one, but instead of getting the usually strawberry with chocolate mousse on top, I switched it up and but blueberries on top! She then..."

Sato couldn't keep up. Never in his life has he ever heard someone talk about the same subject for that long of a time. His brain was being overloaded by information so fast that it physically drained all the energy from him, just by listening.

"...And that was when she patted my head... Oh! Another time was when..."

For Sato it took 20 more minutes of agony before she was called back to the hostess's counter. But before she left, Yachiyo thanked Sato for listening to her.

"Ano..." a pinkness formed on her fare cheeks, "thank you for listening to me, Sato-kun... You're a really good friend to me."

Sato stiffened his back up straight as the last sentence rolled of her tongue.

"Ah..." He replied.

Taneshima was just walking back towards the front of the restaurant to go work on the floor, but before she could make it there, he path was blocked by a shadowy figure. Looking up, she stared into gleaming eyes.

"Ah... Ha ha ha.. Sa-sato-kun.. What are you doing here?" The small girl asked in a nervous voice.

Sato just breathed in deeply and let his hands run free. Before he knew it, he looked down at his masterpiece and smiled evilly on the inside.

"Waaaaahh! Katanashi-kun!" Taneshima whined as tears spilt out of her eyes.

"Senpai! Sato did this again didn't he?!" Takanashi studied the blonde chef's intricate work.

Brown hair was neatly placed in an airplane shape, he even had the wings and windows, complete with tiny passengers. You could even look into the cock pit and see two tiny little pilots!

"This is unforgivable!" Takanashi fumed as he ran his fingers through the hair of his beloved Senpai, trying to work out the knots.

Sato just laughed to himself as he listened to his fellow worker's distress. Causing commotion and pulling harmless pranks was one of the reasons he enjoyed working at Waganaria.

It was getting towards closing time and Sato was wiping down the kitchen's counter tops. After he'd finished, he walked over and signed himself out, then he went back to the men's changing room to get out of his work uniform. He glanced at the clock and noticed that it took him a little longer than he had planned to wipe off everything, but decided it was fine, and continued to open up his locker.

The white fabric fitted tightly against his broad chest. The shirt stuck to his abs as he gently pulled it up and over his head. His blonde hair spiked out in all directions as the shirt was pulled over it. Sato was sweaty from working back in the kitchen, so he decided to put on his jeans before putting on another shirt.

Yachiyo was just making her way towards back. She had just locked up the front, checked on Yamada in the upstairs attic, and was on her way to leave and lock up the back. She then heard a rustling in the back an decided to see what it was.

"Is anyone in there?" Yachiyo asked uncertainly.

She then walked over to the sign out sheet and noticed that everyone was already logged out for the day. A chill crept down her spine at the thought of Waganaria being infested with ghosts of the afterlife.

"S-so this is what it's like after hours..."

She soundlessly crept into the men's locker room, trying yo catch the ghost in action. After all, it was her duty to make sure everything was in place before locking up.

A huge blush shot across her face as he saw a half-naked Sato. Her eyes skimmed over his toned body, and took in the deffiniton of his abs and chest. His thick shoulders rose and fell with his breathing. His skin was shiny from sweat. Yachiyo felt butterflies in her stomach, and a small yelp escaped from her mouth.

She hoped to God that Sato didn't hear her. He breathing grew heavier and her breaths came in short bursts.

"..Hmm?" Sato could have sworn he had heard something or someone just outside of the door.

Peaking his interest, Sato folded up his uniform and shoved it into his locker. He slung his shirt that he was going to put on, onto his shoulder and grabbed his car keys and placed them into his jean's pocket. Just as he walked out of the locker room, he felt something hit is lower region.

The baffled girl was still frozen in place in her crouched-over position that she was using to peek into the men's locker room. He face was nestled into Sato's thigh, if it was even a centimeter to the right, it would have been nestled in a ... erm ... a more interesting location.

Instantly, Sato jumped backwards and coughed, "Todoroki-san! W-what are you doing?!"

Yachiyo's face was bright red with embarrassment. "Ano... Ano... I was locking up. And I thought you were a ghost."

Sato was dumbfounded, as he looked himself over; he realized how awkward the situation was. He quickly put on the shirt that was hanging on his shoulder and shoved his hands into his pockets, feeling for his keys.

"Ahh.. Gomen nasai.." Sato quickly spun around and headed for the exit.

"Wait Sato-kun!" Yachiyo called out behind him.

As much as Sato wanted to ignore her and high-tail the hell out of there, his legs disobeyed him and turned him back around.

"What do you have to say, Todoroki-san?"

"W-when I saw you getting changed... I.. Felt something strange. My chest felt heavy and my head felt light... I don't want to be confused, Sato-kun. " She looked at him with pleading eyes, "Is this normal to feel this way?"

The keys that were dangling in his hand dropped to the floor. He reached up to cover his face, because he could feel an immense coughing attack about to start. While coughing, Sato walked over to the dumbfounded girl and placed his free hand on her head.

He said no words, just patted her soft golden hair. Slowly, he leaned forward and looked into her slightly closed eyes and pressed his lips against hers.