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Suzanne's POV

Since that horrible little incident a couple of days ago with a rapist God, I always wear a gold ankh over my neck so he won't be able to go near me. He said he was very sorry and would never do it again but still, a girl can be prepared, can't she?

I woke up to rays of sunshine shining through the curtains. I usually sleep in, but not late into the afternoon like Miss British Princess. Just something about her makes me want to punch her every time I see her screwed up face. I don't even know why I hate her. Guess it's from her reputation of me thinking that I was a demon that sparked it up.

Suddenly I got a jolt of pain from my right arm, I looked at it and saw that it was turning black, following with my nails turning blood red. 'Not again.' I thought. 'It looks like Anput isn't in my body right now, or else this wouldn't be happening.' I stood up and went over to the bathroom, putting on a robe that I found and opening the medicine cabinet. I grabbed the cloth bandages and wrapped my whole entire arm, preventing anyone from seeing it.

The first time this has ever happened to me that I could remember distinctively was 11 years ago. On my 5th birthday, the seal on my body wore off and I turned into something someone would call a demon. I hated it. The sad thing was my family was the people that called me that. A demon.

You see, my father married my mother when they were together in Japan. My father was in the army, my mother was in charge of a village nearby. My mother's family were the people that settled and created the village as far back as the Egyptians. They traveled from their homeland, Egypt, and catastrophically landed on the island that is now Japan. They did not know how their boat landed on an island in the Pacific nor knew how to get back. They were all followers of Anput, and their job was to purify the world.

Once in a while, a demon would escape from Duat and cause chaos throughout the world, sometimes taking on forms of humans themselves. That is why we are like this, why we look like monsters. Demons have incredible power, and so do we. Unfortunately my father did not know this, and my mother refused to tell him. Soon, on my Fifth birthday, I transformed, and they found out. Both my father and his family were then on very distant and started to hurt us with words of discrimination...the words always repeating demon.

My seal was never meant to break so early, my mother is 40 years and hers never even showed a sign of disintegrating.

Soon, everyone in the village was attacked by the military army, thinking we were terrorists. I did not know how they thought of this or why, but I was able to get out...no one else did. Not even my father's family. I was alone, scared, tired, and ready to give up. No one would take me in anyways, not the way I look right now. Finally, I collapsed and fell onto my stomach as it started to rain. I no longer cared if I died, what's the point in living when you don't have a reason to live.

Then a bright light appeared in front of me, I looked up and saw that the light was of pure energy and felt my fear slip away. I positioned myself onto my knees and stared at the miraculous light.

"Do not be afraid my child, for I will take care of you and let you live no more in fear or loneliness." A voice that emitted from the light said in a soft reassuring voice.

"Who...who are you?" I asked, bewildered and both shocked.

"...The Goddess of Purification." She answered calmly.

"Anput." I said in disbelief.

"You...shall become my host...and I will become your seal. From now on I will be by your side until you no longer need me." She said.

Then I was enveloped by the light and it disappeared in my body, resulting me turning back into a human form.

That was how we met, and just like she has said, we have been together ever since and taught me everything I knew. I stared at my now bandaged arm, as long as I don't use too much of my power, I will not transform. Now I realize why I hate Sadie so much...she reminded me of so much pain I went through. And I still do.

I closed the medicine cabinet and put my robe away. I opened my closet door and grabbed the only clothes I have. I took my ankh off and set it in the drawer of the nightstand. I unlocked my door and opened it and shut it behind me as I made my way down the hall towards the stairs. As I walked, I stopped right in front of Sadie's door. I couldn't help but smile. I slowly opened the door a crack and saw her sleeping soundly with the covers over her head. She looked like an angel, I wonder what would happen if a demon messed with her.

I entered her room silently and went by her bed without making a sound. I smiled deviously. I felt around in my pocket and my smile grew deeper when I knew it was still there. I pulled it out and was ready to push down on the button. The perfect way to wake up a sleepy head, is always a good little waker-upper from a fog horn. I placed it by her ear and let it rip.

She woke up with a start and fell off the bed. I couldn't help but laugh like a maniac. She crawled back onto her bed and gave me a death glare, I gave her a silly face right back.

"What the bloody hell!" She screamed in rage.

"Like most people say, an early bird always gets the worm." I said in a British accent.

She growled as she tried to grab the horn out of my hand, but I pulled my arm away, resulting her falling off her bed again, this time head first on my side.

"O come now, surely you cannot take a little joke here or two." I continued in the same accent.

She stood up and wiped all the dirt off of her.

"I fucking swear, I will get you back. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but I will soon." She threatened.

"Mm-Hm, Just what you would expect from the mule known as Sadie Kane." I replied, as if the British accent is becoming a natural to me.

"I am not a mule!" She countered.

"You sure? You kind of act like one, no wonder Britain kicked you out." I replied, returning back to my normal voice.

Man, was she furious! She grabbed her pillow and chucked it at me. It missed me as I ran outside into the hall and closed the door. Although she's always a pain in the ass even though I met her a couple of days ago, she is FUN to mess with.

I went on my way towards the Library, where I guess Jaz and Carter want me to find out 'my power'. I think it's stupid since I already know my power and everything. I entered into the Library and was greeted by everyone in the Brooklyn House. I never thought everyone was going to be here. I guess everyone was curious. I shrugged it off and went nearby the table where Jaz and Carter were looking at a scroll.

"I'm glad you came." Carter said.

"Like I have a choice, Cat." I replied with a calm expression.

Carter gave me a glare as I gave him a small smile.

"Alright children, the reason I wanted you to do this is so I would know exactly what you can do." Jaz said with a small smile.

"Anything for my mentor." I joked, putting my right arm over my heart and bended in a respectful way.

Jaz gave a small chuckle while Carter rolled his eyes.

"Anyways, this scroll will explain everything about your power. Just step up and there will be different items on it, just try perform different things and see what fits you." Jaz explained, gesturing to the items on the scroll.

"Cool, let's get started." I said.

Then the doors opened and Sadie appeared with a scowl on her face. She walked up to me and said nothing, she went over by her brother and just crossed her arms. I smiled. Although I hate her, I love her...she is just so much fun to mess with.

I walked up to the table and looked at the items on the scroll; there was dirt, water, a candle, wind chimes, mummy wrappings, amulets, a sword...there were a lot. But what drew my attention was a black ball-thing floating at the very end.

"Uh...that thing is very dangerous...I suggest that you check on the other items on the scroll first." Carter advised uneasily.

I ignored him and placed the ball in my hands.

"That...that's the soul of a demon...be very careful please!" Sadie cautioned.

I knew what it was, what they don't know is how wrong they are. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the soul. I could feel its life force, hear its thoughts, see its memories. Then I was filled with energy, as I produced black energy. People began to prepare themselves for some attack that they thought was going to happen. I poured my power into the soul and it began to glow as it rose up towards the ceiling. Then it turned pure white and grew bigger. It turned very bright and then finally turned into the shape of the girl that committed suicide that played her guitar in the streets of New York. Everyone stared, bewildered at the soul, shocked from what they have just witnessed.

"Thank you..." The soul of the sad girl said.

With that she disappeared and the room returned to its normal brightness.

"Holy shit." Carter asked, still in shock.

"A soul that has unfortunately turned into a demon...one of the ways of that happening is by committing suicide." I answered unemotionally. "If you'll excuse me, I will be heading back to my room."

I rushed out of there and shut the door behind me in my room. I locked it and went into the bathroom. I turned the shower on and undressed. 'I hope no one saw.' I thought as I entered in the shower. I stared at my right arm, that is now bigger, the cloth ripped off from it, and instead of the normal hand with five red nails was 3 giant red nails that were like giant three steak knives. 'I hope no one saw.' I repeated as I slumped against the wall and let the warm water pour down on me.

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