On the eighteenth of August, 1993, a boy was born in New York City.

On the twenty-second of December, 2005, something powerful was stolen—something that would connect this young boy to his fate, though he did not know it yet.

On the twentieth of June, 2006, the boy found what was stolen, returned it to its rightful owner, and brought peace (however temporarily) at last.

On the twentieth of December, 2007, the boy's cousin was killed trying to save her friends.

On the twenty-first of December, 2007, the weight of the world rested on the boy's shoulders—and a friend went to live forever among the stars.

On the fourth of July, 2008, a special girl asked the boy to attend some fireworks with her, and he agreed.

On the twenty-fourth of June, 2009, all the way across the country from the boy, two people were elected leaders of an empire.

On the eleventh of August, 2009, another of the boy's friends died to save his camp. It was the first of many casualties in a brutal war.

On the fourteenth of August, 2009, the camp assembled in Manhattan's sleeping streets to prepare for a battle with an uncertain ending.

On the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth of August, 2009, the boy and his army fought on.

On the eighteenth of August, 2009, a hero died to save Olympus, and two worlds met at the bottom of a canoe lake.

On the fifteenth of December, 2009, the boy went missing from his home.

On the eighteenth of December, 2009, the former leader of an empire awoke on a bus with no memory.

On the twenty-second of December, 2009, the leader and his friends saved the queen—the first brave act of many they would have to perform.

On the nineteenth of June, 2010, the boy arrived at a camp thousands of miles away from his own. He barely knew his own name.

On the twenty-fourth of June, 2010, the boy was elected as a leader.

On the twenty-fifth of June, 2010, a flying warship descended from the clouds above the camp. The legion assembled, a well-oiled war machine prepared for battle, but the boy knew there was no need.

On the twenty-fifth of June, 2010, the boy was reunited with his girlfriend, then promptly judo-flipped onto hard pavement. (He didn't complain.)

On the twenty-fifth of June, 2010, things went horribly wrong for the boy and his friends. (As usual.)

On the twenty-sixth of June, 2010, the two leaders fought for their honor in the most unlikely of places—a wheat field in Kansas. (They almost killed one's girlfriend in the process.)

On the twenty-seventh of June, 2010, the boy talked to his best friend: the giant koi.

On the first of July, 2010, a leader had his sixteenth birthday.

On the first of July, 2010, a statue was rescued, a long-held wish was used, and a great sacrifice was made.

On the first of July, 2010, two lovers fell into Tartarus together—swearing never to let each other go again.

On the second of October, 2012, two fanfiction authors sat together in a basement after school. They did not do their homework or study for any tests.

They read that scene.

And they sobbed.

Ugly, ugly sobs.

A/N: Just to let you guys know, all those dates were based off of Percy's birthday (one of the only canon dates we get in the entire series besides Jason's birthday and Percabeth's post-BotL fireworks date. *fangirl flailing because ZOMG CUTENESS MOMENT*). I wanted to post a reaction to Mark of Athena in a real fic, not just in an author's note... soo... yeah.

Tomorrow night's story: more Percabeth. (Guys, they're seriously my OTP.) After that is a short Leyna drabble. I don't know, I kind of ship them now because neither Leo nor Reyna deserves to be alone. Just to keep you guys updated on my crazy schedule. (insert an URRRRGH)

Thanks! :3