The Adventures of the Angry Birds

Chapter 10: Space: The Final Birdtier

Note: This is the longest chapter.

The Birds were putting hats on the eggs.

"There you go, kids!" Red said with a smile.

"That's so sweet." Bomb said.

"We love you, eggs!" The Blues said.

"I'm so happy!" Bubbles said.

"Aww..." The other Birds said.

Then a portal appeared in the sky.

"Huh?" Everyone said.

"IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!" Bubbles cried.

Something fell out of the portal. It fell like a meteor and crashed.

"OH, MY GOSH!" Stella said.

They came to examine the crashlanding. There was a Bird there, and he looked like a ice cube.

"Hey...There's a Bird there!" Bomb said.

Red came to check on the mysterious Bird.

"Uh...Sir? You okay?" Red said.

Suddenly, the Bird's eyes opened.

"I must protect the Eggsteroid! Stay away from it!" The Bird said.

"Don't worry, we come in peace, sir!" Bomb said.

"Oh. I'm very, VERY sorry. This was a huge misunderstanding. I'm Frosty." Frosty said.

"Nice to meet you, Frosty. I'm Red. These are the Blues, this is Chuck, this is Bomb, this is Matilda, this is Al, this is Terence, this is Bubbles, this is Stella and this is Ted." Red said.

"That's a lot of friends you got." Frosty said.

"I know, right?" Red said.

Then a evil laugh was heard and a mechanical claw appeared. It takes the Eggsteroid away.

"The egg!" Everyone said in fear.

"Is there a slingshot here? !" Frosty said, in fear.

"There's one over here!" Red said.

"Thanks, Red!" Frosty said. He flinged himself at the portal.

Hats floated into the hole where the Eggsteroid was pulled up from.

The Birds screamed, and then got very furious. They flung themselves into the portal, and something strange happened. The Birds felt stronger, bigger, better, faster. They've become more powerful than ever. They now had costumes. They've become...superheroes.

"For some reason, I feel...stronger...And I look good too!" Bomb said.

"So do the rest of us!" Red said.

"With this power, we'll get our eggs back in no time!" Chuck said.

They go to another portal, and they see the Eggsteroid belt, with the planet in the center.

"There it is, the planet of Eggsterioids." Super Red said.

Another portal appeared, and there were UFO-like machines with mechanical claws. One Minion Pig was about to collect a Eggsteroid.

"Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee...King Hog will be proud!" Minion Pig giggled.

"Stop right there!" Lazer Chuck said.

"Oh, no!" The Pig said.

"Let's get those Pigs!" Monster Terence said.

They defeat all the Pigs, and the machines were destroyed. The Pigs turned into ice, and then shattered(Because they're in space). They would not threaten anyone ever again.

"There...They're safe now." Frosty said.

They smash the first 9 castles and go to Ironoink's castle.

"We meet again, Birds, for the last time!" Ironoink said.

"It IS the last time." Fire Bomb said.

"Yeah!" The other Birds said.

(A/N: BTW, the other birds' names are Atom Bubbles, Lightning Blues, Galactic/Space Eagle, Psychic Stella, Robo-Matilda, Zoom-Al, and Wolver-Ted.)

The can was launched, and the Galactic Eagle blew the castle up, making Ironoink fly out of the castle's gravitational field.

"Unnngh..." Ironoink said before freezing and shattering. He was finally gone.

"One down!" Zoom-Al said.

They smash the next 9 castles, and get to Grampig.

"This will end!" Grampig said.

"For once, you're right. It will end...and you will too." Wolver-Ted said.

The can was flung, and the Galactic Eagle incinerated and annihilated the castle, and making Grampig fly out of the gravitational field.

"Nooooo...I'm done for...forever..." Grampig said before freezing and shattered. That was another Pig defeated for good.

"We're almost done." Frosty said.

They smash the last 9 castles and finally get to King Hog, who was inside his death tank.

"This tank is indestructible!" King Hog said before laughing.

"Not for long, wimp!" Monster Terence said.

The can was launched, and the Galactic Eagle...only damaged it?

"Haha! I told you!" King Hog laughed.

"Oh, no!" Super Red said before looking at the stones inside bubbles.

"Oh, yes..." Super Red then said.

He flung himself at the stones, severely damaging the tank.

"No!" King Hog said.

The can was launched again and it finally destroyed the tank...but King Hog finds a button.

"What's this?" King Hog said before pressing it.

The top portion of the tank(The UFO) detaches, allowing King Hog to escape through a portal.

"Mwahahahahahahahahaha!" King Hog laughed.

"You've gotta be kidding..." Frosty said.

They go through the portal also, and they find themselves in a icy planet.

"Huh? What's this place?" Lazer Chuck said.

"We're wondering the same thing." Psychic Stella said.

"Where's that ugly green mug, anyway?" Robo-Matilda said.

"There he is! I'll get him!" Frosty said.

Super Red saw a cannon come out of King Hog's UFO.

"Frosty, no!" Super Red said.

But Frosty didn't listen.

"C'mere, punk!" Frosty said.

The cannon shot a bubble and it hit Frosty. Frosty was now trapped inside.

"Oh, no! Help me, guys!" Frosty said in fear.

"PWAHAHAHAHAHA! You'll never save him!" King Hog guffawed.

"We have to save Frosty! And quickly!" Fire Bomb said.

"I'm so scared!" Atom Bubbles said.

"It's okay, Bubbles. We'll save him." Super Red said.

They smash the first 2 castles before finding Frosty.

"Frosty!" Super Red said.

"I knew you'd come and save me, guys!" Frosty said.

Fire Bomb flung himself at the bubble and blew it up, sending Frosty free.

"NOOOOO!" One Minion Pig said.

"Thank you!" Frosty said.

"Anytime." Fire Bomb said.

The other birds destroyed the castle and they smashed the other 6 as well before getting to Fat Pigbert.

"As ravenous and disgusting as I am powerful!" Fat Pigbert said.

"You were more closer with the 'disgusting' part." Psychic Stella said.

"WHAT? !" Fat Pigbert said, angrily.

The Birds laughed.

The can was launched and the Eagle smashed the castle, making Fat Pigbert fly out of the gravitational field.

"Oh, well...At least there's snacks in the afterlife..." Fat Pigbert said before freezing and shattering.

"We're almost done." Super Red said.

They smash the next 9 castles and got to...King Hog?

"King Hog? Already?" Zoom-Al said.

"I just wanted to destroy you quicker." King Hog said before laughing.

"So did we." Monster Terence said.

The can was launched and the Eagle crushed the castle. King Hog was floating away from his gravitational field. Half of his skin was torn off, revealing...mechanical parts?

"That's a robot!" Robo-Matilda said.

"Huh? !" The other Birds said.

The robot froze and shattered.

"Whatever, we're almost done." Super Red said.

They smashed the last 9 castles and finally got to King Hog in his UFO.

"THAT'S THE LAST STRAW! ! ! I WILL KILL YOU EVEN IF I DIE DOING SO! ! !" King Hog roared furiously.

"Sheesh, watch your anger!" Super Red said, creeped out.

All the Birds attacked, causing the UFO to be damaged. They did the Galactic Eagle next, but it still survives.

"Okay, THAT'S IT! We're not gonna be safe anymore! We're gonna be what we always are! ANGRY!" Super Red said.

"DIE, YOU FOOLS! ! !" King Hog said.


The Birds said as every Angry Birds playable character and heroes attacked King Hog, causing the UFO and everything else to explode.

After the mayhem finally stopped, they finally got Frosty's Eggsteroid and the Birds' eggs back.

"WE DID IT! ! !" The Birds said as they cheered and got back to Earth.

King Hog was slowly floating away from his gravitational field. He took severe bruises and injuries.

He looks at you again.

"Game...over...Unnnngggggh..." King Hog said before slowly transforming into ice, and then finally shattering. No one would steal the Birds' eggs again.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Birds were back to normal, and they put their costumes in their closet for any danger. Red put the hats back on the eggs. They were saying goodbye to Frosty.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye." Frosty said, holding his Eggsteroid.

"Yep. It's been a long ride." Red said with a smile.

"We'll meet again, right?" Frosty said.

"Sure, you can visit anytime you want." Chuck said.

"We love you, Frosty!" The Blues said.

"Thanks, guys." Frosty said with a smile.

"Frosty the snowman, was a jolly, happy soul..." Bomb sang before the Birds stopped him. They looked confused.

"Heh heh, I had to." Bomb said before blushing.

Everyone laughed.

"Good joke, Bomb!" Matilda said.

"That was clever!" Al said.

"Heh heh, I remember that song." Terence said.

"I love that song!" Bubbles said.

"So do I!" Stella said.

"Me too!" Ted said.

Red turned back to Frosty.

"Well, so long, Frost." Red said.

"See ya later." Frosty said.

And then, suddenly, the Birds' eggs hatched! It revealed baby versions of the Angry Birds. All of them, too.

"Mama!" One baby Bird said.

"Papa!" Another one said.

"Aw, look!" Mighty said. "The eggs hatched!"

"That's cute." Frosty said.

"We'll name them after ourselves. You know, like Red Jr., Chuck Jr., etc.?" Red said.

"Yup. I have my own kid too. His name's Snowy." Frosty said.

"Huh." Red said.

Frosty looked at the slingshot and then looked back at Red. "Say...You mind if I use that slingshot one more time for me to get back home?" He said.

"Sure, you're welcome to use it anytime!" Red said gladly.

"Thanks. Bye." Frosty said before using the slingshot to fling himself back home. The portal then closed.

"Well, I guess this is the end. The Pigs are gone forever, we met a new friend, we've become superheroes, and we've learned one thing: Heroes really do exist. Look at Mario and Sonic! They were long-time heroes. Now we're in the crowd." Red said with a smile.

"Yep. Let's go have some bacon." Chuck said.

"Bacon?" Terence said.

Everyone looked at Terence.

"Isn't bacon...Pigs?" Terence said.

"Well, it's fitting after you get your eggs back from some Pigs." Al said.

"Oh." Terence said after chuckling.

"Let's go, kids." Red said happily. The Birds always wanted to be parents.

Their wish came true.


A/N: So that's it! This is the end of the story. And if you were shocked that I didn't include the new updates nor Seasons and Rio, and want to know why? Well, that's because I have too many things to do. And I both like and don't like working. The plus side is that I can do it for viewers like you guys, and the minus side is that it's pretty long work for me to do. But who knows. And there'll be a sequel containing Rio. Also I'll make a Seasons fanfic, but all the story will be is just some one-shots. Also a Bad Piggies and Space fanfic will be made, along with the other new updates. And if you think that after I'm done with those, I'm done with Angry Birds fanfics. Heck no! I still have loads of ideas. I'll probably make like, 10-20 Angry Birds fanfics. And maybe I'll make a Bomberman oneshot with my own characters. And don't worry, my line of Mario fanfics will continue. It'll be something different too. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my story, and this chapter in particular. See you next time.