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23 Vorns Previously:

It was an incredible meeting that logically never should have happened in the first place. It was a myth, a legend. The ones who'd done this to him were fairy tales… Nonexistent! However, as he found out, some stories hold some truth to them. If anything, it was a freak encounter. But, this encounter would change his life forever.

It all started because he'd been tinkering with a machine. Since he had a scientific mind, when he wasn't busy being Megatron's scapegoat, he was doing different things in the laboratory that was provided for him. The instrument was nothing new, as he'd been working on it for some time. This machine was supposed to be an upgraded space bridge, if he could get it working.

When the day came for him to test it, it didn't do what a space bridge was supposed to do. Normally, what was supposed to happen was long distance teleportation in a fraction of the time it normally took for the current space bridge system. Little did he know this wasn't a long distance trip, it was the beginning of a multi-dimensional nightmare his own imagination never could have dreamed up.

Whether he was too close to it, or it just malfunctioned, he didn't know. What he did know was that he was suddenly not in his lab. To his knowledge, it had worked correctly, until he got a grasp on where he was. His attention first went to the fact that he was on a finished, perhaps metal, floor where he felt like he'd been dropped. At least it felt like a floor. He figured it was some sort of new sensation that came with the upgrade.

His vision also had small sparkles in the peripherals and it took a moment for them to disappear before trying to figure the rest of this out. As his vision returned to him, he found himself in what appeared to be a cave. Perhaps the machine had teleported him to the wrong area, but why was there a floor? He'd set the coordinates to send him to a deserted area on Cybertron he knew well for testing, somewhere from which it wouldn't take eons to get back to Kaon. Confused yet curious, he carefully got to his feet and looked around. Where in the pit was he and how had he gotten to wherever here was?

Spotting light, he looked down what appeared to be a corridor and figuring he might as well see if he could find some answers, or at the very least, find his way out, he cautiously headed in that direction. And that was when he heard someone talking. Their dialect was off, and, as far as he could tell, there were two of them. Now he was certain something had gone wrong with the stupid space bridge thing and he was much further from Kaon than he thought. Yet, something didn't feel right about this whole thing. Perhaps the two talking could tell him where he was so he could fix it. He stepped cautiously down the tunnel.

As he got closer to the glow, what seemed to be a room to go with the floor he'd landed on greeted him and there were the two mechs sitting at a far table. They looked nothing like anyone he'd ever seen in his life. They were both rather large, too. Neither had a faction symbol as far as he could tell and their optics were amber in color, nearly unheard of. The first one glanced over at him and the second one followed suit. He stopped at their glares. Their gaze was just… not right. It brought on a sudden sense of dread, but he passed it off as nothing but being unaware of where he was. But, by the looks of them and the looks they were giving him, he felt he'd stumbled onto something he shouldn't have. Both appeared to be very angry at his presence.

"Who are you?" demanded the one to the right, who was a more purple color than the other who was a deep, almost maroon, red.

"Starscream," he answered, eyeing the two curiously, trying to place them. Who were these two? "Second in Command for the Decepticons. Who are you?"

"What is a Decepticon?" asked the purple one.

"What are you doing here?" asked the other.

What the hell? What did he mean 'What is a Decepticon'? Deciding not to ask how he couldn't know, instead he said cautiously, "I could answer you better if I knew where 'here' is?"

A look of an idea crossed the other strange mech's face. He grinned and said, "Ah, I'll bet he's from the other side."

The second mech nodded. "How do you suppose he got here? It's not like they can walk in between worlds like us."

Not understanding what they were talking about, the seeker explained, as if explaining to himself, "The space bridge obviously malfunctioned. I need to fix it. Just point me in the direction of Kaon."

"Kaon? Ha, you'll never find Kaon here," the first mech then said with a sudden wicked grin. "It doesn't exist."

How could Kaon not exist? Was this some sort of sick joke? "What are you talking about?" Starscream asked, unsure of what else to say.

At the look from Starscream, the other mech leaned forward with a sarcastic look upon his face. "So tell me, Starscream. What is a Space Bridge?" Of course, they knew very well what a space bridge was. They merely wanted to see how the Seeker would react to the question before deciding his fate.

"Everyone knows what a Space Bridge is, idiot." Starscream answered condescendingly, becoming annoyed at their obvious game. It wasn't like it was new technology.

"Everyone on Cybertron, you mean," the red one said. He was beginning to dislike this Decepticon's tone of voice. How dare he speak to them like that? "Do you have any idea where you even are?"

What the hell? Something about the way he answered left Starscream uneasy, but he wouldn't back down. He couldn't wait to get out of here. "Everyone on Cybertron?" he echoed, trying to keep the fear out of his voice. "What do you mean by that?"

The purple one answered in a mocking tone, just as annoyed as his red companion at Starscream's arrogance. "What do you think it means?" He smirked. "It means you're not on Cybertron, idiot."

Perhaps the damned thing worked after all. Now, he was even more unsure of where exactly he was. Oblivious to their attitudes, the seeker made the only assumption he could think of, asking, "So I am on another planet? Can you tell me which one?"

They already didn't like his attitude, so to them, he was fair game. The two mechs shared a look, then laughed. Somehow, Starscream knew it was at his own expense. The larger, purple one looked to the red and black one. "Kill him," he demanded. "He already knows too much. He knows we exist."

Did he hear that right? 'Kill him'? What for? He didn't know anything! Now he was starting to get scared. "Surely, there's no need to be so rash since I don't even know where I am!"

"Why, you're not on another planet, little Seeker!" The black and red one approached, as if friendly, and smiled, saying mockingly, "You're on Primus!"

Starscream didn't like the sound of his voice. Not at all. This was deceit. "I'm on what?" he asked stupidly, "Primus?" What kind of trick was this? Primus was the 'home of the gods' of Cybertronian myth.

"I have an idea. I think I will send him back to his own dimension with a little parting gift for him and those around him. Just killing him is no fun. We need some long awaited entertainment. Let them see something of us for a change."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Something that won't soon be forgotten," the red mech replied, a half-amused, half-cruel tone to his voice.

"Meh, go for it," the other agreed, not really caring at the moment what his companion had in mind.

After a moment in contemplation, the other mech laughed. It was a dark, sadistic laugh – one that usually spelt real bad news. Something about it bothered the Seeker. What did they have in mind? Now, he'd be happy to just get the hell out of here. "A gift? N-no thanks, I don't want one, really. I just want to go back to Kaon!"

"Oh, you will," the black and red mech said as he reached out to the stunned Seeker and grabbed his head with one hand and placed his other over his chest, right where his spark resided. "Take this with you," he heard the mech say. Take what? What was going on? Starscream winced as he suddenly felt weak, his legs about to give way. As he opened his optics from the searing pain that hit his chest next, he saw something like black smoke rush into him from the other mech's hand . He couldn't explain it, he didn't understand it, but he knew for sure he'd seen it. Starscream also heard the mech mumble something he didn't quite understand. He heard the words, but they didn't make any sense to him.

Before he could even attempt to comprehend what was being done to him, Starscream's world suddenly went black.

The purple mech frowned as the Seeker vanished. While he hadn't expected his comrade to put that curse on the disrespectful mech, he couldn't deny that the other had deserved some punishment for his behavior.

Still…Perhaps he would go to watch and see what resulted. Who knew? It might just be entertaining…

When Starscream came to, it took him a few seconds to realize he was back in his lab. He was on the floor and somehow found himself against the far wall.Disoriented, he felt like he'd been dropped once again. Even more confused, if it was even possible, the Seeker slid himself up the wall to a sitting position, noting how his body felt weak and would not respond properly. He figured it was caused by slight shock from something. There must have been an explosion because the machine he'd been working on was on fire and had blown apart. So much for that idea… That must have been why he felt shocked and it had obviously knocked him out.

Not even looking where he was, the only thing that went through his mind was that he'd been released. What had that mech meant by 'His dimension'? Had he heard that right? What a weird dream. But it had felt so real, so vivid…

Staring at the fire for a moment in thought, he quickly realized it was going to cause a problem if he didn't put it out. Not even giving himself time to think, he quickly got to his feet and got something to put the fire out with. There went the machine, and there went his sanity.

After the fire was extinguished, he stood there for a while in a stupor. For the life of him, he couldn't stop thinking about that dream. It had seemed so real… even the pain was real. His chest still hurt, though the pain could be from the rather large dent on his torso where he must have been hit by something hard.Trying to absorb what had happened, he kept telling himself the earlier events must have been a dream because it was just too unreal to have really occurred and everything that he could logically think of told him he'd been caught in the explosion.

Yes, it had to have been a dream. It was the only explanation…It couldn't have been anything else…

Realizing he needed time to think, the Seeker made his way home and lay down on his berth. He couldn't get to sleep right away because he couldn't get his mind off of those words or the memory of that smoke going into him. After a while, he forced himself to believe it had just been a dream… a very real dream.

Or so he thought.

During the first orn following that experience, he began to have nightmares and night terrors. At first he brushed them off until they began disrupting his life. Then, the real nightmare came, and he wasn't even asleep.

It began very slowly, and before long Starscream knew his strange experience had been no dream…

And worse, there was no way out…

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