The Adventures of the Angry Birds

Chapter 1: Poached Eggs

Names(In case if you don't know):


Red Bird - Red
Blue Birds - The Blues(Jay, Jim, Jake)
Yellow Bird - Chuck
Black Bird - Bomb
White Bird - Matilda
Green (Boomerang) Bird - Al
Big Brother (Crimson) Bird - Terence
Orange Bird - Bubbles
Pink Bird - Stella
Purple Bird - Ted
Mighty Eagle - Mighty


Normal Pigs - Minion Pigs
Helmet Pig - Ironoink
Mustache Pig - Grampig
King Pig - King Hog
Fat Pig - Fat Pigbert(A pun of Fat Albert)

The Angry Birds; Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb and Matilda were relaxing with their eggs.

"I can't wait for our eggs to hatch. We'll be so proud of them." Red says.

"Yep. Let's go eat something." Chuck said.

"Yeah, we're hungry!" The Blues said all at once.

"So am I. I'm gonna blow if I don't get any food!" Bomb said.

"Watch your temper, Bomb." Matilda said.

"Sorry. I'm just so hungry." Bomb said.

They gone to eat something. Meanwhile, while the birds are gone, the Bad Piggies; King Hog, some Minion Pigs, Ironoink and Grampig sneak in and get the eggs. They snicker quietly.

"Those birds will never notice..." King Hog chuckled quietly.

The birds come back and find out that the eggs are gone.

They all screamed!

"The eggs are gone!" Red said in fear.

Bomb got angry other than shocked.

"Grrrrr... I will hunt those green piggies and blow them up!" Bomb was furious.

"Prepare the slingshot!" Red ordered.

The birds set up the slingshot.

20 castle destructions later, they reach the castle of Ironoink.

"You can't destroy MY castle!" Ironoink said.

"We'll see about that." Chuck said.

They place a can of sardines and they sling the can at the castle.

"That's it? That's all you could think of?" Ironoink said before laughing his head off.

"Just watch what happens." Red said.

Then he heard a roar.

"Huh?" Ironoink said before screaming.

"THE MIGHTY EAGLE! RUN!" Ironoink screamed.

They were too late. Mighty caused total destruction, with a full feather.

"You won't defeat our king..." Ironoink said before falling unconscious.

They go further to the lair, and find 20 more castles. They destroy them all again.

They go to the last one, with Grampig residing in it.

"You won't destroy ME!" Grampig laughed.

"Well, maybe we can't, but something else can." Red said.

"No...You can't be serious." Grampig said.

"Yep." Red said as he places the can on the slingshot.

Grampig screams.

The sardine can was launched at the castle, with Mighty diving after it, smashing the entire castle.

"Nooo...I've failed you, King Hog..." Grampig said before blacking out.

They find the last 21 castle. They destroy the first 20 easily, and then find the last one, with King Hog inside.

"You will never rescue your pretty eggs!" King Hog cackled.

All the birds attacked the castle, heavily damaging it, and then finishes it off with the Mighty Eagle, foiling King Hog's plan.

The birds retrieved the eggs, and gave the wreckage one last good look before leaving.

As they left, King Hog looks at YOU(the reader), and winks.

"I'll be back." King Hog said before giving you a toothy grin.