Hey, this is a story about Luke and Lorelai and their life together after the show ends. More to come soon hopefully! Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Gilmore Girls I just love it!

Lorelai looked down at the white stick again to make sure that she wasn't dreaming. Two pick lines, pregnant. Wow she thought to herself. It had been a long time since she had Rory, she didn't remember the feeling. She held her stomach and looked at herself in the mirror. She stood sideways to see if there was any difference in her appearance. None. She looked just as slim as ever. She smiled and pocketed the pregnancy test after throwing the first two into the waste bin.

Lorelai took a seat on her bed and looked over to Luke who was still asleep. How she had woken up before him she did not know. She eased herself to the top of the bed and stoked Luke's hair. Then she bent down and gently kissed his forehead.

"mmm" he groaned. They had had a busy night. The night started with dinner at the Gilmores, then a short visit with April consisting of scientific babel and pie, then some activities at home, thus resulting in an incredibly sleepy Luke. She decided she would let him sleep.

She hopped back out of bed and walked out of their room. She walked into the kitchen and made herself some coffee. She felt something brush against the bottom of her leg. She looked down and saw Paul Anka, "Hey" she said as she knelt down to pet him. "Are you hungry" she asked as she rubbed his face. "Of course you are" she got up and looked in the cupboard and pulled at some dog food and proceeded to pouring it into Paul Anka's bowl. Lorelai knelt down once again as he ate, "You know what Paul Anka?" she said softly staring off into space, "You're going to be a big brother." Paul Anka stopped eating for a moment and turned to look at Lorelai. "That's right you won't be the youngest kid around here Paul Anka!" The dog barked then continued to eat his food.

"One kid down, one to go" Lorelai said to herself as she stood up. Then she picked up the phone and dialed. A voice came on after the third ring, ``Hello?"

"Rory" Lorelai smiled. "Mom?" Rory sounded tired, "Why are you calling, its early, hate early."

"Its seven thirty, seven thirty is the new eleven thirty." Lorelai replied. Rory groaned.

"Kid, I got some news for you." Lorelai continued seriously. "What is it?" Rory replied sounding more awake.

Lorelai took a deep breath, "I'm pregnant"

"You're pregnant!" Lorelai heard not one but two voices say. She turned around and saw that Luke was standing behind her with his eyes practically coming out of his head.

"Rory, Rory can I call you back?" Lorelai asked still staring at Luke's gawking face. "Mum!" Rory moaned. "Sorry hun. Call you back soon. Kiss kiss." Lorelai hung up the phone not waiting for Rory's protests.

"You're pregnant?" Luke said again this time walking toward her.

"Yes." Lorelai said trying to read his emotions. "This isn't quite how I wanted to tell you…" Lorelai let out a small laugh.

"Luke?" she asked watching him sort out everything that was going on.

"That's wonderful!" he suddenly exclaimed and ran not to Lorelai, who was expecting him to embrace her, but instead to the kitchen where he began opening up the cupboards in a mad hunt.

"Luke?" Lorelai questioned. Then she saw him grab tins of coffee and head toward the garbage. "Luke!" Lorelai exclaimed and rushed toward him.

"It has to go!" he said loudly, "No more coffee, you can have decaf but that's it! Our baby is not going to have two heads, or three legs, or…" he stopped and went to sit down at the table. "We're having a baby"

Lorelai went and sat next to him. She took his hand and smiled "Yes, we are having a baby. Are you okay?"

Luke breathed "Ya, ya I'm… I'm great!" he smiled at her.

"Okay, but um… you threw out my coffee"

"You can't drink coffee while you're pregnant! It's a health hazard!"

"Luke, darling, love of my life, I need my coffee." She patted his hand.

"But…" "Luke, I drank trunk loads of coffee when I was pregnant with Rory, and she turned out okay right?"

Luke breathed, "Ya, I guess. But no smoking."

"Luke, when have you ever seen me smoking?" Lorelai laughed.

Luke laughed too, "Just making sure."

"Ooooh, I have to call Rory" Lorelai got up from her seat and went to grab the phone.

"Lorelai?" Luke said and she stopped just as she was about to dial the phone and gave him a quizzical look.

"This is going to be good." She smiled, "Yes, it certainly will"