Rose stopped outside her mother's hospital room and smiled. In the past two days Stevie's recovery had leapt forward. Even the doctors were amazed. But Rose wasn't. She knew that miracle cure was the man sitting beside the bed. The man who had travelled miles to come to the rescue.

Stevie was laughing when Rose stepped into the room, a blush on her too pale cheeks.

"Rosie, there you are." Stevie reached for Rose and Rose took her mother's hand.

Stevie patted the bed and Rose sat down beside her. "You're looking good, Mom."

"I feel good." Stevie smiled at Rose and stroked her head. "I'm sorry I put you through all of this. I should never have brought you into my life."

"Mom, don't say that." Rose pressed into her mother's touch. "I'm glad you came and got me. I have a brother and a sister now and Luke."

Stevie's mouth twitched. "Yeah, Luke. About that."

"Stevie," Alex said. "We talked about this and you said you were okay with it."

Rose glared at Alex. "I thought we had agreed that you wouldn't say anything."

"Hey, she asked. Like I told Luke she already knew." Alex leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. "You can't hide anything from her."

Stevie just shook her head. "Look, Rose, I'm happy for you. I really am. Just be careful."

Rose made her mother look at her and stared deep into Stevie's eyes. "Listen, Mom. I know you are worried because Luke is a Morgan, but he's better than Kane. He'd never hurt me. I am being careful."

"Thank you, Rosie, thank you."

Rose hugged Stevie. "Besides I think you have your own love interest to worry about."

Stevie frowned and pointedly refrained from looking at Alex. "I have no clue what you are talking about, daughter of mine."

Rose snorted. "Oh, come on. Admit it. You're in love with Alex."

Giving her speechless mother a kiss she hopped off the bed. "We leave tomorrow. I have to go and get the kids' stuff packed. I love you, Mom."

She waved to Alex and left the room. She hadn't felt this good in a long time. With a song on her lips and a spring in her step she hurried out of the hospital and to the truck. Climbing in, she drove out of the city and towards Camelot.

At the farm, she found Luke and Henry Fain riding across the yard.

"Hey, Rose," Luke called. "Henry just wanted to see the stock. He's going to buy the whole place."

Rose smiled. "That will make Mom happy. Are you sure, Henry?"

Henry slid off his horse and took his hat off. "Young lady, this is one thing I am very sure of. I'm glad I could do something for your mom. She's a good lady. I don't know how she got mixed up with Kane. That other bloke seems good."

Luke came up behind Rose and wrapped an arm around her waist. "Alex Ryan? He's a good one."

Henry smiled and turned to his truck. "One more thing. Stevie should have this back." He whistled and a black and brown dog leaped out of the truck.

"Turbo!" Rose knelt and let the dog bury his head in her chest. "Good boy." She stroked his head and laid her head on his. "Thanks, Henry. You don't know how much this will mean to Stevie."

Henry laughed. "I think I do. That dog never did work well for me. Tell your mom to hold onto her things tighter."

Luke squatted beside Rose and rubbed Turbo's head. "I think she's learned her lesson."

"Well, I'll go see the lawyer. Get him to draw up those papers." Henry put his hat back on and strode to his truck. "Tell Stevie I'll see her tomorrow."

Rose waved as Henry drove away. Luke hugged her and swung her around in a circle.

"We're saved, Rose."

Rose laughed and kissed him. "Let's get things packed."

Luke set her down and took her hand. They ran towards the house. Inside Kaleb called from the nursery and Kana cried. Rose rolled her eyes.

"It never rains but it pours." Luke squeezed her hand. "I'll go get the Ute ready to leave."

Rose waved him away and hurried into the nursery. Kaleb held his hands out to her.

"Me out, me out," he demanded. "Were Mommy?"

Rose lifted him out of his crib and set him on the floor. "Mommy is in the hospital. She'll be home tomorrow."

"Were Luke?" Kaleb followed Rose to Kana's crib and tugged on her jeans.

"Luke is getting the truck ready for a trip." Rose lifted Kana in her arms and wrinkled her nose. "You smell a little ripe there, young lady."

"Me go help Luke?" Kaleb stomped his foot. "I want out."

Rose rolled her eyes. "Fine. Go find Luke."

With a laugh Kaleb raced out of the room. Shaking her head, Rose laid her baby sister on the change table. With quick movements she changed her sister's diaper and carried the baby into the kitchen.

"Now, let's get you some food and then we pack." Rose danced around the kitchen with her baby sister. "We're leaving, Kana. We're going back to Drovers."

She put Kana into the playpen and put the kettle on. Measuring out some formula she scooped it into the bottle and set it on the counter. She opened the fridge and frowned at the contents. Nothing much was left.

"Rose, will you keep this child out of my way?" Luke came into the kitchen with Kaleb flung over his shoulder. "He's too curious for his own good."

Rose rolled her eyes and plucked the kettle off of the stove. "Luke, find something to keep him busy. I have too much to do."

"Well, I guess we could just stick him in the playpen with Kana." Luke put the little boy on the ground.

Kaleb looked up at Luke and planted his hands on his hips. "Me no go in playpen. Me go with you."

Luke mirrored Kaleb. "You go in playpen. I go fix truck."





Rose laughed as she watched the two of them. Kaleb looked just like his uncle Luke, right down to the sparkle in his eyes. She tested the formula in the bottle and found it was cooled.

"No. You go in playpen, I fix truck." Kaleb stuck his tongue out and marched away.

Luke shook his head and hurried after the little boy. "I guess we go fix truck together."

"Have fun." Rose waved and handed the bottle to Kana. She went into the nursery to pack the kids stuff.