Five years later

"Luke, are you ready to head the port?" asked Clark Titon. Mr. Triton was Luke's father and a very good father at that. Luke Tirton was now 18 years old and had grown to the higth of His Mentor's sholders. This was his first time heading back to London, and he was excited as ever to be coming back. Not only because he was returnig to his secondary childhood home, he was going to get to see his Mentor and friends again. "I'll be down soon dad." he told his dad as he finished packing up. "For being so excited to return he sure takeing his time." Mr. Triton said in a huff. "Well I do remember someone got excited when he was 18, when we went out on ." giggled Brenda Triton as she walked in with her stuff packed. Mrs. Triton was Luke's mum. "well I was 18 then, but now I'm older." he replied back to her remark. They had started to play around while Luke was walking downstairs with his bags. "I'm ready to go ... MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA D!" Luke screamed in embersement.

The Triton family went to the peir to boord the feriy to London. When they arived at the peir, they noticed that there was a huge croud on the peir. As they pushed through the croud they found out that the engien wiers were cut. The ship's engeiner was having trouble to rewier the ships engein. "Hey you there!" yelled the engeiner at Luke. Luke came over. "I've got a puzzle for Lad, do you think you can solve it?" the engeiner said. "Of Corse I Can!" said Luke.


There have been many engeins I've fixed, but this one has baffled me.

so which wires do I need to re wire?


wire A

wire B

wire C

wire D


wire E

"hmmmmmmm..." Luke hummed

"The answer is A and D" Luke answered confintly. The engeiner tried the answer and the engein started. "Good Job lad, thanks for your help" he said. So Luke and his parents got on boord the ship to London then. After Luke set his stuff in their room, he went to get some fresh air. He knew it would take awhile to the ship to get to London, so he decieded to wait till the boat got to its destonation.