Just a little drabble for fun. I couldn't help myself after the latest episode. It HAD to be done!

:D I hope you like it! :)

(Spoilers for Season gr8 Episode 2: What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

Sam wakes up in the dingy motel room and the hammer is there. Again.

"Dean, it's here."

Dean throws off the sheets and grabs his jacket, Sam trailing behind him after he locks it in the motel safe.

They don't check out of the motel; they load into the Impala and drive off, while the clouds spark and rumble in the distance.

In the recesses of Sam's mind a small voice echoed.

"If he be worthy…" it uttered through the shadows.

"Sam," Dean snaps, and Sam shakes it off.


Every since Dean returned from Purgatory he always looked pissed about something, but the look of frustration he gave Sam seemed extra loaded with impatience and anger.

"What the hell are you going to do about that hammer?"

Sam shrugged.

"Find a way to get rid of it."

"And what, driving away from whatever this is is going to do that? Of all the things you could have us do, this seems to be the last thing we should be doing. Obviously, it's not working. The fucking thing just keeps popping up wherever we are."

Sam huffed.

"I don't know, Dean. How do you destroy the hammer of an immortal god of thunder? Mjolnir has a mind of its own."

"Mjolnir?" Dean asked, rolling the word around in his mouth and mentally declaring it extremely dweeby.

Sam leaned against the window.

"You know, maybe I should accept it."

With a screech of rubber scraping uncomfortably against asphalt the Impala slammed to a stop.

"Sam, you said no to the Devil."

Not forever, Sam mentally pointed out but kept silent.

"You can say no to this... this thing."


"Yes, that."

Sam opened his mouth to protest but Dean held up a finger.

"We'll summon the damn god if we have to."

The queen stormed angrily across the throne room and with a crack of her staff knocked the Allfather from his perch overlooking the Realms.

"You banished Thor again?!" Frigga shouted, letting all of Asgard hear her rage.

"Frigga, I-"

"Don't you make excuses, Odin! You promised next time you would consult me! How dare you toss my son down a second time-and don't you dare go to sleep on me!" she hissed as the king paled.

She narrowed her eyes. Maybe he could redeem his actions.

"You sent him down with his power, yes?" she whispered dangerously.

The king failed to reply, and from his corner Loki snickered.

Oh, family. Always the best entertainment.

"Did you even send it down to Earth?!" she screeched.

Odin stared up at her for a moment, trying to find the right words to placate a wife ready to smite a few races.

"I may have, uh, to properly facilitate the punishment, I mean, maybe sent it to another universe," Odin stuttered in a sheepish way that did not befit his regal position.

"CAN YOU EVEN GET THE BLOODY HAMMER BACK?" she shrieked, throwing her hands in the air and waving the scepter around menacingly.

When he didn't reply and only stared at the neatly polished palace floor, Frigga turned away, a mother's wrath gone nuclear.

She grabbed Loki's arm.

"Come. We are going to fetch your brother's power."

With a sound like the cosmos, they vanished.

Little did she know, but the power she sought was seeking someone else.

Hope you liked it! I might even write a sequel if you all do~