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The weeks following the whole emotional fiasco was full of teases and taunts from both family and friends. Jo and Sarah had managed to pry out the whole story from Sam and the next time that Dean came into the coffee shop with Castiel, Jo made sure to ask Dean why she never had a pie baked especially for her. The two girls also relayed the whole story of Dean and Castiel to everyone they knew and soon, their story was the talk of the town. It wasn't just Jo and Sarah who would tease them though, even Gabriel chipped into the numerous taunts by never failing to bring up the night when, in his words, 'Castiel had turned up at his room, teary-eyed and sobbing like a broken hearted teenage girl'. Castiel would just cross his arms angrily and threaten to email all his exes a video of him last summer when he was completely drunk and singing Celine Dion.

It wasn't long before Gabriel managed to convince his brother to meet the man he had heard do much of. When he did finally meet Dean for the first time, he winked at Castiel and wrapped his arms around Sam, saying "Clearly, I got the better-looking Winchester, and smarter too."

Dean was grumpy the whole day and glared at Gabriel whenever he had the chance. But as the two of them spent more time together, it was obvious that they didn't hate each other as much as they pretended to. Gabriel even went on to pat Dean on the shoulder and said, "You're not too bad after all." But that was only after he threatened to have Dean's balls in a grinder if he ever did hurt his brother again. He even went on to purchase a meat grinder and display it grandly on the top shelf of Castiel's kitchen cabinets.

Later on that night, Dean confessed to Castiel, "He kinda scares me."

No matter how much the other man pouted or sulked, Castiel couldn't stop himself from bursting into laughter.

Castiel still blushed from time to time when he talked to the younger Winchester, despite the many attempts that Sam had undergone, trying to assure him that all was forgiven. The two of them enjoyed each other's company a lot and they had many similar interests. Dean had named their time spent together as geeking out while Sam called it having an intellectually stimulating conversation. Castiel just rolled his eyes at the playful banter that picked up after that.

Most of the time, the four of them spent their time at Dean's coffe shop where Dean was supposed to be working his shifts instead of making out with his boyfriend as Jo constantly pointed out. Dean casually commented that she was just bitter about being single and alone. He went home that day with a large bruise forming on his cheek, which Castiel kissed to stop him from complaining.

Soon, spring break had ended and it was time for Sam to return to college. Although both men didn't actually voice it out, but Sam and Dean knew that they were going to miss spending time with each other. Gabriel left town soon after and surprised Sam by being transferred to the branch that was located near Stamford. Castiel was a little surprised at how serious things had gotten between the two of them because Gabriel was usually the kind who preferred short-term flings over an actual relationship. Dean told Castiel that Sam was just that kind of person who could bring that sideout from anyone.

Things were peaceful and slow for a while. With Sam gone and Sarah stuck sick at home, Jo stopped with the teasing and even spent some nights having dinner with the Dean and Castiel without bickering with the former.

With much persuasion, Dean managed to convince Castiel to take up night classes so that he could finally be what he always dreamt of, a doctor. Although he was older than most of his peers, Castiel was extremely bright and constantly topped his class. But with the late night classes and Dean's morning shift, the two of them could only squeeze in a few minutes together.

It was a month later when they were lying in bed together that Dean finally asked Cas what he was fretting about throughout the whole week.


"Hmm?" Castiel sleepily mumbled.

"You know, since we practically live next door to each other and we're always spending time in only one of our apartments... It'd would save us a lot on rent if you moved in with me," Dean ended lamely.

Castiel frowned, "You want me to move in so you could save some money?"

"What?" Dean sputtered. "No, that's not what I meant at all! I just, argh. Do I really have to spell it out for you? I love you okay, and I wanna spend every waking hour possible with you."

Castiel gently stroked Dean's shoulders and grinned, "Alright, I'll move in with you."

It didn't take that long for the both of them to move Castiel's belongings over and even less time for Castiel to get a buyer for his apartment. He didn't actually get to meet the man, but they were rather unceremoniously alerted as soon as the guy moved in.

Dean was sleeping comfortably in the warmth of his bed when he was suddenly jolted awake with the blaring sounds of a television across the paper thin walls. He buried his head under the pillows and groaned.

"That asshole of a neighbor," he muttered, angrily.

Dean felt an arm tighten around his waist and the tickle of a breath at his ear. Castiel chuckled, "Want me to go over and have a word with him?"

Dean grinned as he shook his head vigorously. "Nah. Who knows, you might actually fall in love with him."

"In love with a man named Lucifer who looks as though he probably works as a hitman? Never," Castiel said, curling around the other man. "Besides, my heart belongs to someone else."

It was getting late, almost close to noon and they had a lunch date with both Gabriel and Sam who were in town for the weekend but Castiel didn't want to get out of bed just yet. It was warm under the comforters and with Dean snoring softly beside him, Castiel was slowly lulled back to sleep. Their brothers could wait, because Castiel could probably spend the rest of his entire life there, with Dean, always.