It was a quiet night in London, a handful of pale stars braving the smog. A solitary car bumbled down the road, splashing through the puddles left by the day's rain. Ms. Harp settled into her bed, tucking the duvet under her elbows and taking up the book from her nightstand. She had finally settled on her place and began to peruse the first paragraph when there was a rambunctious knocking at the door. A glance at the clock showed it to be a quarter past nine, hardly the time for social calls.

Drawing a shawl about her shoulders, she shuffled to the door, opening it slowly and peering to the step beyond. Standing there, holding a bundle of clothe in her arms was a young blond girl, no older then twenty. Her face was flushed with the cold and she kept glancing about with desperate eyes. When they finally settled on Ms. Harp she leaped forward.

"Thank goodness, look I'm in a hurry." She had a thick cockney accent. Stepping forward she attempted to press her cloth burden into Ms. Harp's arms.

"Can I help you?" Ms. Harp asked with alarm, keeping her arms close to her body.

"Yeah, look, I 'aven't got time to explain bu'-I need you to do this.:" Her face was grave and a little panicked as she forced Ms. Harp's arms to cradle the blanket. "I can't-" Her voice broke and some of the determination gave way to grief. "I can't keep her. Least, not yet. I can't-" she laughed bitterly. "I can't even admit she exists. Not to him...not yet." the dreaminess faded from her eyes and she fixed them on Ms. Harp with steely resolve. "This- this isn't forever, alrigh'? It-" Another broken laugh. "It might no't even be a week, or an hour, he'll come for her. We'll, come for her alrigh'? I just...I need you to take care of her till then."

Ms. Harp gave one feeble nod of her head, not quiet sure what she was agreeing too. The girl nodded back, smiling with relief, her tongue peeking through her teeth. She turned to go, letting the hand that had gripped the blanket through the whole conversation fall back to her side.

"Oh! One more thing, don't -ever- take her to hospital." Fixed under this girl's glare Ms. Harp found herself shaking her head. "Promise." She changed to a nod, fighting to push words past her throat.

"Of course."

The girl gave another curt nod, disappearing down the street. Ms. Harp stood on the porch frozen in shock, the wind picked up a moment later, rushing through the street with a strange, rasping howl. Only when it had settled, and the air began to work through her night gown did she look down into her arms. There, nestled into a dark blue blanket, eyes closed in restful sleep, fingers twitching absently, was a baby. A baby. Ms. Harp glanced down the street one last time and then back at her slumbering new charge. A ripped bit of notebook paper stuck out of the crease in her arm and Ms. Harp removed it gently, flipping it over to read the looping script on the back.

Gwyneth Jane, daughter of the Doctor.


"So, where to?" Amy asked coming up to lean beside him as he fiddled with the console, Rory flopped into the jump seat with a sigh. He turned another knob, watching the scanner flash and turned to beam at her with his eyes.

"Don't know." He grinned for real his face full of excited apprehension.

"You're the pilot. How can you not know?" Rory asked from his seat, his head thrown back in weary defeat. "It's not like the Tardis can just take us to random planets!"

"Of course she can." The Doctor corrected him crossly, giving him an insulted look.

"She can?" Amy asked, startled.

"Of course! She's a smart old ship, always knows where to go. But that's not what we're doing."

"Then...what are we doing?" Amy asked, leaning in conspiratorially. The Doctor leaned back till there noses were almost touching.

"We, are following a thing."

"A thing?"

The Doctor whirled to face the grumpy Centurion, his smile never faltering.

"Temporal thing. An energy signature working it's way through the vortex. We're following it." His face was utterly proud.

"What is it?" Amy moved around to look at the scanner, but whatever it said wasn't something she could decipher. She thought maybe she saw a solid bit of gold light moving through fluctuating darkness, but whether this was the vortex or just the Doctor's screen saver she was unsure.

"Don't know. Could be dangerous. Could be alien. Could- be entirely redundant...Only one way to find out!" He looked around at each of them,eyes sparkling with the promise of adventure, gripping one of the Tardis' countless levers. "Geronimo." With a hearty ding the Tardis took off across the vortex towards one of the biggest adventures the Doctor had ever faced. And it was gonna be...Fantastic.