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"What Lorelai?" Emily said turning around from the kitchen and rushing back to her daughter's side.

"No, no, no" Lorelai whispered still clutching her back and staring down out the large bulge in her stomach.

"Oh my God you're in labour, aren't you?" Emily grabbed her daughter's arm and began dragging her out the door. "Come on I'll drive you to the hospital."

Lorelai still seemed to be in a state of shock and kept mumbling, "no, no, no"

"Lorelai come on! I know I'm not exactly the person you want with you for this but I'm who you've got so let's go before you have the poor child on the sofa!"

"Wait wait!" Lorelai said, "Luke! Write a letter to Luke!" she began to waddle back into the house very slowly holding her back.

"Don't be silly, I'll do it!" Emily rushed away and within seconds was back with a note explaining how Lorelai had gone into labour. She quickly taped it to the front of the door and rushed Lorelai into the car.

"Arrrgh" she groaned as they pulled out of the driveway.

"What is it? What's wrong!"

"Pain Mother! Drive faster!"

"Calm down Lorelai, we have to follow the speed limit we'll be there soon en.."

"Drive faster!" Lorelai screamed as she clutched her stomach.

"Alright, alright." Emily began to pick up the speed and kept glancing over at her daughter who looked as if she were going to explode.

"When is Rory coming down?" Emily asked trying to take her daughter's mind off of her contractions.

"Oh my god Rory! Luke was going to call her when I was in la-aahhhh-bor" she groaned and began searching for her cell. "Moooom, I left my cell phone turn around"

"Don't be ridiculous Lorelai, it wasn't two seconds ago that you were screaming at me to drive over the speed limit. I'm sure Luke will remember to call Rory." Emily said calmly.

"He better!"

"You know when I had you I was in labour for ten hours." Emily shook her head, "You were a brat even then. You always had to do things your own way on your own time." Emily turned her head to look at her daughter, "I was always sorry I didn't get to be there for Rory when she was young. I know we pushed you away but I never…" She paused and turned her head back to the road then sighed, "I'm just happy I'll get to be there this time."

Lorelai gave a small smile and quietly said, "Me too Mom"

Luke walked up to the house with bags of food in both arms. Finding he was unable to open the door he kicked it hoping Lorelai would come let him in. When no one came he called, "Lorelai?!" When once again he heard no one coming he turned and put the bags down next to him. When he turned back to the door he saw the note.


Lorelai's gone into labour, come to the hospital as soon as possible.


Luke felt a rush of panic run through his body. He ran down the steps of the house, realized he did not have his car keys with him and ran back up. Rushing into the front door he knocked over Lorelai's umbrella and tripped over some of her shoes, but he did not care. When he finally got his keys he rushed out again. Then he stopped when he heard footsteps trailing behind him. Paul Anka. Luke groaned and ran back inside to feed the great fluffy dog. "Good now?" he nodded toward the dog who didn't bother to look up from the bowl.

This time Luke took his time leaving the house, not wanting to come back. He grabbed the suitcase they had packed for Lorelai and made sure the back door was locked. When he finally got into the truck he still felt like he had forgotten something. He pulled away from the house shaking his head and hoping Lorelai had made it to the hospital and that he got there before she tried to name her next child Lorelai. That's when he remembered. He had to call Rory.

Luke pulled out his cell phone that he hardly ever used and clicked Rory.

She answered on the first ring, "Is it time?" she practically screamed.

"Yup Emily and your mother are at the hospital and I'm on my way there now."

"Ok I'm on my way… wait she's with Grandma?"

Luke chuckled a little, "Yup"

"Oh God" Rory couldn't help but smirk a little.

"I'll see you soon" Luke said.

"Bye Luke!"