Chapter 2

A New Friend

The day after

"Professor, whats today?" Flora asked while getting out of bed. "Today is Saterday." he replied after taking a sip of tea from his cup. As Professor Layton got up from his seat, he walked to the window. He had every right to wonder why James sent him a letter, who was the Crow of the Night, and bigest of all what was the star of hope. As he pondered these things, he remember last night that James works in the area. "Come on guys lets go downstairs and investigate outside." He said when hedding for the door. "Where are we gonig Professor?" Luke pondered. "you'll see soon, my boy." the Professor replied. Before they left, Professor Layton put on his signiture top hat that his love, Claire, got for him. They left the hotell to go to James' office to see if he was there. Lucky enough he was there also with his two kids. Soon as they were leaving, the group came in. "Well long time no see, Hershel. How long has it been? 18, 20?" James said, glad to see the Professor came. "25 to be exact, good to see you again James." Layton smiled. "Dad, who is this and how does he know you?" said the girl with the long red hair. "Clara, this is my friend, Professor Hershel Layton. He teaches archolgie over at Gressenheller Univeristy in London. You should remember him, scence you are in the Gressenheller summer student Program." James payshently replied. Clara was his oldest child. "I never knew that you had kids. Can you introduce me to them?" Layton wondered. "Sure thing. This is my oldest, Clara and this is my youngest, Andrew." James said quickly. "Nice to meet you two. Let me introduce my apprentis, adoptive daughter, and some of their friends. This is Luke, my apprentis, this is Flora, my adoptive dauhter, this is Arianna, Luke's friend, and finaly this Clive, Flora's friend." said Layton. "Dad is he here because of whats happening with the town?"asked Andrew. "Yes he is." his father replied. "Can I help Professor Layton?" Clara kindly asked her father. "Only if you can solve this puzzle." he answered.



you have me in the beginnig, but start to lose me when you doubt. A riseing sun and moon mean what I am.

What am I?

It took Clara a while to figuer it out, but it finaly doned on her what her answer was. "THE ANSWER IS HOPE!" Clara shouted. "Why do you think HOPE is the answer, Clara" Layton asked. "Think of this Professor, when you start something you have hope that you can acomplish it. But when you doubt yourself, you have no hope that you did something right and begin to question yourself. Also a riseing sun and moon mean hope because of the saying A new dawn, a new hope. and when someone sees the moon thay have hope to go on living." Clara stated. "Hope is corecte." James stated. As her father and brother left, she went with Professor Layton and the others to go investigate. "So why did you want to help us Clara" Arianna asked. "Because I might be of help and I know my way around some areas here in Fort Wroth." Clara stated to Arianna.