Dedicated to Aidan and Joy.

Andy is based off of my sister so it's dedicated to her and of course to Joy because Joy is one of my platonic soul mates. This is about Andy and Thor and is cute, loving, and definitely has an angsty undertone to it.




"I guess I just don't want to live forever…" Andy explained to Thor, shrugging a little bit as he stroked her hair gently.

Lately, Andy and Thor had been talking about far more important things post sex and right now, as Thor ran his fingers along Andy's saturated skin, Andy felt pain creep in. She wanted more than anything to simply grow old and die like a normal person, but with her regeneration powers that just wasn't…it just couldn't happen. The two of them were going to outlive everyone that she cared so deeply about and she just didn't feel like she could handle it when the time came.

Thor understood where she was coming from, as mortals tended to die and he knew just how important Angel and Sharon were to Andy. The two were practically her sisters and their loss would devastate her and Thor had a feeling that she would never truly be over it either as they were all that she knew and all that she held dear. Of course she would still have Kaydence and Logan, but they could not replace Angel and Sharon in her heart and they couldn't replace them in Thor's either.

Being with Andy and spending time with Angel and Sharon had made Thor happier than he had been in ages, and while he would get to have Andy for a very long time, many of his other friends would die and he would only be left with their memories. Tony, Steve, Clint—he was not sure about Bruce as the Hulk seemed to be indestructible, so perhaps they would always have Bruce as well, but he was not sure. All he knew was that while Andy had started off happy, now he was sad and at least he knew that it wasn't because of the sex.

Andy had been wrestling with this for awhile now.

After being faced with the fact that she actually couldn't die, Andy had begun to think about this subject a lot and Thor didn't know how to help her. So instead he simply nuzzled her neck with his nose and kissed her flesh gently, still gliding his fingers along her skin to keep her calm even if her heart was breaking. It broke Thor's heart to see Andy this way, but he knew that her emotions would be ten times more than this when they actually died.

"I do not enjoy seeing your heart broken like this," Thor told her, placing a kiss behind her ear.

Andy smiled sadly. "If my heart was broken, I would be dead."

"I…is that not the Earth saying?" Thor asked, blushing.

"No, it's the saying, it's just inaccurate," Andy replied laughing, turning over in Thor's arms and pressing her naked body to his as she made eye contact with him. "You know what I would want ideally?"

Thor smiled at the woman in his arms and gently stroked her face. "What do you wish?"

Andy smiled a little more because the way that Thor spoke was so eloquent and honestly? Turned her on quite a bit. It was almost like some old fashioned, incredibly sexy, Shakespearean actor had gotten lost in time and dropped off on her doorstep. One that just so happened to be a Norse God with control over lightning and two mighty hammers—Andy made that dirty joke a lot—and he loved her for who she was and not what she was and she was truly lucky. She knew that.

"What I wish, is for us both to be mortal. Grow old together, have children together and die together, but I cannot have children," Andy said shaking her head. "My immune system is off the charts so there's no way your swimmers are making it into my uterus."

Thor blushed a little more. "You're being…crude…about reproduction? Is that the word I am searching for?"

"Trust me, that is not crude, but yes, that was the word thou was searching for," Andy giggled, kissing Thor tenderly and moaning into him as he kissed her back. "The blush, though? Very sexy…"

"You say that about a great many things that I do, Adrienne," Thor responded, capturing her lips with his and reveling in each kiss.

Andy laughed a little more and nodded, not even upset that Thor and everyone in Asgard called her by her full name instead of her nickname. Normally it would get on her nerves because she had a nickname for a reason, but it was the Asgardian way of doing things and if she was to be queen, she would have to get used to it sooner or later. Whether she even wanted to be queen or not because the idea of living in Asgard for any good length of time was actually rather daunting to her and she didn't know if she was going to be able to handle it or not because she needed so many things that Asgard couldn't offer her.

Well, at least she wanted a lot of things that Asgard couldn't offer her.

For one thing, she needed TV and she knew for certain that in Asgard that was going to be a giant impossibility. They lived like the olden days with horses and had absolutely no time to be coming up with weird and ridiculous shows for the public to watch because the public had crops to tend to and armor to make. While it seemed like the ideal fantasy to be stuck in a different time, Andy had been spoiled in her upbringing with so many new technologies that she knew she would fail at being Queen of Asgard. Not to mention, that she would have to be queen.

Being queen meant that she would have all sorts of political responsibilities and she certainly wasn't ready for that. She hated politics as it was, but to be married to Thor meant that she was going to have to be a large part of the politics when Odin stepped down and made Thor king and sometimes Andy actually wished that Loki would take over instead…because sometimes she didn't even want to be queen. She just wanted Thor, she didn't want any of the added responsibilities that came with him…but if it meant being with him, then she would sacrifice a lot to make that happen.

"If I could be mortal for you, I would be…if that was your greatest wish, I would abdicate the throne for you and have Father make me mortal." Thor told her, turning them over so that he was on top of her, spreading her legs gently.

Andy smiled at him and nodded. "Would you? You'd be giving up so much for me and if we actually went through with it, I would probably feel rather awful about it…"

"I would do anything for you, Adrienne," Thor responded, gently kissing her sternum and then kissing down her body.

"I don't deserve you," Andy told him as she tilted her head back and slid her fingers into his hair.

Thor smiled as she tugged on his hair a little bit, letting his lips explore his lover's skin before he made it to her inner thighs and gave them each a kiss. At this point Thor knew exactly how to please Andy because this was not new to them—sex had been what had started off their relationship because while it was flirting and common knowledge about devices that had begun the attraction, sex had moved it all to the next level. Of course in the beginning Andy had used sex with Thor as an excuse not to talk about furthering their relationship because it scared her, the thought of letting him in, but since then they had both come to know that it was love and it was true.

Now Andy's head was tilted back against the pillow as she tightened her fingers in Thor's lengthy locks, letting out a gentle moan as his lips found their mark between her legs. He was trying to make her feel better and this was the perfect way, Andy parting her legs more as she left his hot, wet tongue slowly stroke her folds. Thor was taking his time with his movement and Andy was letting out all of the sounds that he wanted to hear, tugging on his hair to bring his face back up to hers because what she really wanted was something else between her legs.

Nodding because he knew what she wanted, Thor started to kiss and suck on Andy's collarbone, giving one, hard thrust into her. There was no better way to get their minds off of living forever than to revert to their old ways and just sex away the pain even if it was unhealthy to do such a thing. The two of them just wanted to be together and while they would just start to talk about it again when they were done this time around, Thor and Andy wanted to forget about pain and focus on the happiness that they felt when they were together.

It was the only thing that they could do.

Living forever was going to be the hardest thing they ever did.

Note: Just something nice and short and cute. I love writing Thor and I'm trying to get better at it. An Angel/Steve/Bucky one next and then one with Natasha and Clint and Bucky. Feedback is always appreciated!