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"This is unfair!" Whined one voice, the owner of said voice pouted petulantly as he crossed his arms over his black and white clad chest.

"I know its not... but they have made it a law that we Time Keepers must obey... I want a child as badly as you do, my flaming rose, but the Observants will not allow us to conceive... You've been hurt enough by them." The other soothed, his purple clad arms moving around his mate's slender waist as his chin rested on his shoulder. "But that does not mean, my love, that we cannot have a child by other means... I know of a method that will allow us to conceive without the Observants knowing. If anything, they will think our child is an anomaly, which is true..."

"What do you mean?" The first voice question, still pouting, but also curious.

The purple gloved hands of his lover moved and a gear shaped window appeared before them and in it should a young woman and her daughter baking cookies. He didn't understand his lover's cryptic words and hints, frowning a bit as he studied the woman.

"Her name is Madeline Marie Fenton... A renown Ghost Hunter beside her husband Jackson James Fenton... It seems they've hit a rough patch in their marriage and she's been secretly searching for a lover to... cool some of her burning jets." He chuckled, his mate stiffening and turning to glare but he kissed him on the lips and pushed him against the wall, feeling the smaller male melt against him, his black gloved cover hands coming to remove his hood and play with his silver locks. "She is also the only woman in our sector of this Timeline to act as host for you for the time needed to mate and conceive our child as well as birthing our baby... You need not overshadow her, merely possess her body and infuse her eggs with your essence and I shall do the rest. And together we'll continuously feed the baby our energy until its time."

"But... you would be sleeping with someone who is not me..." He pouted.

"Well we could always kill the Observants and let the worlds fall into chaos..." He pointed out.

"NO! I am not destroying the world for a baby! Fine, but this had better work or you can spend the next millennia using your hand!"

He said nothing, smiling as he kissed his mate, silently praying his plan worked or he'd be a very lonely man for the next 1000 years...

Maddie sat at a bar, her sister keeping an eye on her daughter as her husband was out camping with his buddies, sulking while nursing a martini. She and Jack had gotten into yet another fight over the stupidest thing. At this rate, they would end up divorced and one of them would get Jazz, preferably herself. She sighed and pushed the empty glass away, drinking as not going to solve her marital problems, but Jack just didn't excite her the way he used to. He's tried taking her out on romantic dates, even a little roleplaying, and a few toys, but in the end, she didn't feel that... that spark. Don't get her wrong, she loves him, but she needs someone who could rock her world like an avalanche.

"May I sit beside you?" A low voice that sounded like sin and sex melted together suddenly asked.

She turned to see a man about her age, early 30's, smile at her charmingly. His hair was a platinum blonde and he had icy blue eyes. His skin tone was a nice tan and the scar over his left eye did nothing to subtract from his handsome face. She blushed when she realized she was staring and nodded consent for him to sit down. He smiled at her, his eyes closing in thanks as he carefully sat himself down, his crisp suit looking expensive and yet like it was handmade for him alone. It was black with a purple shirt and pale blue tie, his shoes were shiny and looked to be Irish leather.

"Thank you... I couldn't help but notice that you looked a bit sullen... I'd be glad to lean an ear if you wish to tell me..." He spoke up, polite and a bit nervous.

Maddie smiled at him, blushing softly as he ordered himself a shot of whiskey and tumbler of Gin. He downed his shot and flipped the glass upside down to show not a drop left before slamming it down with a solid thunk. She couldn't help but say that he was Irish from his drinking style. She shook her head, ordered another strawberry martini, and glanced at the man as he ran his finger over the rim of the glass. She felt a chill enter her suddenly and leaned forward a bit as it seemed to settle in her stomach area.

"Are you alright?" The man asked, now that she noticed it he did have a slight accent in his tone.

"I'm fine, just a sudden chill is all... thank you for the concern." She assured him sitting up and holding her stomach.

He nodded and took his glass and sipped at the gin, secretly smirking because he knew his mate had settled into her body and he could feel the slight tugs on his own energy to coat her womb with a combined netting of their combined energy. They only needed the woman as an arrogate mother, the child would be theirs and theirs alone. Setting down his glass, he offered his hand to her and smiled softly.

"Cornelius O'Hare... My friends and family call me Cornel." He spoke, his accent bleeding in with his name. "And yes I'm Irish..."

Maddie blushed and giggled as she took his hand, only to blush brighter when he kissed the back of it instead.

"Madeline... Madeline Lambrouge." She told him her maiden name so he would not be scared off by the fact she's married.

He smiled and soon they settled into small talk, becoming fast friends...

Over a course of 4 months, Maddie made it a routine to meet up with Cornel, the young man was charming if not a bit mysterious. She caved around 5 weeks ago and told him that her marriage was failing, but oddly enough she and her husband still loved each other very much. Cornel was a bit shocked at first and slightly hurt, but in the end they kept meeting and then one night they had a bit much to drink and fell into bed together. But it had been the best night of her life. He worshiped her like a goddess, brought her to the brink of insanity so many times she feared her toes would permanently remain curled. Not to mention he was well endowed for someone of his size. 4 months became 5 and then 6. And they would meet up for secret dates and late night romps at a hotel.

But After a year, Cornel had to end it, he apologized profusely, assured her that he loved her as much as she did him, but he was needed back home and with his father's failing health he would have to take over the family business. She understood and they spent the last night together, making love until the wee hours of the morning and when she woke, Cornel was gone, but he left a letter and a necklace of an ice flower beside her apologizing yet again. Maddie got up, showered and dressed before she went home, hiding the letter and necklace from her husband...

After Cornel left, Maddie would seduce Jack into bed and was pleased to find the spark was back and every chance they had, they were found tangled up in their bed sheets, moaning and gasping in pleasure until one day Maddie woke up sick and hurried to the bathroom. Jack was behind her the whole way, soothing her back and muttering soothing words until it passed. Thinking it was a virus, Jack made his wife stay in bed and took care of her as best he could, but when a week passed of her still throwing up, he gathered both his wife and their daughter and went to the doctors.

According to the checkup, Maddie was fine, a bit overweight, but perfectly healthy. The doctor didn't know what was going on, but decided a blood test was necessary just to be safe. Jazz read a medical book while she waited, humming a song to herself as Jack paced and Maddie sat on the bed, hand on her stomach as she felt the urge to vomit, but was trying to breathe through it. Unknown to them a ghost hung around unseen by the world as he fed a steady stream of his essence into the woman whose body housed both his mate and their child with in. Inside the woman's body the other ghost was busy filling the womb with ectoplasm making it clear like water, but full off all the right nutrients the baby would need as well as the food the woman would be consuming to help him develop at a healthy rate. He smiled at the tiny egg nestled in the goo. So tiny and frail, he giggled as he curled around it feeding the combined essence of himself and his mate to their child.

Maddie jerked up when the doctor came into the room, reading the papers in his hands before he gave them all a big warm smile.

"Well I believe a congratulations is in order. Mrs. Fenton, you are currently 2 months pregnant! It seems the Morning Sickness took a while to come in and seeing, as it's very little, I think you'll only have it until your second Trimester... Would you like me to call in your other doctor and set up the necessary appointments?" He asked, showing them the results.

Maddie gasped, eyes alight with glee before she paled and covered her mouth and ran out of the room, the sound of her retching was heard from the bathroom next door. Jack winced, but never the less was happily spinning his daughter around saying she would be a big sister soon as the doctor went ahead and made the appointments that were needed. Meanwhile Maddie was cleaning her mouth out and looking in the mirror. She was ecstatic that she was pregnant, but was the baby Jack's or was it Cornel's? Resting a hand on her stomach, she smiled softly, no matter what, she would love this baby...

Months were bleeding by, Maddie getting bigger and bigger by the day as Jack took over being Mr. Mom while she was forced into bed to rest and relax. Jazz was always with her, doing homework, reading a book to her belly or playing music for her belly. She smiled softly as the listened to some folk music from Europe, an Irish lullaby playing at the moment as the baby shifted in her belly, getting comfy once more. She was 9 months this morning, the baby due any day now. They had tried to see what gender the baby was, but for some reason or another, the pictures came up blurred or showed an empty womb. The doctors had to call in a new order of ultrasound machines because they could feel and hear the baby but it wouldn't show up on the monitor. So for now the nursery was down in purple, green and white, all three feminine and masculine, not to mention a lot more entertaining than the standard Pink and Blue for a baby.

Maddie remembered closing her eyes for a nap when the first wave of pain hit. She gasped, jumping a bit and startling Jazz, who had fallen sleep a while ago. The wave passed a few moments later only for another one to hit. She gasped and clutched her stomach, eyes screwed shut as she hissed through her teeth. Jazz ran to the door and called for her daddy while looking at her mommy scared to death that something bad was happening to her and her little brother/sister. Jack came running in a moment later and upon seeing Maddie's face, he knew the baby was coming.

"Jazzy, get the bag and grab your jacket! Then call you aunts and uncles, tell them the baby's coming!" Jack ordered.

Jazz jumped into action doing everything as they had practice. She was calling up her family and telling them the baby was coming as her dad came down the stairs with her mommy, taking her out to the car before coming back in to help her before she threw the phone on the sofa, and running out to get in the car with her mommy. The whole ride to the hospital was fast and nerve wracking, but Jazz was brave for her mommy and helped her sip at water while her daddy drove and said a few bad words to a few drivers that didn't get out of his way. Soon the hospital was in view and Jack got Maddie out of the car as Jazz ran inside to get a nurse to help.

"Help! My mommy's having a baby!" She cried as an older woman came by and gasped.

"Where is she?"

"Daddy's coming right now! I need a baby doctor!" Jazz told her as she turned to see Jack running through the automatic doors.

The nurse nodded and led them to a room before she grabbed the white phone on the wall and paged a team of doctors to the room. Jack got Maddie out of her nightgown and into the hospital gown when her water broke. But it came out a bluish green color and the nurse rushed Jack and Jazz out of the room just as the doctors came in. Jack paced about, his brothers and sisters and in-laws had showed up as time went by. Everyone was nervous and holding hands, praying for good news after hearing that the birthing water was a strange color.

Meanwhile inside, Maddie held tight to the bed frame, taking in quick breaths as a nurse gave her water to sip on and another cleared the sweat off her forehead. Three doctors were under the blanker over her legs and talking to each other while putting their hands at her crotch. One jumped back and yelped, his hand was covered in a slight burns as the other jerked back his hand partially numb from a bit of ice. Inside of Maddie the ghost was growling in annoyance at the doctors rushing him, he burnt one person and chuckled when the baby froze the other. His healthy little boy wiggled and got into position and he carefully pushed him out, making sure nothing stopped him or snagged.

Slowly he pushed the baby out, timing it with the woman, who's stomach muscles gently pushed the baby out. He smiled when the breeched and slowly began to leave as well. He made sure to remain invisible as he pulled free of the woman's body at the same time the doctors got his son out. He chuckled when a wet slap followed by indignant screams filled the room. He felt his mate behind him, his cold core pulsing against his back while his own hot one beat in sync with his. They watched Maddie drop back, body relaxing and releasing the after birth which was a sickly greenish grey color. The doctors took the baby to be examined while another set made sure Maddie was fine, worried about the strange phenomenon going on with her pregnancy.

Maddie on the other hand woke up about a half hour later to see she was in a room and that her family was all squished into the room and that Jack was holding something tiny in his large arms. She moaned and sat up, her sister and sister-in-law coming to help her sit up and make sure she was comfy before Jack came over and set the baby in her arms.

"A boy... we have a little boy!" He whispered and she pulled the blue blanket out of her son's face to see pale skin damp black hair and an adorable little face. He was sound asleep in her arms and looked so perfect.

"What's his name?" She wondered.

"Can I name him mommy?" Jazz asked, looking hopeful.

"Sure, what would you like to name your brother?"

"Daniel... Daniel Fenton." Jazz stated proudly.

Jack nodded and Maddie smiled as she kissed Danny's cheek as everyone chattered and left, most would be crashing at Jack's house while others were going to rent a cheap motel room. Jack and Jazz left after setting Danny into his little bassinet before leaving. Maddie watched him sleep a bit more before sleep claimed her as well. As soon as all was silent the ghosts appeared and stood over their child.

"He's perfect, Clockwork... Our little Danny..."

"Yes, Dan... He is our little angel... Good thing you whispered the name to the girl... I was not looking forward to a Jackson Jr..." He chuckled as he rubbed a gloved finger down Danny's cheek making him coo and wiggle a bit before settling once more. "We'd best go... we'll be around, I promise."

Dan nodded as he kissed his baby's temple and vanished into a wisp of fire as Clockwork kissed the other temple and stepped through a time portal only the faint sounds of a ticking clock remained as soon as they were gone...

~6 years later~

Danny giggled as he played with a white dog, the play full pup running off to catch the squeaky toy and bring it back. Danny was sitting on the playground, his mother went to get some ice cream as Jazz was sitting on the monkey bars playing with some friends while one of their mothers kept watch. He looked up when a chuckle came from above him and smiled up at the black haired man with shining green eyes knelt down beside him as the dog came running back.

"Having fun, my little heart?" He asked, petting equally black locks.

"Yes, mommy!" Danny giggled as he took the ball from the puppy and rubbed his head before throwing it again. "Where's daddy?"

"He's a little busy right now, but he promised to come see you tonight... And he sends you this." the man pulled out a bracelet made of crystallized fire and put it on Danny's wrist. "He said happy birthday and to not eat too much cake or you'll get a belly ache!"

Danny giggled and looked at his present before smiling and clapping his hands. He didn't really understand, but he knew that this man and another one were his parents even if his other mom and dad were his parents too. He looked up when Jazz came over and his mommy stood up, vanishing from sight. Jazz sat with him and together they played with the puppy, being watched over by Danny's mommy...

That night Danny was preparing for bed when he felt cold and his breath came out of his mouth. He smiled and looked at the clock to see the hands on its face frozen and knew his daddy was there. He turned around and jumped into his arms and giggled.

"Hi daddy! Mommy told me you would be here! And thank you for the bracelet I love it!"

"I'm glad, little Ice Flower... Come let's start your lessons and then off to bed, you have a very busy day tomorrow." He told him as Danny nodded his head, letting his father carry him through a portal, all the while chattering about anything and everything, his father smiling and nodding, agreeing to the 6 year old's nonsense. "Yes, but remember Danny, even with these powers, not everything will be easy. Sometimes you'll have to make a decision that's going to be very hard and may hurt not only you but those around you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy... But I'll try my best no matter what! You and mommy can only help me so much, I have to learn to fall down and get up on my own, but it's okay for me to ask for help even if it's embarrassing." Danny chimed, giving him a serious, or as serious as a 6 year old can manage, face and nod.

He only chuckled and nodded before setting his son down on the blackened floor to begin his next lesson. Clockwork knew the hardships his son would face, the betrayals and the heartache to come. He could not change these events nor could he prevent them, he could only prepare his child and hope for only the best to come...