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Koba's POV

"Take my hand." I heard the straggled voice of Jacobs say to Caesar.

My teeth bared as Caesar's hand started to outstretch towards him but stopped. I had no power over Caesar, he had power over me and I was in his debt, he save me from that hellhole of a science lab. I held myself back as Caesar kept his hand outstretched.

I heard a scream from the man and I felt a sick happiness spread through me as the man felt fear. Caesar didn't do anything, he just stared Jacobs down with pity. Caesar pulled his hand back and turned around to face me, giving me a slight nod of permission.

I felt some sort of smile take place on my mouth before I replaced it with a serious expression. I stepped forward, walking on my two feet till I stood in front of Jacobs. I looked down at him, letting him take in who I was and that his fate rested in my palms. Jacobs face became one of ultimate fear; the blood running down his face wasn't enough to feel vengeance for what he had been doing to me.

"Oh, not you." He gasped, his hands holding a death grip on the rope in the helicopter.

My eyes narrowed and my lips curled back and I let out a growl as I put my foot on the helicopter, ready to end this man's existence. He screamed out reaching desperately towards me and screaming 'no'. I snarled, pushing the helicopter over the edge of the bridge, Jacobs grabbing the edges of the helicopter in fear.

He shouted strange sounds of fear and pain, disgusting human sounds. They were absolutely revolting. The helicopter held onto the edge of the bridge for a moment and I tilted my head to the side as if to pity this man. I felt disgust wash through me as I stared at this man, this screaming, squirming, death-fearing man. The world would be a better place without him. For he had created me, and the world feared me, I was a danger to everyone and everything.

Jacobs reached out to me one last time before the helicopter completely fell off the bridge, toppling towards the water. He yelled something unintelligible as he fell to his doom and I watched in a sick happiness. It was a desire to see this man grovel at my feet for his life as I had multiple times before. As I had to to many humans before.

They did this to me. They made me this way.

The big splash that signaled Jacobs' death satisfied me, making me grunt in approval. I turned away, hopping off of debris to follow Caesar and the rest of the apes. As I walked away, I turned to look at a human who was staring at me in a fearful disbelieving way.

I lifted my lips over my teeth, glad that he feared me. I gave him one last glare before striding away. Away from the man who ruined my life but also gave me the knowledge I needed to kill him.

And towards a new life, filled with many untold mysteries.