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Amy watched her daughter from the doorway, watched the fractured smiles she offered to the Doctor's baby as she ran about the room, watched as her natural confidence siphoned away, making her look shrunken and faded. Amy loved the Doctor, but there were times when she could just strangle him! This was one of those times.

"He loves you ya' know. It might not look like it sometimes but he does." Amy folded her arms across her chest, stepping further into the room. River gave a start and looked up, her face creasing into an automatic smile of welcome.

"Of course he does." She agreed easily, but her voice lacked its usual bravado. "But not like that. Not like her." her eyes drifted back to Gwyn. "I don't blame him." she heaved a tired sigh. "I see the way they look at each other." her face twisted ruefully and she shook her head. "After all they did it right. Met at the same time, got to know each other, fell in love... it's how these things are supposed to be. Love knows no constraints but it does help to be linear." She offered her mother a shadow of a smirk. There was silence for a moment, both caught in different thoughts. Gwyn ran about the room, stacking a pile of blocks and flinging gaudy plastic books around the room. She seized a particularly vibrant tome and brought it to River excitedly, chattering like a squirrel. She pressed it into River's hands and pointed at the hair bow the girl on the cover wore with one chubby finger.

"Coo'" she gave River a dazzling grin. "Coo'! Coo' 'ight?"

River threw her head back and laughed loudly, the noise dispelling some of the melancholy in the air.

"Oh you are your father's daughter." She chuckled again and Gwyn squealed in delight, rushing off to fetch more books. Amy smiled at the baby's antics coming to sit beside her own daughter, who was still chuckling softly. She threaded their fingers together, sharing a gentle smile.

"You're a good girl River." she gave her hand a squeeze. "You get it from your da'. God knows what I'd do if Rory's ex showed up with a baby!" They each gave a snort of laughter. "Definitely not this." she gestured to the room of toys. River smiled.

"Oh I don't know about that." She smiled indulgently as Gwyn crashed threw her tower of blocks, raining alphebet letters and hard corners everywhere. "She might not be mine, but she is the Doctor's. Even if I don't agree with her mum I've got to love her dad. Have to. Even if he I hate him sometimes. I could never hate him for this." She gestured to the time tot. "Not if I tried. I love him too much." The sadness welled back into her expression. "That's always been the problem with the Doctor and me. We don't match up. He's always going to pull things like this. He's the Doctor. And even if he wasn't, we're going in opposite directions. The more I love him, the less he loves me." She shrugged in a deceivingly careless manner, but Amy saw the way her mucsles clenched and jerked. "There's nothing I can do about that. I've tried. Spoilers."

"He still loves you River." Amy argued. "You're his wife. You don't have to put up with his whole 'I'm a lonely time lord and my emotions are as out of wack as my dress sense', you can do something about it! Get angry, yell at 'im! Kick his arse!"

"ARSE!" Gwyn yelled, seemingly in agreement. Amy flushed and made hushing noises while River failed to stifle a laugh.

"Gwyn we don't swear." She made her expression grave while whispering to River out of the side of her mouth. "Unless it's something like this then we totally do." River laughed a little louder and then her expression grew fond.

"Oh Amy, I'm not putting up with anything. I'm pleased."

Amy threw her and incredulous look.


"Mm. I know that this, me and the Doctor, it's going to end someday. I'm not much better then a human now. I haven't got any regenerations left. So this, the Doctor's daughter, Rose Tyler... it makes me happy knowing that when I'm gone he won't be alone. Because he never should Amy. He should never be alone..."

Amy took in her daughter's troubled expression, her heart torn, still angry at the Doctor, and sad for

River and the things she'd had to come to terms with, and perfectly content to blame Rose Tyler. She pulled River into a hug, holding her like a mother should, widening her arms when Gwyn came to wiggle into the embrace, locking diminutive around both their necks and pressing slobbery kisses to River's cheek. It was then that Rory found them, knocking awkwardly at the door and glancing between his two girls in concern.

"Everything okay?" Amy glared at him, but River stood, holding Gwyneth in her arms.

"Fine." her smile was nearly up to full watts.

Rory nodded slowly.

"Okay... the Doctor's waiting in the console room." He pointed over his shoulder expressively. Amy shot to her feet, her face still grumpy.



"AH! Ponds! Was wondering when you'd show up." The Doctor darted forward, smiling wildly, Rose waiting behind him, tracing the contours of the console and smiling happily. "And Gwyn! Hello!" He slid her out of River's arms, spinning her about and handing her off to Rose who clutched her into a hug, offering River a grateful smile. "Are you ready to figure out whats going on? Because I am. Have been for a while now. Since Baker St. if I'm honest, this whole things been taking a bit longer then I expected, granted we were missing a few bits of information." He gestured at Rose. "But that's all fixed now. And I am ready! So..." He rung his hands together excitedly. "Let's get started shall we?"


"I'll just start from the beginning yeah?" Rose looked around at the Doctor and the Ponds from her seat on the floor, watching her daughter 'doodle' happily. Showing Rose each new collection of scribbles. There were a few minute nods and the Doctor offered her an encouraging smile. "It started...God, well...I guess it started a few planets before Pete's world, the dimension I came from... there was..." She blushed ducking her head. "There was that bit at that bar planet, Cheers world tavern?" She waved a hand in dismissal. "I started feelin' a bit...sick, a few weeks after we left Mickey. Thought it had somethin' to do with dimension travel after that bit you said about the Void but... The Tardis ran some tests for me..." Rose trailed off, biting at her lip anxiously as she remembered.

She sat in the Med Bay, staring at the read out on the scanner and trying not to up-chuck into the bin by the door. This wasn't possible. I mean, it was. She wasn't on any sort of control or anything and they hadn't exactly been...prepared. But... She shook her head, everything in her was reeling and she tried not to think of what that now included. This was the Doctor! He was an ALIEN. There was no way... I mean he hadn't ever said that they couldn't- not that they ever talked about- not that there was an abundant chance that they would ever- Cheers was an isolated incident, the Doctor didn't even remember... at least she thought he didn't... he never said- would he? Say? If he remembered surely he'd mention- but he never said, never gave any indication that-

She forced herself to stop thinking, it wasn't helping and all she was really doing was confusing herself. She forced herself to breathe, to count out a couple of lungfulls of breath. It was kind of hard with the scanner sitting directly in front of her, those words glowing in her face. DIAGNOSIS: PREGNANT. God, it made it seem like a disease. A really, really horrible disease. It wasn't that she didn't want the Doctor's baby. If she'd known it was possible she might even have daydreamed about it. But not like this. Not under these circumstances. God...this was just like all those other girls at the Estate, except so much...just...more. What was she supposed to do? She would never get rid of it. If the Doctor had taught her one thing it was how important a single life could be. Not to mention it was the Doctor's baby. Her Doctor. The man- alien, she loved so much. And he was an alien. She had to remember that. This wasn't like a human pregnancy. Or maybe it was. Maybe it was exactly like a human pregnancy. She just didn't know. Had never asked...God what was she gonna do? Her head fell into her hands, and only when she felt the wetness against her fingers did she realize she was crying. Of course she was. She sniffed, wiping at her tears angrily. This wasn't a bad thing. She refused to think of it that way. She'd tell the Doctor... he'd understand, he'd know what to do. He'd take care of her just like he always did. She pressed a hand to her stomach, imagining she could feel the presence of another life under her palm. The Doctor would make everything okay. Rose slid from the examination table, ready to go find her time lord. The Med Bay door slid shut, lights flashing red as it locked.

"Oi." Rose pounded on the metal. "What'ya doin'?" She turned her eyes to the Tardis ceiling, the Tardis gave a loud thrum and a door appeared on the opposite wall. Giving the Tardis a suspicious look Rose turned to the offered exit.

The room she entered was large and spacious, a bed and wardrobe tucked into one corner, a crib and nappy station pushed into the other, a large futuristic up most of the immediate wall. Rose inched in slowly, whirling as the door slammed behind her, another red flash as they locked too. She slammed against it with flattened palms.

"Doctor!" The Tardis thrummed, the computer coming on behind her with a small bing. Turning slightly Rose watched a deluge of images flicker across the screen before settling on the picture of a family of four, backlit by an unearthly green glow. Rose wasn't sure how she knew they were a family. They didn't have any of the same features like most families, didn't have their arms around each other in a loving embrace. But there was something about the way their faces twisted that made her think they were alike, familial. If it hadn't been for that strange little similarity Rose might have thought they were polite colleagues, or even strangers asked to stand in the same photograph. But they were family, the computer confirmed it.

The Family of Blood.

Rose mouthed the words. Another picture flashed up. The same family. Same caption, same sneer. Same glowing green backround. Entirely different faces. Different ethnicities. Might have even been an entirely different species. They looked human enough but then again, time lords...

"I don't understand." She turned back to the empty room. "What does this have to do with the Doctor and me and..." she settled a hand on her stomach. A noise turned her back to the computer and she saw third picture of the family with the changing faces, this time with a long page of text scrolling down beneath them. A few words jumped at her. Parasites. Body stealers. Consume. The essence of a time lord. And, live forever. Rose felt her skin crawl staring at them, her hand going to her stomach reflexively. "So?" the word was almost careless but her voice was trembling. Another image flickered up. The image of the chameleon arch, a time lord anatomy and a human anatomy comparison and small yellow arrows depicting energy flow and a description, which she read frantically. "But, if the Doctor can just do tha', which I'm not saying it would be easy cause it looks...painful." She grimaced. "But if he can then the baby-" before the idea had even cleared her lips there was another picture. One that Rose couldn't bring herself to look at for more then the barest second. Her knees felt weak and her stomach roiled from something besides hormones. "Okay..." she collapsed to the floor, pressing the heel of her hands into her eyes, trying to push the image out. "But what if she's human?" her hands were a desperate pressure against her abdomen. "She could be. I mean I'm-" the Tardis assured her 'she' wouldn't be. Rose absorbed that. She'd known. A part of her had. That the baby was going to be more then human. That nothing could ever be that easy. But this? Her child wasn't even born and someone already wanted it dead. Probably. If they knew about it. Rose would never let that happen.

"What do I do?"

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