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There was nothing to waste in time to head over in a search. The pale ghost flew quickly as he could to locate someone he seemingly recognizes. He knew how well everyone wants a piece of the Ghost Child, but the king dragon was not the type to be trusted with the Ghost Child. It had meant danger and a threat throughout the ghost zone, much uglier than one can assume for the Breathers has done. Sydney knew the Breathers were only doing the major search for the Ghost Child in their care, yet, there was something up going on between the specific Breathers. They had have barely done any harms to their kind and no reasons to fear. The experimentations were basic and away from dissecting them or autopsies performing in action.

He fled as fast as he could. He pondered about why Technus did not bother to seek the Halfa immediately to prevent this. He has grasped the whole point of view, but he had to keep on focusing where he needed to get to first! He had to search for Phantom, but where could he be?

"He does trust Frostbite out of everybody, if the rumor true that is. That's where I must go!" He perked up and sped over as quickly he could.

Everyone but Plasmius left the room. He has a routine of waiting for Daniel to leave the room first and be sure that he would be here at least ten minutes. It was usual for others to see him stick around and he would interact with them, this way, he can please the young Halfa.

"I think you should go home too, Plasmius." The Wonder Boy spat his name.

The older Halfa's ruby eyes checked over to the leader's incoming. He hummed and showed no interests of leaving immediately. Robin noted that and decided to take something into the matter of his hands. He's prepared to take out his bo-staff in case of an emergency, knowing that 'competition' enemy does not know a thing of his ability to fight intangible ghost due to the training he received from the young Halfa.

"Daniel did not state out his needs to head into bed." Plasmius pointed out.

Robin glared at him, "You know, I found his grandfather's conversation with you is quite amusing you know? I had to agree with him," He mocked the familiar humming, "You said you wanted to reserve your human form to him? I know you are Vlad, Plasmius." He hissed.

The halfa observed Robin and his tone. He was able to pick up the truth, assumption, and lies. As of all, he knew the leader was telling the truth. He struggled to calculation on the possibilities of how his revelation got to the boy. He turned and faced him without a fear.

"Does Daniel know?" His hand gestured to himself.

His head shook, "No, but I will tell him, if you do not leave." He glared and his hand gestured towards the door, stating the obvious to leave and never come back.

He smirked, "You tell him, he will see how much jealousy," He whispered the last word, "You have towards me. Daniel told me how much he hated it when one person is jealous of him. It reminds him nothing, but trouble."

A backfired threat…the leader of the titans hasn't thought of this ahead of time. Yet, he hasn't shown his jealousy around Danny has he? He calculated several times and tried to recall any story that might have related to jealous reaction. Plasmius knew he still has the right to stay.

"Let's face it. Daniel will want me and not you. Why would he want someone who invaded his every aspect of his privacy, kept him from his home, and constantly worried over him because you were not there for him?" The halfa held a high key point to use against him.

The furiousness was boiling up in Robin; how much he hated the competition in front of him. He hasn't approved of Plasmius since the minute he met him and still hasn't earned him approval at all.

"He already had his decision and chose to stay to keep us all safe. All you have been doing to him is constantly hovering over him every time danger has come. He can take care of himself! Danny doesn't trust people to those who can't trust him with their secret. I already had shared mine with him." He glared heavily against the older halfa.

Plasmius held his head up, "He told me he can wait until I am ready to reveal to him."

Robin crossed his arms, "He stopped waiting."

They both sneered against each other. Robin spun out his bo-staff and pointed directly at the enemy in front of him. The hybrid refused to see this as a threat.

"Daniel will not like this if he sees you so vilely against me. He will see it is a force to choose between us."

The detective leader was dissatisfied in this result to confront his discovery. It was turning worse by the second and no one was winning currently. The air was filled with thick tension and silent turned deadlier by the seconds. The leader was measuring and observing everything around them before making his moves. Plasmius kept his ruby eyes closely on the competition threat and guards up. They stood there that had seems like ages for them.

Suddenly the flash red lights startled their attention and there wasn't a time to waste. Robin was quick to respond his communicator to see who it was this time. He was rather shocked on the new outcome and he knew he had to rush over to the computer screen to pin down the location. Plasmius smirked and knew this would be a perfect advantage to show his 'soon-to-be-mate' in his involuntary of the fights. Everyone was quick to meet up and wore their 'Ready-on-action' for their job.

"There are total of seventy-five HIVE members and including the Blood Brother Leader. Cyborg, I leave you in charge with him. Everyone else, I suggest you put all your effort and stop them all. Don't let your guards done and if you could, have them arrested and handed over to the Meta-cops." Robin instructed, "Don't injure yourself nor risk your life. Switch places with any teammates you have on hand or work together to fight them." He added on, "They're in the center of the city, now let's move it!" His arm waved everyone to the Jump city.

Everyone sped out, ran to their car, flew out, morphed, and kicked up themselves over to the location immediately. Danny altered to Phantom, lifted his hood up, and flew over. Plasmius followed the group and Robin picked up his motorcycle instantly. They all knew they were carrying on the responsibilities on their shoulders – considering there are about fourteen of them currently.

Cyborg fought through the crowd of the enemies with the use of his T-Car, since he worries less of the damage now since Connor helped him out greatly.

"Get out of the way or head straight to jail!" Cyborg shouted, determine to deal with his archenemy alone.

With Connor in the car, he pulled out a cannon size sonic laser attack to strike out. Bumblebee shrunk to her bee size and bio-electrocute her enemies when they become unaware of her existence. As long no one noticed her, she can easily take advantage the fight's advantages. Her wings quickens up to prevent anyone from seeing her or knowing where the unexpected attack came from. She kept silent or they would notice her presence.

Beast Boy shifted into Tyrannosaurus Rex and swirled around for his tail to hit them out like a baseball bat. His girlfriend, Lyra, shifted into a pouncing panther and crawled them as if she was a starving animal. Some of the HIVE members were scratched or pieces of their shirts came off. They weren't afraid and kept fighting off – unless they have a weak power, they ran off screaming like a terrified girl. They both shifted into sasquatches and worked as a team to pull off the villains off themselves. They threw them straight to the walls and knocked some the others incoming. They were groaning in pain after suffering the defense from the shapeshifter heroes. The couples didn't stop from there and kept on going from their huge responsibilities for today.

The sky was increasing darker and minutes went by. Everyone in the field were insane, but it is a battle between heroes versus criminals. Starfire is bolting her energy projection within her attack and showing starbolts to give up or take a hit. She threw each starbolt towards anyone who represent themselves as criminal. Half of them she hits flew up in the air and landed on their butt. One leapt up into the air and tackled her down. Her body wiggled out of the way and the villain grinned.

He formed electricity on her bare arms and she screamed. She did not like the way she was treated and her eyes lit up brightly with hasty blast through her eyes. He yelped at the burning sensation against his face and her body jerked him off by kicking him off in the stomach. He was curling on the road to hold down the pain he felt. She scoffed and joined back into the fighting field with the rest of her teammates.

Plasmius kept himself nearby Phantom, he was showing off to what he is capable of, and used the telekinesis to grab five to six HIVE members. He smashed them together and dropped them from midair. He checked onto his other Halfa, yet, he was disappointed he wasn't watch. He kept doing it more and more, but struggling to hold his frustration. There were too many in the field and it was ruining his chance to bond! He had failed to speak up until an unexpected criminal attacked and caused a great distraction.

Robin counted the criminals who were down, escaping, and handed over to the officers. There were rough noises in his surrounding-

"Oh, no." He heard his crush's wording.

His head turned and used his bo-staff to knock a female criminal down, "What is it?"

"My ghost scent is going off like crazy…I don't know where they're coming from."

The leader nodded, "I'll help you out."

Danny was rather pleased to see anyone on the team to help, especially Robin. He couldn't help it to find combat battling was too easy with the HIVE members due to the fact they were all students and they were still learning how to use their powers and how to fight their enemies. They barely know how to fight a ghost, let alone fight someone who has intangibility on the side. It made him grinned.

Robin looked ahead and checked on the team. He could see Cyborg handling while with his archenemy, Bumblebee watching out for him by making sure none of the loyal followers of the Blood Brother leader, and keeping herself out of enemies' eyes. He saw Beast Boy and Lyra doing well as a team, taking charge and hackling down the middle crowd. Raven was bringing the others down, using large items to knock them out or out of the way, and keeping herself prepared for anything. She chanted loudly enough to strength her dark magic into action.

He knew Starfire could handle herself too well and Connor on the opposite side from the alien princess. Connor barely waste time to change over another device and tricks them. That made Robin glad the kid knew what he was doing. Jazz was fighting with her Reality Gauntlet's magic to mind manipulate them and to terrify them. Which, amused her a bit in her fair share. They were struggling to fight against her, especially she held an upper hand of the battle. She made sure the dome is surrounded her team and kept the citizens out of harm's way. Robin was definitely glad to include her in the team. He knew how much Plasmius is losing it already and decided to leave that certain halfa alone. So far, they nearly have twenty criminals to take down before morning arrives.

Robin changed his bo-staff into anti-ghost and be prepared for any sorts of ghosts attack. That and have some little time left on their hand. He joined Danny's side and helped him out with ten students of HIVE against them. Robin spun around with his body and staff to knock a couple of criminals coming forward. Danny bent his knees and formed a horse stance. His right foot pounced up, swirled around, and wacked a short one in the chest hard. He got that one knocked out as well. That got Robin's attention and he was proud to see how fantastic of a job Danny does without his powers.

The domino mask saw a dark shadow incoming to Danny and he rushed up to kick the enemy in the head. That really brought out to stay away and Danny hardly noticed that one. He was focusing on seven left incoming and took a deep breath. He was blowing heavy and thick frozen icicle to trap them all. The neon green eyes saw one of the snowflakes that had a heart on it, but it was melting away in his hand – despite of the fact he's cold. His mind slowly drifting over a comment echoing in his mind; how so much had fallen down up until now.

"…Being happy is the first priority in life," He gave his best smile.

Beast Boy looked up at Danny's eyes, understanding the value of what one person expects them to do, and that's being happy. Somehow, he felt it was right and decided to believe him.

"You're right." He perked right up again, "And so should you." He patted Danny's arm.

Danny choked on his breath and looked at the green teen. What the-? He wasn't sure how to respond that or understand why. He was happy how things were turning out for him, so why would BB think otherwise? Beast boy chuckled at his reaction.

"Come on, I'm not that blind." Beast Boy smiled at him as he stood from the bench, waving a farewell to Danny as he headed off for his date.

Danny watched his teammate leave, but he was rather confused. Did he miss something?

Someone waved in front of him and he blinked to realize he had been out of it for a few seconds. He smiled at Robin and Robin took this as a good sign.

"Is this a good time?" The leader asked.

Danny nodded, "Yeah, what's up?" He knew there wasn't anyone nearby yet…or within a safe distance.

Robin put his bo-staff behind (might be a bit nervous to approach something like this again), "Would you like to…go on a date tomorrow night?" His head shook and stammered, "I mean, for one night to see if we do like each other and I do not want to get my hopes up for us having a chance. You know you can tell by going-"

The halfa chuckled interrupted him, "Yes, Robin. A date is fine. I know you long enough and I don't see anything wrong with a date." His hand was rotating around.

Robin nodded and he grinned. He couldn't wait for their date soon and looked forward planning their night a fun one. This was going to change their entire life – at least he had hoped so. His ears picked up the super strength criminals banging on the earth to create earthquake panic. Danny heard the girls were shouting out for the needs of help. The boys exchanged glances and understood what had needed to be finish. Robin raced over to the difficult criminals and Danny joined them. He was panting because he's trying to handle several bad guys all at once. He used so much of his power to settle things down a bit and take advantage of everything.

Starfire and Raven were glad it was lessening things up, but that wasn't stopping them from fighting to win. Danny used his foot to kick one tall and huge man to use all the strength to send him over to the next building. His mother would be proud of him going that far to defend himself. He did it to a few more HIVE members while his ghost scents were alerting him about the ghosts in his surroundings.

Something curled around his waists and clicked loudly. The crackling electrocuting was trickling everywhere on his body and it had forced him to give up his form and power. He screamed to alert others in his desperate time of times.

"AH! S-S-SOME-B-BOD-Y! HE-HELP!" Danny had no longer have his ghost form and wondered why it turns to have his powers on.

"Phantom!" Jazz panicked and struggled to locate her brother.

Robin jerked his body and tried to find him as well, "Phantom, shout out!" He knew it's a code that had have meant Danny needed to blast up high so Robin can reach out to his rescue.

Danny heard him, tried to form an ectoball, and the belt fumed to a powerful spark of electricity against him by causing him to see everything in black. He couldn't even go that far for the code. Someone picked him up and took him elsewhere. Plasmius was smashing away the unwanted pests and kept hurrying up, dramatically wanting to prove that he's useful, and everyone tried to find Danny…

They all met up and all the criminals escaped. They had no idea what had happened to Danny or where he had went. He knew Slade was not here, but this was definitely not a good sign. If anything…he had wondered where Danny had gone and what could have happened. Plasmius pulled back saw someone flying down and he immediately formed a shield.

"Where is Phantom, Skulker," He hissed at the ghost.

Skulker expressed puzzling worn on his face. That's when the older Halfa knew Skulker has not done a thing or has any sorts of knowledge. Robin hurried over to Cyborg to look over the security camera and watch what had happened during the battle. Raven tried to see if the young halfa is close by, yet, there was no energy reading. Beast boy and Lyra were confused, considering this was not usual for them, and a missing team member is not a good sign. Cujo barking to see his owner would be back for his calling. Starfire consumed herself in worried and watched out for the rest of her team to prevent another possible 'kidnap'. Jazz was trying everything in her power to bring her brother back, but the RG was not successful this time, and it was frustrating her more than ever. She knew Dan would be turning into a mother-monster hunt until he gets his son back safe and at back home.

"This is not good," She whined.

The soft feeling made Danny wondered where he was located this time. His mind struggled to recall what had happened to him and how could he have been off guard. All he recalled was…pain. The pain was enforcing him to be human and powerless. The last time he tried to use his power was to signal his location for the team…did he do it? He barely formed it to its usual size, so he doubted anyone got the note from him.

He could tell the smell of the room was strange. It wasn't a hospital or the med bay scent. In fact, it was different than he was used to smelling. He knew he wasn't home and the sense of the place gave him warning to be careful.

There weren't any machine running. The sounds were…too quiet. Let alone from the fact he hears his own heart beating and his breathing. That was very unusual. Yet, he could tell this place was huge and it would have made sense with the sound of pure quietness. For now, he needed to know where he was and make sure where he should be.

His blue eyes snapped open and noted he was inside a…brick home? No, he got up and observed the room he was in. It was structured differently, more of a castle brick home. He recognized it similarly to his home. However, he knew his bedroom was nothing like this. It was half the size of his bedroom (considering it is huge a large classroom size). It held a four post bed with curtain, but it's held up for opening. There weren't any windows or closet. A desk with a mirror and there is a door on the left side of the room. He got out of bed and felt something tight against his waists. He glanced down and saw a strange belt. His hands tried to shuffle it out, but it wasn't budging.

"My bride, I would not play with its magic." The dreadful voice caught his attention.

Danny jerked his head up and saw a ghost with dark grey hair with red crimson eyes, "What is this belt?" Then his attention recalled something, "Your bride?" He looked around the room, "I better not be the bride…" His blue eyes narrowed at him.

The ghost was not pleased to see some respect. He had not known for kidnapping, but known for greater power seeking. At least, he can keep his 'bride' in the room until a certain time.

"That belt will keep you in place. Believe it, Halfa child, you are my bride. We are to be Wed tomorrow at midnight and you shall behave or be punish into your place." The ghost told him.

Danny gritted his teeth, "I will not marry you. You can forget it!"

Danny ran straightforward in an attack with his fist, yet, a hand curled around his throat and blocked air pipe coming through. The young halfa could barely get a word out – much worse than Slade had done to him. The ghost dropped him and allowed him to breathe.

"You are marrying me, I, Prince Aragon, whether you like it or not." He hissed, "If you attempt to hit me, you are shall be punish. Consider," He looked down at the ice prince, "This first and easy punishment for a demonstration to keep you in place. I will not tolerate foolish behavior." His crimson eyes warned him there would be blood shedding, if a rule is broken.

The boy coughed until he was fixing his own windpipe through and his ears refused to believe a thing. He glared at Aragon to claim without his permission, let alone his parents' permission to marry him! He refused to back down for a mere choking 'punishment' by this jerk.

"I am not marrying you, freak!" He spit on his shoes.

Aragon was disgusted and snatched the child's arm up high to almost move the shoulder joint out of its place, "You will wed me. You will give me your source of power. And most of all, you will bore all of my children. I will NOT TOLERATE YOUR BEHAVIOR!" He whipped him by the bed.

The ghost child struggled to be brave and landed on the end of the bed and winced at pain. He rarely felt such pain like this unless Slade caused it. The raven head turned to see the prince moved forward to him and looked down at him to prove he was stronger than him.

"No. I will not do any of that," He growled.


The red mark appeared across the boy's face and almost caused him to shed a tear. He proved the freakish prince he was not to bow down to anyone. Aragon snatched a good set of hair on the boy and held him tightly. Danny groaned, almost feeling like his skull could be ripping off, and wishing to bite off that prince's hands off.

"You are responsible for your stupid existence. You were the one to cause a portal to open. You are responsible for those breathers to infest our home and you have not done a thing. If you will not, I will do it for you." He once threw Danny onto the floor.

Danny grunted and caught himself on the rough floor. He was ready to cry, but he held his breath. The words were almost true, mostly the last part. He could stop the problem by facing them and change it, but he was too upset by the past's damage.

"If you attempt any trick or stalling or make a fool out of me, you are fairly mistaken, halfa child. This," He gestured the room, "…is your new home and a permanent one. I suggest you start learning to behave, follow as expected, give me your powers, and anything I desire from you." He pointed out the basic.

The hybrid had barely made an effort to move due to pain becoming bruises and injuries upon himself. Prince Aragon accepted this 'giving up' posture and left him alone by phasing through the door. Once he was gone, the tears had trickling down and he gasped for more air. All he wants right now is be home to his parents and surrounded by his team he trusts. Unfortunately, he's on the ground with a treatment as a battered victim while crying. He hasn't felt so powerless in his enter life.

Sydney hasn't had given up flying through the ghost zone and found it difficult too long to find the Frozen Zone. Suddenly, a portal appeared and his grey eyes noticed the world he recognized. He recalled the times Princess Dora had mentioned he is in a world of heroes for some reasons. Point Dexter decided he'd be able to locate him.

"Oh, ghost child, I hope you're here somewhere close!" He flew around town and seeing mobs of battles everywhere and no one was Phantom at all.

The ghost bullied student checked at the tower and looked for the bedroom. The titan tower was completely emptied and not soul in sight. He huffed and wondered where everyone could have been, especially Phantom.

"It's been three hours! I hope I'm not too late!" Sydney kept flying sky high – knowing that scaring people would not be so much of a help for anyone.

He saw groups of people panicking about something, but he was not certain what that may be about. He kept flying around and he had sensed the familiar energies around him. He figured he might find Phantom close by and hurried over to the sense of direction.

He noticed several people were out fighting against ghosts, but he couldn't seem to find someone within his sight range. However, his core was informing him his kinds were mostly close by and saw the young ghost fighters on the opposite side of the team. They were dealing with several ghosts on their hands and he recognized them anywhere. He floated away from the young girl and she was about to whip out the Fenton Wrist Ray against him with her fury. Until she saw something happening in this very action…she waited for the right moment and gathered herself closely to the scene.

One of the titan members spotted the ghost in their area and she walked up to him. She floated up to him and gave him a concern look. Sydney jerked his head at the unexpected guest.

"Look, we are not in a good mood to deal with your kind." The demonic princess warned him.

His head shook and stuttered, "B-bu-but I-I am looking for-for P-Ph-Phantom!"

Raven shook her head, "I'm afraid he's not available right now."

He was startled and held his guard up, "I came to leave a message for him! It is an emergency that you let the halfa knows before it happens!" The immortal and young Point Dexter warned a certain.

If one thing, a gothic girl knew too well of Danny's friends and rivals. She lowered a bit of her guard and knowing Tucker was handling some tougher ghosts, but he was capable of handling it on his own. She frowned and knew she shouldn't even be involved like this. Raven heard the ghost's cry and took it into her consideration.

Raven took a deep breath and looked at the ghost directly, "Danny isn't-"

"-isn't here. I heard ya. Look, there is someone out to kidnap him and to use him for the power to the throne. Phantom needs to make sure he does not get trap with the belt or we are all doomed for the war! Tell him!"

"I-" Raven attempted to explain, "…don't know where Danny is."

"Just pass down the message fast! I've got my own job to worry about as it is!" Point Dexter demanded it immediately.

Raven nodded and the ghost returned to his home immediately before being caught. Raven noted it was important to get this to her team before anything could get out of hand. Sam's eyebrows united into one and thought about this. If Tucker and her finds Danny, it would prove they're still there to rescue him. A matter into her hands, they had to help Danny out whether they're friends or not. Lives are too important and the day that happened to destroy their relationship will be over soon enough.

She whipped around and helped Tucker faster with her wrist ray in action. The ghost couldn't handle so much of the attack and fled to the direction of the others. She was glad this mess is taken care of and she snatched Tucker to the ghost zone.

"What-why are we going in there?" The techno-geek was trying to turn off his weapon at the moment.

Sam turned her head to him, "We need to rescue Danny…if he's actually kidnap or this is a way to prove we're still his friends no matter how far apart we are."

Tucker blinked and thought about this. He knew Mrs. Fenton would want to be a part of this…but Danny trusted them about his 'secret' as a halfa. If they dragged Mrs. Fenton into this, it would and might cause much worse of the problem from the start they have dealt from originally. He nodded and followed Sam into the ghost zone.

"I better hope this is worth it because I can't stand it letting one mistake ruin everything we came for." Tucker commented.

Sam agreed, "And that's why we need to stop this ghost or at least rescue him."

They took a deep breath and figure out a few things themselves. Tucker began to ask her what happened when she spied on the other ghost and Raven and she began to explain. No one knew what had happened that day other than the others who knew the truth. None of the ghosts knew the story or the reasons why the ghost zone infested with breathers. For all anyone could know, it would be for the GiW's twisted needs or their desperate search for the Halfa. Right now, the mission is in their hand.