Kensuke Kurosaki does not remember when he died but he did know it wasn't too long ago. When he thought the only good thing about dying was leaving the godforsaken school, Heavenly Host Elementary, he accepted death during his last few moments of life. The seconds he had left before it was robbed by his childhood best friend. However, such mercy was the case for him. He was damned here. Most likely for all eternity, reliving the gut curdling, agonizing pain of death over again. Every second of it.

Contrary to the warnings given by those also damned, it is not just the pain that caused his death that sticks with him. It was emotional as well.

Kurosaki's heart weighed with betrayal.

Even when his childhood friend cruelly caused his death, Kurosaki could never hate him. Be angry with him, yes, but not hate. Heh. He must be an idiot to still consider that guy his friend even in death. Maybe it's because they've been together since they were kids. Thinking back, he felt stupid for not seeing the small things that seemed off with Kizami. The regret weighed heavier on his chest.

Eh… Too late now.

Kurosaki lurked to the outside wing that connects the building together. He stared out at the thick forest and remembered he considered roughing it in the wilderness while he was alive.

"Hm…" His mind wandered to trivial things. It's always raining so why did the land not flood? And why are there no leaks from the wooden rooftop?

Geez, Heavenly Host is almost unrealistic. He mused, chuckling. The boy has always had a light heart, even though he is currently cursed here.

"Looks like someone is in a good mood."

Kurosaki froze. He could never forget that masculine voice. The bastard died too, eh?

The other spirit hovers closer to his shorter friend. "Kurosaki?"

"Shut up, I'm mad at you," The other spirit growled. Kizami hummed in response. He ignored his fuming friend and cups his cheek, caressing the spirit's face with his thumb. "Sorry to put a damper your mood, but seeing as we have to suffer for all eternity – a little joy would be amazing."

Kurosaki batted Kizami's hand away; his face is reddening in anger.

"Don't touch me either! And you should be sorry, dumbass!" He snapped and glares furiously at his murderer.

"Do you hate me now?" The spirit questioned calmly.

"Shut up," The other murmured, turning his gaze to the endless forest again and listen to the pouring raindrops.

Kizami stuffed his hands into his ghostly pant pockets. "I'm asking because everyone else does. They do not matter to me at all though."

Did that mean he mattered? There was a moment of silence before a response came, "…We've been together for so long. How could I?"

A hand moved behind Kurosaki's head, fingers grasping boy's short hair and turns his head gently to make his lips met Kizami's own.

Stunned, Kurosaki stood in the same spot stupidly. He gaps at Kizami when the taller man released his mouth.

It took a few seconds to register that Kizami stopped kissing him. "…Wh-What?!" Kurosaki's face flushed a deep blueish hue that complimented his ghostly figure. The bastard Kizami simply smirked. "It's okay, right? Because you don't hate me."

"No! It's not okay!" He shrieked. Emotions swirled inside of him that made this whole situation so much more staggering on his damaged soul. How much more can Kizami hurt him? He is already dead and yet… The gut wrenching feeling of being gutted over and over began to fade ever so slightly.

Even after seeing his best friend at his worse, he still held so much mystery to him. Kizami simply smiled. Truthfully it was rare to see any smile from him that did not have a hint of coy mannerism, and it was enough to touch Kurosaki. "…You're trying to make the pain go away, even if it's just a little, right? The you that killed me was not all of you, right…? E-Even though some of it was you… you don't hate me either, ne, Kizami?" He recalled the dark spikes that captured his friend just at the brink of death. It darkened him.

"We've been together for so long. You did not do all of the right things that I want, but you tried… I should've appreciated just that. I do now, though."

Tears glossed over the shorter ghost's eyes.

The sound of never ending raindrops soothed the two mending souls.

I'm still in a KizamixKurosaki mood even after I wrote the lemon fic of them
so here's a drabble. I may turn this into a drabble series if enough people are interested.