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Her days are filled with pretty smiles, soft-spoken words, and gentle touches of her husband's hand. At night, her screams and cries are muffled by the fluffy pillows that lay all over her bed. Her bruises and cuts and aches are all hidden by brightly colored dresses and pretty ornamental hair pieces. Unlike when they were younger when he had other men do his dirty work, her husband now uses his own hands, his own body to hurt her, to punish her into sobs.

Lately, she's got something to smile about. It's a secret she carries with her every moment she moves and she knows the second she tells her husband, she will be safe for a few months yet. But there is something that is keeping her from telling him. Not until she's told Sandor. So she takes extra precautions to smile sweetly, talk only when directly spoken to, and caress her husband's fragile ego.

Joffrey Baratheon gets called away to a skirmish that is happening near Casterly Rock, An uprising of some sort and while Sansa Stark.. Queen Sansa knows she should care about what's going on, be in the know of it, she finds she simply doesn't. All of Westeros could fall into the Seven Hells for all she cared. She suffered enough at the hands of her husband to have to worry about other peoples' hurts and problems as selfish as that sounded.

But now, she had a perfectly good reason to be selfish. To eat more and allow herself to grow soft and not have to perform the duties of a wife. At least not to her husband. She knew enough from her handmaidens that those ehem, duties were safe to perform even after conception, but she would make sure Joff didn't hear the same thing. She knew already he had plenty of whores to while away the many months of his wife's pregnancy. Even better, if it was a son, he'd leave her alone surely. If she gave him an heir, her duty was done.

Maybe, she thought wistfully as she picked her way slowly up the stairs, wrapping her fur cloak closer around her slender shoulders. Maybe, he'd tire of her and set her aside, publicly take a mistress and send Sansa to her own keep and ignore her to live the rest of her life in peace. He had already given The Hound as a gift for her name day several years ago, right after they were wedded, to keep her out of trouble. But he didn't know that two years ago, Sandor had finally kissed Sansa as she had wanted him to for ages. That she kissed him back.

And now, she was carrying the hound's baby. Not Joff's. The secret was enough to cause a little smirk to appear on her pale lips as she raised her hand to knock against the door. The door swung open before she could, however and a big hand reached forward to draw her near.

"Seven Hells, girl, were you trying to alert the guards of your whereabouts?" The Hound snarled at her, but on his scarred face was a twisted smile.

"I was being careful! And quiet, mind you. When Joff isn't here, they could care less if I live or die. So, my sworn shield is my only protection." She whispered breathlessly as she was pushed gently against the cold stone wall behind her. The door was closed quickly and barred.

His lips parted to emit a grunt, his typical noise even around her, and he ran his large hands through her hair, pulling it gently out of the hood that covered her head. "Little bird, you look like you have something to tell me."

"I do. Please, my love, sit down with me." He backed away from her for a moment only to swing around and pull her into his arms before carrying her to the bed. She giggled but paled as a bout of nausea took her breath away. She stilled and pressed her hands onto his shoulder to signal him to put her down. He did with a worried look in his eyes. "Little Bird?"

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