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Kristy's Craziest Babysitting Job

I arrived at the Nugget house early. Mr. and Mrs. Nugget have 3 girls and a younger son. He was 3. They left me with the instructions that I would need.

12 noon the Nugget's leave. I play with Daniel. The girls are in school so I'll only be watching Daniel. Daniel is hyperactive and that's putting it mildly. He kept running around. I was fine with that.

At 1 I decide to make Daniel lunch. He's hungry. He wants chicken nuggets. The only problem is that they didn't have chicken nuggets. Daniel has a temper tantrum and insists we walk to the Mcdonalds a few blocks away to get chicken nuggets. I say no. I don't have the Nugget's permission to take Daniel out of the house. Finally I got Daniel to eat something else after telling him it's chicken nuggets inside a pizza.

2 o'clock came. Daniel wanted soda but in my experience soda is a rare treat. I said not now. I tell him we should wait until his parents get home. Daniel grabbed the soda anyway. I gently removed it from his hands and gave him a 3 minute time out. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. He said he hated me and he would never forgive me and I was a big meanie poopy-head. When 3 minutes were up I tried to explain to him my he was in time out but he kicked me in the leg and started screaming again. I was a little confused. I had never seen a child so upset about a simple time out before. Daniel's parents came home soon and solved the mystery. It turned out that Daniel's parents allow him to take soda whenever he wants. I asked if that was why he was upset about the time out. It turned out that the Nuggets forgot to tell me that Daniel was adopted and his biological parents were found guility of neglect. I felt really bad about the whole situation.