note: sequel to jealousy & bug bite!

marking territory

Kurosaki had no reason to feel what he is feeling. Kizami and him are…sort of… kind of… together… maybe… yeah. But seeing the way Kirisaki talked to his best friend with fluttery eyes, smiles, and giggling whenever he said just about anything… had gotten Kurosaki a little pissed.

He knew Kizami had no interest in Kirisaki… and yet he still feels this way! It's frustrating!

"They look good together," Fukuroi commented beside him.

This only made Kurosaki glowered even more. They did look good together. Maybe that was what was nagging at him…

He tugged on the scarf around his neck and frowned.

"What were you talking to Kirisaki about…?"

Kizami starred at his significant inside his room. A face of confusion is shown on his features. "She just came up and talked to me," He said with a shrug. "I'm not sure what we were conversing about. She just wanted me to respond to her so I did."

The boy's brows creased. "Wh-Why did you respond to her?"

"So she'd leave me alone… Why all the questions, Kurosaki?"

Kurosaki's gaze went to his lap. "You two look good together…." He could almost feel his voice choking up. A hand grasped his chin, yanking his head up. Cobalt eyes met with intense russet, the look almost made Kurosaki's stomach do flip-flops. "K-Kizami…?"

"Are you saying that because you want me to go out with Kirisaki?" He questioned in a demand.

Kurosaki flinched. "N-No! Of course not idiot! I-I…"

"What are you trying to tell me then?" He let go of Kurosaki's chin.

The boy bit his bottom lip. "It's unfair…!" He yanked the scarf off his neck, revealing the hickeys he received from Kizami daily. "I want to show…people you're mine too Kizami!" Kurosaki choked out sobbing and hiccupping. "I-I don't like watching people flirt with you damn idiot!"

In a swift motion, Kizami's mouth crushed fiercely against Kurosaki's, shutting him up as he devour the boy's lips. Kurosaki whimpered. His body slowly slipping on the floor as Kizami leaned further into him. The taller teen's tongue dominated the shorter making him moan. The sound of Kurosaki's pleasure excited Kizami. He separated Kurosaki's legs, moving in between them.

"K-Kiza…mng-!" Kurosaki's cheeks burned, gasping as he tried to get air. His friend seemed to not care about their need for oxygen, flooding him with thoughts that Kizami's going to suffocate him with kisses.

When Kizami's mouth finally parted from his, their lips red and wet. They were both breathing heavily against one another, starring deeply at each other. Kurosaki noticed there was a tint of pink on Kizami's cheeks, which brought a tiny smile to his cheeks.

"You…are really cute sometimes…Kurosaki…" Kizami burrowed his face into Kurosaki's neck, making the boy shiver since his neck was still sensitive from the love bites. "Mine…" He kissed a red marking.

"Sh-Shut up idiot…" He wrapped his arms around Kizami's neck, hugging his head lovingly. "I-I should mark you too!"

Kizami chuckled. "Go ahead… I'll proudly show it off to every person you feel threatened by."

Kurosaki bit his ear.