Author's Note:

Imagine for a moment that Stevie left with Kane Morgan (Season 4) and Luke didn't take a stand against his big brother. What would have happened? Would they have survived?

My take on what would have happened if Kane had actually met Stevie at the pub and they had gone off to buy the farm.

What is written here takes place after Alex leaves the shack. What if instead of racing off to the city and meeting Fiona, he first goes to the truck stop?

Alex roared away from the shearers shack, one thought on his mind. To get away, to get out of this messed up place he called home. There was only one person he wanted to see. Only he didn't know where she was.

Whatever Sandra had wanted had only ended in flames. But what didn't with that woman?

"Bloody Sandra." Alex slammed a hand on the stirring wheel.

That woman always messed everything. What Harry saw in her, he'd never understand. A light on his dash blinked.

"What now?" Alex took a quick look. "Great time to go empty on gas, mate."

With a growl he spun his wheel and pulled into the truck stop. Slamming on the brakes in front of a pump, he opened the door and jerked the line out of the holder. His hand stung as it slipped off the handle.

"Terry!" Alex stormed into the truck stop and up to the counter.

"Alex, how's it going?" Terry closed a file.

"I've had better days. I need my ute filled." Alex drummed his fingers on the counter.

"In a hurry, mate?" Terry leaned against the counter.

Alex took a deep breath and tried to smile. "I really need some gas and you're pumps are still locked."

"Oh, righto." Terry hurried around the counter and grabbed a set of keys off a hook on the wall.

Alex walked to the cooler and stared at the drinks. What he really wanted wasn't in there and he needed to drive far, far away. The phone on the wall started to ring and he jumped.

"Alex, can you get that?" Terry called from the pumps.

Alex rolled his eyes but reached for the phone. "Gungellan Truck Stop."


"No, he's out at the pumps." Alex shifted impatiently.

"Who's this?"

"Alex Ryan. Look, I'll go get Terry."

"No, no. Alex, wait." The voice became desperate and Alex paused.

Something about the person was familiar.

"Who are you?"

"This is Luke Morgan. I need your help."

Alex shook his head and tried to get back into the reality that had nothing to do with Sandra. "Come again?"

"Alex, its Luke Morgan. Can you help me?"

"Of course. What kind of trouble are you in?" Alex nodded a Terry and handed him his card.

There was silence of sorts on the other end. A sheep bleated and a dog barked sharply.

"Dagger, get away," Luke said. "Alex, you still there?"

"Yeah. What did Kane get you into now?" Alex took his card back from Terry and motioned for him to hold on.

"It's not me in trouble, Alex." Luke paused again. "Can you get to Darwin in a hurry?"

"Darwin? Seriously, Luke, what is this about?" Alex leaned against the counter.

"Luke?" Terry asked. "What's he want? Hasn't been heard from in yonks."

Alex shrugged. "He hasn't gotten to that part. He's beating around the bush." Turning his attention back to Luke he tried to make some sense of the conversation. "Look, Luke. You took off two and a half years ago and we haven't heard from you since. Now give it to me straight or I'm not coming."

Luke sighed. "Alex, its Stevie. She needs you. I can't do anything else for her. She won't listen to me anymore. Kane's on a lam and he's been hurting her."

"Bloody hell," Alex blurted. "I'm on my way. Call the cops, Luke."

"I can't. He'll hurt her more. Just get them out of here." There was a muffled shout and then Luke hurriedly said good bye. "Just get over here fast."

Alex hung up the phone and turned to Terry. "I've got to go. Stevie's in trouble."

"Stevie? What?" Terry followed Alex to his car. "What are you going to do?"

Alex opened the door to his car and turned back to Terry. "I don't know, Terry. Is the car filled up?"

Terry nodded. "Should I call someone? Do you need something else? Water, food?"

Alex shook his head. "I've got what I need." He climbed into the car. "Oh, call Drovers. Tell the girls what's happened. I'll call them when I know what's what."

Terry nodded and waved him off.

This was a fine mess of things. Alex pressed the pedal down and sped away from Gungellan.