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This is about the death of one of the kids on the island and what that does to the relationships of the others, just in case you were wondering if there is a fic. It's here, just bear with my ranting and raving for a few more paragraphs.

By the way, in case anybody will actually listen to this, THIS IS PURELY FICTION. I HAVE NO IDEA IF IT IS TRUE. IT IS MY IMAGINATION.

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By: Hopeful Writer

Everybody wore black that day.

Jacob remembered crying a lot, and that feeling of not knowing what to do. His best friend on the island was gone. What would he do now?

Drew remembered the fear. What a scary way to die. Sinking farther and farther into the black depths of the icy water. He shivered at the thought.

Drew looked around at his friends. There was no teamwork or rivalry today, only mourning. This was not a competition right now. It was Chloe, their friend, their teammate, their opposition. Chloe was dead. She drowned after hitting her head on a rock after one of the competitions. She'd been taking a walk, alone, wading out into the water. The icy, murdering water. Something had bitten her, as was told by the mark on her foot. Possibly a jellyfish sting. She'd stumbled, cracked her head, and fallen face-first in the water to die.

Jacob was a mess. Drew went over to him. "How're you doing, buddy?" he asked. He always felt less rivalry with Jacob and Chloe than the others. He knew Nancy felt the same way.

Jacob choked back a sob. "How did this happen, Drew?" the younger boy whispered. "She was so healthy and happy yesterday. Then suddenly, BAM! Her whole future was taken away. We talked sometimes about the future. What we'd do if we won. She wanted to go to medical school, make a difference in the world. Damn, Drew, all that was just taken away from her in an instant. Because of some stupid jellyfish or crab or whatever. Why?"

Drew patted his shoulder awkwardly. Jacob kept everything inside. Drew couldn't remember him ever having an emotional outburst. "Life is cruel, Jake. People die, some for no apparent reason. I'm not really religious or anything, but they say that God has a plan for everyone. Maybe Chloe has some mission she has to do."

"Why does it hurt so badly?"

Drew's heart broke, hearing his friend say something like that. "Because she's gone forever. You know that, and I know that, and it's painful to think she'll never be hear, waking us up with that really great smile. She always had a great smile."

Jake nodded. "I liked her smile best of all."

Nancy, Summer, and Clark came over. "How ya feeling, Jake?" Clark asked quietly.

Jake shrugged. "Sad. Mad. Both," he replied, staring at the ground. Clark nodded.

"Me, too," Nancy told him, hugging the younger boy. Jacob fought his tears.

"Chloe was the nicest person on this island," Summer agreed. "She never took this competition too seriously, always had fun."

"You know the saying," Jacob spat bitterly. "Nice guys finish last."

"Too true."

Kyle and Shari didn't come over to them. AJ, Brittany, Xavier, and Chasiti were already gone. But the five cried together, mourning the loss of a great friend.

* ~ * ~ *

Jacob was never asked to leave. He could no longer participate, obviously since he had no partner, but they let him stay and give support to the others. One day, he and Drew went down to the water to talk about Chloe. It was the first time they did that since her death. Jacob let out more tears, tears of frustration and anger at God for taking his friend away. "Sometimes we talked about our families," he told Drew. "She never really said much about hers. But when she did, she talked about her two sisters and her little brother. He's only a baby. He'll never get to know his sister, and how great she was." And Jacob cried some more.

Drew thought about his own family. He cried too. Jacob had never seen him cry before, not hard at least. So Jacob thought about the old saying, "Seize the day." He decided to try his hand at it.

"Drew? Have you ever been in love?"

Drew laughed dryly. "Nah, not me. I've had crushes sure, but, well... can I tell you a secret?"

"You can tell me anything. But only if I can tell you one in return."

"Fair enough. I'm gay, Jake."

"Oh. That's what I was going to say."

"Really?" Jacob nodded. "That's interesting. I could have sworn you sounded like you had a crush on Chloe."

"Chloe was my best friend here. She was like a sister to me, always there for me. Not a crush. I have a crush on someone on the island, though."

Now Drew was interested. "Oh, really? Who?" He had the faint idea that he knew the answer, but he wanted Jake to say it.

"You can't figure it out? Let me give you a hint." With that, Jacob seized the day and pressed his lips against Drew's for an astounding display of fireworks.

They pulled away slowly. Jacob hated this moment, the moment where he had to wait for Drew to say something. He expected an awkward silence, but Drew filled it with, "I like you, too." They kissed again.

In the shadows, Summer, Clark, and Nancy were watching, smiling. Nancy held out her hand, and Clark and Summer both put ten dollars in it. She grinned broadly and whispered, "You guys underestimated them. I know Drew and he doesn't waste anytime. Although it was Jacob who figured it out first. Still, only one week. I'm twenty dollars richer." They backed away slowly to give Drew and Jake the privacy they deserved.

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