Happy New Years!

And without further ado- here is a new chap of Unchained Melodies.

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Don was placing a wet cloth on Aarien's forehead where a bruise had formed when Raph had freaked during her spar with Leo and knocked her unconscious, when he heard another soft moan escape her throat and frowned. What was she dreaming about? He wondered as he heard the lab door open slightly and turned his head to see Leo coming into the room looking concerned.

"How is she?" He asked as he stopped beside Don and stared down at Aarien.

"Alive." Don said dryly before saying, "Though if Raph had hit her any harder..." Honey gold eyes held and met sapphire blue. The look on Don's face was telling. He was furious with Raph for what he had done. So much so that he might attack him the next time he saw him if Aarien didn't wake up soon.

And Leo couldn't exactly blame him for feeling that way since he would have felt the same if he were in his brother's place. But then again, if he were lucky, he'd never be in Don's exact place. Being in an arranged marriage didn't seem at all like something that Leo would ever want to participate in.

Even if he happened to like the girl chosen for him- he still thought he just couldn't do it.

Still, if this little situation with Don turned out well then perhaps he would see his brother happy. After all Aarien may be a public figure in the world around them, but she seemed to genuinely care about Donatello and the rest of the family. It didn't matter to her that they weren't human. So perhaps she could give Don what he had always needed.

A life outside of fighting the Foot Clan and something to come home too.

He smiled to himself a bit as Don went back to tending his mate and Leo was only slightly startled by the sudden scent in the air. Holy shit wasn't that scent- Don must have smelled it too because he went from wetting the cloth from Aarien's forehead to grabbing Leo by his mask tails and all but dragging him across his lab where he then tossed him out the door with a growled out, "Sorry." As he shut the door in Leo's face before he could so much as ask him, What the hell?

The second Leo was out of the lab and the door was shut, Don locked it. Not wanting anyone to come inside without his knowledge when Aarien was in such a vulnerable state. Turning slowly to face the direction of his sleeping fiancé, he took a moment to tilt his head back and sniff at the air in the room. Drawing the scent of Aarien's arousal deep into his lungs and holding it there for several moments as he slowly moved away from the door and started back towards the bed.

He got half way across the room when his heart sped up to the point where he was having trouble breathing and was almost seventy percent sure that he was about to have a heart attack or something. He felt nervous and anxious- Aarien moaned again and squirmed a bit on the bed as he finally reached her side again and reached out to brush some of her hair away only to have her turn her head at the last moment.

Causing her lips to skim along the inside of his wrist. He jumped an jerked his hand back as if he'd just been burnt. A shiver of pleasure shooting down his spine as a deep rumbling sound vibrated in his chest.

God would he always react this way to her? He wondered idly as he slowly reached out again and ran his knuckles along the soft curve of her cheek as a peculiar wave of tenderness rose up and spread throughout his body as the rumbling sound deepened and got louder.

How was it possible for such a fragile human woman to spark such feelings of warmth and possessiveness in him? Don wondered as he used the tip of his tongue to wet his lips and leaned over Aarien as she twitched and made another soft moaning sound. She was getting closer and closer to waking up. He could sense it from her moaning and the way her body reacted to his touch.

Leaning in as close as he dared- just in case she decided to bolt upright on the bed and hit him with her head- he stared at her sleeping face for a moment before burying his face against the side of her throat and breathed deeply again while thinking, My, but you must be having one hell of a naughty dream. Aarien's arousal was spiking dangerously, her sweet heady scent was so strong now that he believed that with the slightest of touches, she would shatter into pieces for him to see.

But seeing wasn't all he had in mind at the moment.

Like any other male on the planet- Don was no different. The mutated DNA of his turtle blood was responding to Aarien's pheromones making him feel bolder, and wilder- stripping away his inhibitions.

If not for the fact that he wanted her to come to him as a virgin on their wedding night, he might have actually considered crawling into bed with her and making love to her until they were both too tired and sated to so much as think a coherent thought.

She stirred slightly under his head and he pulled back just enough to see her face. Her lips were parted slightly, her skin was nice and warm and flushed from sleep- It was a beautiful sight for the briny turtle to behold. Truly it was. And though he was prepared for her to wake, he wasn't prepared for how she would react to him once she awoke.

Her eyes fluttered and opened and for a moment there was an awkward silence between them. Just enough time for Don to collect his scattered and perverted thoughts and regain his sanity as he ruthlessly squashed any and all impulses to jump her pretty little bones. He opened his mouth to ask her if she was alright, his mind already shifting gears so that he was acting normally again when she reached up and hooked a hand around his nape and suddenly jerked him down so that he was more or less on top of her, pinning her to the bed.

Don yelped in surprise at the action and was about to pry her hand from his nape when he felt her bury her face against his shoulder, and stiffened. Every muscle in his body going as taunt as a bow string as his breath hitched in his throat.

Okay this wasn't happening. It couldn't be.

He was just really, really, really turned on right now and his mind had conjured up the perfect fantasy to help ease the growing ache in his lower body. That was all. Aarien wasn't actually awake or trying to burrow under his skin- she was still unconscious and- His whole train of thought stopped right there when he felt something warm and moist run along the skin of his collarbone.

His eyes widening to twice their normal size, he emitted a strange squeaking sound as his mind kicked into overdrive and he mentally started to ramble away at himself, OMFG! Did she just lick me?! No, no, no. It wouldn't be proper. But I felt- She couldn't have. Could she?

But it was happening. And some part of him was completely aware of this fact when she suddenly pulled him down even more and planted a nice kiss on him that had totally blew his mind.