"Hurry, come in now." Mrs. Weasley ushered Harry into the old broken down building.

Looking around, Harry could see it was dark, dusty, and about to fall apart any minute now. There was no sign of anyone or anything around. He wasn't even respolnd to what Mrs. Weasley was saying as she fussed over him, asking him how the flight was and if he was eating enough. Finally, realizing that he wasn't really paying attention she showed him upstairs to a bedroom, while the Advance Guard went down the hall. She took him to the first door to the left of the stair way and opened it to reveal Ron and Hermione sitting on the floor talking with Ginny.

Hermione was the first to do anything. As soon as she saw him walk through the door, she shot right up the rammed herself into him, giving him a hug. Ron and Ginny followed soon after. They all talked and caught up on how each was doing. Later on, Harry asked them why they haven't been receiving his letters and why he was practically left stranded for the summer. He started to get very upset when they were telling him how Dumbledore decided on not telling Harry what was going on for his own good. Well, that didn't make him feel any more safe, just abandoned. They all did eventually make up after Harry was able to calm down a bit, even though he still was feeling that little bit of betrayal.

The next day, there was a meeting for the Order of the Phoenix. They were going to discuss their game plan, and Harry's predicament. Before Harry and the others could attempt eavesdropping, there was a knock on the door.

"Who could that be?" Ron whispered as he and the others sat at the top of the stairs.

"Dumbledore perhaps?" Hermione offered, "He is the last to arrive now I believe."

Not saying anything, Harry just watched as Mrs. Weasley went to the door, fixing her hair a bit, and then opened the door. Whoever was at the door must've been important because as soon as she saw who was there. Mrs. Weasley, she gave a small bow and hurriedly invited the said individual inside number 12 Grimmauld Place. The person who walked in was very intimidating. He was huge, well assuming it was a man, towering over poor Molly Weasley by two feet, maybe even more. He wore a dark cloak that covered every inch of his body, it even dragged behind him. You couldn't even see his face. He did glance up at the trio who were sitting at the top of the stairs, and then followed Molly into the room underneath the stairway balcony where the meeting was being held.

"Who was he?" Ron whispered, almost as if he was afraid to speak any louder.

No one said anything. They didn't know what to say. Was he human? He certainly didn't look like one. He was either some kind of creature or a very tall man. He must've been nearly six or seven feet tall. The cloak didn't even leave anything to the imagination, well, anything plausible. Whoever or whatever it was, could be some half giant for all they knew. They all also noticed how cautious Molly was around the man, she even gave a bow. Was he some kind of lord? Maybe an important pure-blood who wasn't with Voldemort.

Three knocks were heard, startling the three. Again Molly came rushing down the hall and went to open the door. Her face lit up a little as she let the next guest through. This time it was Dumbledore. He came in and said a soft good evening to Molly then went straight into the back room. He didn't even spare a glance at Harry. That infuriated Harry to no end. First he stops any real contact Harry has to the magical world now he ignores him?

While Harry was fumming, Dumbledore was in a very important meeting with a very important person, or should he even say person? Dumbledore sat down on one side of the long table, sitting across from the visitor.

"Forgive me for being late my old friend" Dumbledore said, "Something unexpected came up that I had to attend to."

"No worries Dumbledore" The accented, aged voice of said friend, "I was enjoying a fine conversation with these fine people and this very good cup of tea that Mrs. Weasley made for me" Raising a blue, scaly claw towards Mrs. Weasley and the others.

Mrs. Weasley blushed as she served Dumbledore a cup of said tea, and then hurried off into the kitchen to put the kettle away. Meanwhile, outside, five people were trying to listen in this so called important meeting. It wasn't difficult at first, the twins offered to use one of their ear extensions to listen through the door. So all five went up to the top of the stairs and then lowered one end of the ear next to the key hole. Unfortunately, Hermione's lovable cat decided it was his and ran off with it. All they were able to hear before hand was that some kind of council was coming to Hogwarts.

Before they could discuss on their findings, the door opened, revealing Severus Snape, sporting an annoyed look as he grabbed what was left of the extension ears. He looked up and gave them a look as if he just saw something revolting.

"What do you think you are doing?" He snarled and yanked the cord, forcing the twins to let go.

No one said a word; they just looked away, doing their best to avoid looking at the potions master. They didn't need to for long; Snape just rolled his eyes, grumbling about nosey brats, and was out the door. They all let out a sigh of relief. The group of young wizards then looked down to find Mrs. Weasley giving them all a pointed look. Her eyes practically screamed: you lot better get upstairs this instant or so help me… They needed no more and just as quick as she gave the look, they were gone. Right as the last bedroom door was shut; Dumbledore and the mysterious guest were walking out of the back room.

"I look forward to seeing you and the others this year" Dumbledore said, "do give the Council my greetings and thanks."

"Of course." The tall guest answered. With a curt nod to Dumbledore and the others, he headed out the door and flew out into the dark night.

"This sure will be an interesting year" Sirius said beside Dumbledore.

"Yes" Dumbledore agreed "Indeed it will."


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