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Stiles slammed shut the history book, officially done with his essay on Muckrakers at the turn of the century. Well…he hoped that was what it was on. Stiles had a tendency to stray off subject…The point, however, was that he was required to do a six page paper and he had, so HA!

Of course, he still had a book report for AP English, a Chemistry test to study for, and French verbs to learn (why French? WHY?) But he could do that tomorrow right? It was time for a study break.

He pulled out his phone and scrolled down the list until he found Derek's number. Derek. His boyfriend. The title made Stiles grin like mad and he had been caught doing so all day. He clicked Derek's name and chose to send him a text.

I deserve a study break to rule ALL study breaks! Join me?

Derek looked over at his phone and wiped his hands on his pants. He picked it up and smiled when he saw Stiles' picture come up. He read the message and rolled his eyes.

Is that so? I'll be over in 10 then ;)

He grabbed his jacket and keys and headed downstairs, not willing to admit that he was actually excited to see his boyfriend. He locked up the house and got in the car, pulling up to Stiles' house in exactly ten minutes. He opted for knocking on the door since the Sheriff's car wasn't out front and knocked three times, putting his hands in his pockets as he waited for Stiles.

Stiles ran down the steps two at a time, tripping on the last step and catching himself before falling as he opened the front door. "Hey!" Stiles grinned when he saw Derek. "Look at you using the front door, I'm so proud," he smiled, taking Derek's hand to pull him inside.

Derek laughed when he heard Stiles thundering down the stairs and bit his lip to keep from laughing harder when he heard him trip. He let Stiles pull him inside and raised his eyebrows.

"Wow, someone's excited to see me," he said as he pulled Stiles close.

"Can't a guy miss his boyfriend?" Stiles asked, kissing him sweetly as the door shut behind him.

"Of course you can," Derek said with a soft laugh.

He loved how Stiles was. He was hyper and cute and adorable all at once. Like a rabbit, that had too many carrots. He kissed Stiles' nose lightly and pulled him over to the couch and into his lap.

"How was your studying?"

Stiles tilted his head to rest it on Derek's shoulder. "Not terrible, I finished my history paper, I'm pretty sure I actually stuck to the topic too for once, so yay me!" he snorted. "The rest can wait till tomorrow though, I don't know if I can force my brain to focus any longer."

Derek smiled and kissed his boyfriend softly, and rested his hand on Stiles' lower back, rubbing circles gently.

"I'm proud of you. What would you like to do now?"

"Well I WAS going to watch a movie," Stiles said. "But I'm not very good at sitting through movies all at once, my brain does this…" he wiggled his fingers erratically over his head, "thing."

Derek rolled his eyes fondly and tilted his boyfriends chin up, nipping lightly at his lip with his teeth.

"I can think of a few things for us to do," he said with a mischievous look.

"Oh? Oh!" Stiles grinned back once the thought clicked in his head. "My dad is in the next county over, he won't be back until late tomorrow." Stiles said with a grin.

Derek's grin widened as he slipped his hand up the back of Stiles' shirt and ran a finger down his spine.

"That gives us plenty of time to do it over, and over, doesn't it?"

Stiles couldn't help but shiver as Derek's hand traced down his back. He leaned forward and kissed Derek slowly, wrapping his arms around his neck.

Derek fell into the kiss and dug both hands into the smaller boys back, pulling his legs around to straddle his waist. He reached up and put one hand on Stiles cheek, tilting his head slightly to kiss the younger boy deeper.

Stiles moaned softly into the kiss as he sat on Derek's lap. His arms tightened around his neck slightly as his fingers laced into his hair. He felt his heart pick up speed a little, as it always did when he kissed Derek.

Derek heard Stiles' heart speed up and it made his own race, as he dug his hand into his boyfriends shoulder and kissed him harder and deeper. He pulled lightly on Stiles lip with his teeth and grinded his hips up slowly.

Stiles whimpered, Derek's name escaping his lips mid kiss. His hands went to Derek's chest, pressing up toward his shoulders, pushing his jacket off.

Derek shrugged his jacket off quickly, pulling Stiles' shirt over his head as he threw it to the floor. He ran his hands down Stiles' chest and raked his nails lightly, tracing the small trail of hair that led to his belt.

Stiles moved from Derek's lips to his neck, peppering his neck and throat with hot, open-mouthed kisses as his fingers slipped under Derek's shirt, gently touching the skin there.

Derek dropped his mouth open and moaned Stiles' name softly, playing with the younger boys belt until he finally slipped it off and threw it to the floor.

Stiles continued with the kisses for a bit before biting down on Derek's pulse point hard before licking at the skin, watching the purple bruise fade almost instantly as Derek's body healed himself.

Derek pushed Stiles away slightly and yanked his shirt off, throwing it somewhere behind him as he pulled Stiles back to him. He tilted the younger boys head to the side and bit slowly down his neck, marking him visibly.

"Mine," he said with a low growl.

Stiles knew his bruise wouldn't disappear like Derek's did, and the thought that Derek was marking him as his thrilled him, making his heart speed up and his stomach flip. "Yours," Stiles said. "All yours."

Derek pulled away and met Stiles' gaze, biting his lip slightly.

"How far do you want to take this?"

He didn't want to do anything Stiles didn't want, and he wanted to be clear on their boundaries.

"I…" he faltered, thinking.

He WAS a typical teenage boy, he was totally fine with the idea of sex with Derek. Derek was…perfect, exactly what Stiles had always wanted. But was he ready for that? He thought of Derek's knot and wondered how much it would hurt. He thought about what he knew of mating and alphas and if the rules applied because he was human and a guy and…

And he knew he wanted nothing more than his first time to be with Derek. That Derek made him happier then he'd ever felt in his whole life and as long as he was with him, Stiles wasn't afraid or nervous or anxious in the slightest.

"I want to take us as far as it can go," Stiles said surely after a moment. "I want you Derek."

Derek watched Stiles' face for a moment and put a hand on his cheek.

"You know that there's no turning back after this. Once we…do this, you're my mate. Are you sure this is what you want?"

No nerves, no anxiety, Stiles could get used to that feeling. He took his hands and placed them on each side of Derek's head, cupping his face so his thumbs traced gently over Derek's cheek bones. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life," he said, smiling softly at Derek. "Are you sure?"

Derek listened to the younger boy's heartbeat, waiting for any sign of a falter, or uptick. When he heard nothing but a steady beat, he didn't answer Stiles. Instead he pulled him closer and kissed him slowly, flipping them over so that he was on top of the smaller boy.

He sighed in relief as he lied back on the sofa, kissing Derek back at the same slow, passionate pace. He pulled away for air and pressed his forehead to Derek's. "Are you sure? I want to hear you say it Derek." He swallowed, eyes locking with Derek's.

Derek met Stiles' gaze directly and traced his lips with his finger.

"I want this, more than I've ever wanted anything in my life."

"Alright," Stiles said, smiling up at Derek. He moved and wiggled until he could get off the couch and he held out a hand to Derek.

Derek stood slowly and took Stiles' hand, biting his lip as he followed the younger boy.

Stiles led Derek up the stairs to his room. "Bed's comfier than the sofa don't you think?" he asked with a soft smile, kissing Derek once they reached his room and closed the door.

Derek nodded and smiled, pulling Stiles close as soon as the door was closed. He felt like he should warn him before they went any further.

"Stiles this might...this will hurt alot the first time..."

"I know," Stiles said, nodding. "I've done research, this is me we're talking about," he smiled. "Trust me, I'll be okay."

Derek nodded hesitantly and pulled Stiles down on the bed, pressing his lips against the other boys softly as he ran a hand down his chest.

Stiles lied back on the bed and rubbed his hands all over Derek's chest and stomach before locking one arm around Derek's neck to pull him closer.

Derek slid his hand down to Stiles' waist, popping the button on his jeans as he ran his tongue over the younger boys bottom lip.

"Mmm," he hummed approvingly as he lifted his hips to help Derek take his jeans off.

Derek kissed slowly down Stiles' chest, hooking his fingers in his boxers as he slipped them off and licked his lips.

"Turn over."

Stiles nodded and did as he was told, rolling onto his stomach. "How is it you know what to do?" Stiles asked curiously as he settled comfortably on the bed, wiggling his ass a bit.

"I don't," he said simply. "But there's something I've heard about and I want to try it."

He licked his lips and spread Stiles' legs apart, leaning down and licking a long harsh line over his entrance.

"What have you - Oh good god that felt good," Stiles groaned. "Do that again, please?"

Derek smirked and slid his tongue over the tight pucker again, dipping his thumb inside gently.

"Do you have any...lube or anything like that?"

Stiles nodded and pointed to the drawer by his bed. In the first week of school, the students of Beacon Hills High always got "safe Sex kits" and stiles had both his from Freshman and sophomore year. "There should be lube and condoms and I don't even know what else I've never opened it."

Derek nodded and reached into the drawer, pulling out the kit and looked through it.

"Do you um, think a condom is necessary?"

"I surely don't need it," Stiles said. "If you don't think so, I trust you."

Derek nodded and tossed it away, pulling out a small bottle of lube. He squeezed some generously on his fingers and rubbed the slickness over Stiles' entrance, holding the younger boys hips in place as he pushed a slicked up finger inside him.

Oh! Ow! Okay, that kinda hurt, that was new. Stiles tensed up immediately as the feeling of Derek's first finger and he had to physically, out loud, remind himself to relax. And he took a deep breath, finally relaxing some around Derek's finger, his grip on his pillow relaxing.

Derek kissed lightly down Stiles' back when he felt him tense up and start to panic slightly.

"Just will get better," he said quietly as he thrust his finger slowly, twisting it around.

As he relaxed, he started to pay attention to what he was really feeling, rather than the panic. Derek's finger, thrusting and twisting inside him, it felt good. Really good actually, and he let out a low moan.

Derek felt Stiles relax around his finger and he slowly pushed a second one in, scissoring them lightly as he tried to find that small bundle of nerves that would drive Stiles crazy.

Same as the first time, Stiles tensed up when the second finger was added. "Warn me before you add another?" he asked after relaxing into the touch. he squirmed a little beneath him and he felt Derek's fingers touch something inside him that sent shocks through Stiles' whole body. "Oh my god, what was that!" he yelled out. "I don't actually care, can you do that again?" Stiles asked breathlessly.

Derek couldn't help but laugh as he pressed his fingers against the same spot harshly, enjoying the way Stiles' body jerked.

"I'm adding another," he warned.

He slipped a third finger in and twisted them slowly, working Stiles' entrance open as he reached down and unbuttoned his jeans.

Stiles moaned, pressing his face into the pillow as he did so. There was still some pain, and he clenched his fingers at that, but ultimately it was pleasure, and Stiles pressed his hips back to get more of Derek's touch.

Derek licked his lips and pushed his jeans and boxers down, stroking his length slowly as he watched Stiles fuck himself on his fingers.

"God you look so hot," he breathed.

He thrust his fingers a little faster and stretched them out, preparing the younger boy for his own cock.

"I want you so bad," Stiles whined, lifting his ass higher for Derek, his own cock hard and throbbing. "Please Derek, I need you." He wasn't even sure he was using real words anymore. Everything that was coming out of his mouth was like nonsence.

Derek moaned at the sound of Stiles begging for him and pulled his fingers out slowly, moving behind Stiles and rubbing his tip over the younger boys entrance.

"This is going to hurt," he said.

He didn't want to hurt the smaller boy, but this was what they both wanted. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath, deciding the faster he did it, the better. He snapped his hips hard and buried his cock inside Stiles, gasping at the sudden tightness.

Tears escaped Stiles eyes and he pressed his face into the pillow. "Oh fuck," he groaned at the sharp wave of pain that flowed through his body. "Oh fuck oh god," he moaned and groaned a bit longer till the pain subsided. "Okay," Stiles finally said, pushing back weight on his hands, arching his back some. "Okay I'm ready, just go slow for a bit okay?"

As soon as he smelled the salty tears, he instantly regretted agreeing to this.

"God I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry," he whispered quietly as he pressed his lips to Stiles' back.

When Stiles finally relaxed, he pulled out slowly, starting a slow rhythm as he moved his hips in slow circles.

"I'm okay, honest," Stiles said, though he was sure he'd never ever sit down the same way again. As Derek started his rhythm, Stiles' fingers curled into the sheets again, pleasure slowly building inside him.

Derek had to use every ounce of willpower he had not to start pounding into the boy beneath him and put his hands on Stiles' hips, pulling him back on to his cock as he moaned at the wet heat surrounding his length.

"O-oh my god Stiles...fuck thats so good," he breathed huskily.

"Harder? Just a little," Stiles asked, lifting his ass just a little more, hoping Derek's cock would touch that sweet spot again and drive him wild.

Derek nodded and snapped his hips harshly, instantly hitting Stiles' sweet spot as Derek started thrusting faster and harder. He gripped the younger boys hips tightly and threw his head back, moaning softly.

"Oh…yes…there…Derek, oh god," he cried out, pushing back against Derek, contributing to the rhythm. "Harder Derek…so close…"

Derek groaned and thrust faster, reaching forward to grip the headboard tightly as he slammed his hips into the smaller boy. He moaned louder and louder as the knot grew slowly, bringing him closer and closer to the edge.

"I-I'm right there..."

"I'm…" Stiles choked out. With a particularly hard thrust, Stiles was comingmaking a mess of himself and the top sheet but he didn't care, the release felt so good. He arched his back and tightened around Derek, moaning out his name as he came.

Derek gasped and squeezed his eyes shut as he released string after string of his seed inside Stiles, moaning and thrusting his hips shallowly.


He moaned as Derek came inside him, his arms shaking as almost all his strength was gone and he could barely keep himself up. "So good Derek…"

Derek caught his breath slowly and waited until the knot had gone down before he pulled out as slowly as he could.

"God that was amazing."

Stiles sighed, making a small noise as Derek pulled out of him. It almost felt weirder than when he had been filled up, feeling empty. His arms shook more and he finally gave in, collapsing on his stomach and then rolling over on his back to look up at Derek. "You're amazing Derek." Stiles said quietly, a smile on his lips.

Derek laid down next to Stiles and pulled the younger boy in his arms gently.

"I didn't hurt you too much did I?" he asked with a concerned expression.

"No, I'll be alright," Stiles smiled, kissing Derek softly. He lazily traced shapes onto Derek's side with his fingers.

Derek looked down at his boyfriend and smiled softly.

"What are you thinking about?"

"How glad I am that you're my first everything," Stiles said honestly, looking up at him with a smile. He let out a soft laugh, how hadn't he noticed before. "You have paint," he poked a spot of blue paint above his eyebrow and giggled.

"Just to make things're uh, you're my first guy everything...I wish you were my first everything."

He wiped off his eyebrow and laughed softly.

"Wow I should have showered before I left."

Stiles laughed and snuggled into Derek's chest, kissing him. "you've got another spot here," he poked at a spot on his neck. "and here," above his ear. "Geez Derek did you get an on the walls?" he teased lightly, kissing his boyfriend softly.

Derek rolled his eyes and laughed, scratching Stiles' back gently.

"Hey at least I did something productive today," he said with a kiss to the younger boys forehead.

"Now you, on the other hand, need to get some sleep. You still have school."

"I was productive!" Stiles said. "I wrote a WHOLE essay. Six WHOLE pages." He chuckled. "And I don't wanna sleep, it's still early…" he looked at his clock. "Ish, if you count after midnight as early morning," he smiled at Derek.

Derek laughed again and kissed his forehead again.

"Sleep. Now. I'll be here when you wake up to see you off to school, and I'll pick you up after."

"So demanding," he teased. He kissed Derek's chest and placed his ear over his heart, listening to the steady beat of Derek's heart pound in his chest. The sound soothed him. "Goodnight Derek." he said sleepily.

Derek rolled his eyes fondly and kissed Stiles' head again.

"Goodnight Stiles."

He leaned down and whispered in his ear quietly.

"I love you."

Stiles sighed happily. Nothing could possibly get any better than this moment, right here. "I love you too." He whispered back, falling asleep in Derek's arms.

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