Dean leaned forward brow furrowed, mouth tight.

"No fucking way."

Cas raised an eyebrow at him. "Yes 'way' Dean. The spleen is a real and important part of one's body."

Dean continued to look skeptical.

Castiel sighed, and leaned back slightly in the chair sitting beside a cheap imitation wood table.

The motel was a little less classy than normal.

Dean snorted again. "Cas what does a spleen even do."

They were a little short on conversation topics. You wouldn't think that would happen while you were trying to fend off the apocalypse But there you are.

"It filters blood cells." Cas narrows his eye further. "Dean I rebuilt yours with my grace. The spleen does exist and you, indeed, have one."

Dean huffs and rolls his eyes. He raises his beer and mutters into it, "Where does a spleen even go."

And Cas, being Cas, takes him literally. He is in his personal space within seconds, eyes electric blue and intense, staring into Deans without hesitation.

Cas raises his hand and Dean watches with trepidation. Sort of.

"It's here."

Cas's hand is laid flat just under the left side of Dean's ribs and the heat seeps through the thin cotton of his t-shirt.

He still hasn't looked away from Castiel's eyes.

Dean feels the warmth spreading around his entire body. His hips twitch. And Dean isn't sure why, but he raises one hand and covers Castiel's long fingers with his own.

Cas's thumb twitches under Dean's grip and it makes Dean think. It doesn't send him crashing back into reality, because this is reality, and he knows it.

He is standing almost nose to nose with Cas, he can feel hot breath float over his face. He can feel his throat tighten. He can feel the small of his back start to sweat, and the urge to close his eyes is tangible.

He feels light-headed.

He feels light-bodied. Like he and Castiel could float away on a stiff breeze.

His ankles tingle.

He's wondering why he is taking a check list like this. He knows what all of the symptoms point to.

And strangely he isn't having a big gay crisis about it.

He just does what he would do, being him, and the man across from him, touching him, being Castiel.

He kisses him.

He trials a thumb along Cas's scratchy jaw. His thumb sort of itches. So does his chin.

Castiel's lips are... Chapped. But they are also warm. He sucks on the lower one, getting rid of the dryness best he can.

The tips of Castiel's fingers are digging slightly into his side and he can feel how much Castiel has relaxed. He even exhales through his nose.

It makes Dean laugh a little, the warm, dry puff of air lingered even as Dean pulled away from the kiss, his eyes smiling. He could feel the crows feet at the corners. His cheeks hurt a bit from the grin he hadn't even realized he'd been sporting.

Cas's eyes were soft and warm. The blue was like one of his old sweaters that he almost remembered.

Maybe it had belonged to a character from TV.

Dean knew it was a good colour though. And it made him smile more.

When Cas pressed their foreheads together Dean also let out a spiraling exhale.

He felt warm and complete and happy.

Like he was wrapped in that half recalled blue sweater.

Their noses bumped and Dean thought maybe he was home.