For a vampire, whether a baby or not, Caroline was particularly reckless. Had she been human, her defiance may have been the death of her a long time ago. However, Klaus was intrigued by her resistance to him. She surely had to know that she was no match for him in any challenge of wit or strength, yet she acted as though he were her inferior. He wanted nothing more than to enlist him in his ranks as his queen, and he imagined that he could trick her into believing that she had true power. And, she would, over his hybrids, yet, in a bond as king and queen, he would still be able to control her.

She fascinated him to no length, and despite his more animalistic side being dominant, when he would rest, he dreamt of her blonde curls bouncing and her blue eyes glittering. It was not enough to dream of how soft her curves would feel beneath his fingertips, or how she would moan and whimper when he would touch her. He had to have her. Niklaus had never been denied of anything he had desired before, and he certainly wasn't going to allow that to change now. Caroline would be his. He knew it.

Perhaps that was how he ended up lounging on the bough of a tree that rested irresistibly close to her bedroom window. He sighed longingly; one day, she would open up that bedroom window for him. It drove him absolutely mad to watch his little hybrid visit her every single night, when she wouldn't so much as give him the time of day.

His whipped his head to the side abruptly, a grin slowly spreading across his lips as his little Barbie doll swerved recklessly into the driveway in her little, fuel-efficient car. It was so sweet and comically naïve that she could even fathom the need for such human trivialities, when she was no longer bound to their rules. Hadn't she realized that in this form, she was unable to be denied? Life would be a breeze for her, not only with the ability to compel the narrow-minded creatures that surrounded her, but with her charming looks.

A shock of blonde hair bounced out of the detestable little contraption, as Caroline hoisted two large paper bags up in her arms. With her hip, she forced the driver's side door closed, struggling to get a hold of her keys. Klaus leaned his head over, peering into the passenger side as he searched for his hybrid. If Tyler would have happened to be there, there was no telling what he would do. He may have just torn the child limb from limb as Caroline watched, tears glistening in those beautiful eyes of hers, and then he would take her, then and there, claiming her to be his with no conceivable doubt. Luckily, however, Tyler was nowhere to be seen, which only added to Klaus's elation. It would be just them, alone.

Caroline disappeared into her home, the door slamming shut beside her. With his heightened senses, he could hear the clacking of the heels of her boots as she ascended the staircase to her room. The blinds were closed most of the way, much to his chagrin, but if he would lean at a certain angle, he could see his precious little doll. She tossed one of the bags on her bed – she must have left the other downstairs on the kitchen counter – and a bottle of vodka tumbled out. She seemed not to notice, or rather, she just didn't mind, proceeding to remove her shirt. He licked his lips reflexively as he caught sight of her almost bare back, imaging his fingers digging into to every crevice and contour.

He was so enveloped in his daydreams, that Klaus didn't even notice it when Caroline approached the window. Before he had time to react, she had already opened the blinds. Smiling, she peered out of the window, her eyes scanning the yard.

Move, you fool! Klaus internally scolded himself. However, he was frozen to the spot as Caroline's eyes met his. Without missing a beat, she elicited a piercing, terrified scream, turning to run.

But she was already too late. He had her firmly in his grasp and control, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

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