Hello you guys! I came up with this great idea and wanted to write as I continue to write my other stories. I know what you're thinking, 'stop writing other stories! focus on A Sadie and Anput Conspiracy!' Don't worry you don't have to worry about that, this won't affect my updates at all I promise you! But most of you guys understand when an awesome idea pops in your head and stays there and makes you insane...yeah, I have that! So I hope you like it, it is different from the other ones...Enjoy! But please, if you guys thinks it is utterly horrible, please tell me about it, truth hurts but it saves lives! *Dramaticness!*

Suzanne's POV

I continually walked through the crowds of 'The Big Apple's' territory, all the blank faces staring into the unknown as some were hidden deep into their highly dressed jackets and clothing. They all seemed heartless, not meaning they were horrible fiends but just mindless robots who have not experienced a decency of life, to me their eyes showed.

As I continued to walk through the seemingly dark realm I was in, I noticed a girl of approximately 18 play an old, worn down acoustic guitar. I stopped and stared at her, the music that came from the guitar was drowned by not only the rain in which poured down heavily onto this empty town but the pain I could tell in her eyes seemed just enough to say she was depressed in a way she won't be happy ever again. Her eyes were bloodshot red and clearly ragged and exhausted from a probable lack of sleep, she strummed the guitar carelessly as the black, deadish hair slowly drooped over her eyes. She was ghastly pale and her clothes were full of holes, her lips were very light and her body was obviously deprived of normal nutrients. All the while, no one is paying attention to her nor giving her the money she probably desperately needs, not even one gives her a glance except me.

Finally, she stops playing and packs her guitar away, her dead hair still over her face. She closed the case on her guitar slowly and grabbed the handle, lifting it effortlessly which is kind of odd depending on how healthy her body is in her state. She slowly walked towards me, joining the soulless figures that are so prone into something that isn't there. Then right when she passed me, I saw her eyes once again...and this time I knew what was going to happen. I quickly turned around to stop her...but right when I turned around, she was gone. I stared deeply into the direction she went, guilt filling my heart as I slowly turned around and kept heading the direction I was going.

It made me angry and induce me with hatred at all the faces that so carelessly ignored someone that looked like she needed help. I, of only 16 and with no job or money...how could I help her? I'm afraid at times in this world, friendship won't always save a life. Everyone is always fooled by the movies and books, friends saving everyone's lives, always a happy ending.

War is clearly different. It is all about Luck and Willpower. As you are attacked on the frontline, you seek safety and shelter as you run from the accuracy of artillery. As your only a few feet away from shelter, your friend is 6 feet away from you and then suddenly is hit with a missile, your friends parts splatter all over you as you make your way into safety, but it isn't over...it is never over...you have to deal with the horrible concept that your friend's blood splattered on you, the last pieces of your friend that was once making you smile was stained on your body, whether you are clean or dirty. It is not fate that killed your friend, it was randomness. People believe people die for a reason, but I believe that isn't entirely true, a dictator dying...yeah, maybe that is fate...but a regular soldier fighting for what he believes in...they already know that that soldier would die for he/she believes in...nothing more.

I finally reached the end of the crowds and found myself in the park, a little more secluded that the streets but to me I feel safe. Life is everywhere around me compared to the zombies on Elm. street. I continued to walk until I found a black, metal bench under a bridge. I picked up my pace and quickly sheltered myself from tears the sky shed and quickly sat comfortably on the cold bench. I placed the black bag I carried with me on my trip right next to me and opened it to grab a nice, juicy apple freshly picked off a tree as I ventured towards New York.

I placed it in my lap as I grabbed my medium, blonde hair and squeezed it, water gushing down the last strands of my hair, my hands, and quickly crashing down onto the dry ground next the bench. After getting rid of most of the water from my hair, I stared down into the puddle of water and saw aquatic eyes staring at me, her skin pale and her blonde hair messy. 'I'm a mess.' I thought.

I sighed and picked up the apple and took a giant bite from it, I savored the luscious taste that poured into my mouth and down my lip a bit. I wiped it with my sleeve and quickly devoured the apple, it has been awhile since I had good food like that. I threw the core of the apple away into the trash receptacle that was always next to the benches at the park. I shoved my hand back into my backpack and pulled out my map, I studied it closely as I gazed at the confusing lines that intersected everywhere and giving millions of names here and there, some I can't pronounce. I shrugged sadly and crumbled the map, throwing the complicated paper away in the trash can.

"No such luck, huh?" A voice in my head say.

"I'm afraid not, no." I replied out loud.

"I'm sorry to hear that." The feminine voice inside said.

"What's the point, I have nowhere else to go, I don't have any loved ones that aren't all dead, and I don't have future plans, why shouldn't I give up and go back to the ruins I call home?" I asked, depressed.

"Don't give up! Keep walking through the darkness until you find the light, grasp it and never let go!" The voice cheered in a reassuring way.

"You're...you're right. I have to keep looking, but I know it wouldn't be here in this...gosh forsaken city." I said, a bit happier.

"Good, why don't you get some rest now, it's a good place to rest and freshen up for the rest of our journey." The voice advised.

"Sounds good, I'll take the offer." I complied.

I lied on the bench, using my black backpack as a sort-of comfortable pillow, and quickly fell asleep.


I fluttered my eyes open and breathed deeply in and out, a puff of ice-cold air coming from my mouth. I sat up slowly and crossed my arms as the sold started to seep my heat and energy, I quickly sat up and hoisted my backpack over my shoulder and started to head towards the middle of the park.

I looked at the sky, although it was dark and cloudy, the rain has stopped for the mean time, and every once in a while the moon peeps out, showing a waning crescent that marked the date of the calendar along with the constellation of the stars. I continued to keep as much heat as possible, my body shivered as my muscles are trying create heat inside to prevent any sickness I do not need at this time of my life.

As I made my way towards the center, the was a giant tree that had braches spread in a maze pattern to confuse the fool stuck inside. I crept closer to the giant tree until I saw something leaning right next to it, it was a guitar and the case sheltering from it. I gazed continually at the mysterious item until I felt something wet drip on my nose. At first I thought the rain was starting again until I wiped it off. Instead of the liquid being a clear substance, it was red as...

I looked up and gasped, a person was hanged. I looked at the eyes of the dead person...the girl guitarist from before I stumbled back, my eyes wide and full of fear and disbelief. I puked at the sight of it, getting rid of the food I savored and loved.

"Suzanne look away." The voice inside said sadly.

I looked at the ground and began to shake violently, tears falling down my face. 'I knew she was going to do this, this is all my fault!' I thought hysterically.

"No Suzanne, this isn't your fault. Even you couldn't heal her heart no matter what even if you wanted to. It's done now." The voice reassured matter-of-factly.

But still, the sight I saw...she used the strings on her guitar and tied them together to bring her death sentence. How thin the string is probably cut her neck a bit. I continued to puke as I continued to think of the poor girl who desperately needed help when thousands of people ignored her.

"If you want, I can erase your memory of this... a child like you shouldn't see this." She comforted.

"No," I said, wiping my mess from my lips," this will only make me stronger, you get back on your feet and your spirit grows."

"That's the spirit. Now why don't we do the ritual then? If you think you mastered it." She said calmly.

"Yeah, I think so." I replied softly.

I raised my hands forward and closed my eyes, concentrating on the ritual that I was to perform. Black aura started to form in the palms of my hands, growing bigger and darker as the poor body started to turn black. The string disintegrated and the body slowly float down towards me, I turned her body 90 degrees, her body now horizontal. Sweat slid down my face as the body was overwhelmed by the dark aura until it was now a big ball of black magic, slowly grew smaller until it floated directly into the palm of my hand. I summoned a small mortal and the floated into the portal and disappeared along with it.

After the ritual was completed, I collapsed onto my knees, feeling lightheaded and overly exhausted. I fell onto my stomach and breathed heavily as everything started to swirl around me.

"Suzanne!" She cried.

But I was too tired to reply, as I was about to fall into unconsciousness...but not before I saw a figure run up to me.

I know that this was a bit dark but I think it's good to write different forms of mood sometimes. R&R! See yah!

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