Title: Arnolds darkest day

Rating: T for teen or PG13 for Drama, Mild to moderate violence, and anything else mostly to be safe.

Summary: Arnold is stuck living the same day over and over again until he gets it right. What is he missing?

Disclaimer: I do not own Hey Arnold or anything I did get the idea of the same day over and over from the movie Groundhog day with Bill Murray I don't own that either and no copyright infringement was intended on either counts.

7:05am Helga.

She looked in the mirror gripping the sink with both hands to hold herself up right she was shaking violently.

She tried to take a deep breath the stabbing pain in her stomach seemed to ease off slightly and she leaned forward to take a small drink of water.

Glancing at the clock she sighed she had to go to school.

She hated school, hated life anymore but she was going to go one more day she would do. Her parents weren't home they had went to visit Olga for a week leaving her home alone it wasn't their fault exactly she didn't tell them about the stomach pains or that she was throwing up.

She had to go to school though she had to see Arnold one more time.

7:05am Arnold.

Goooooood morning!it's the Robbie and Dave show with your hosts Robert...

Arnold reached over shutting off the alarm with a sigh time to get up and get ready for school.

He was halfway through his senior year so the fact he was almost done is what kept him going to school.

He dressed in faded blue jeans and a green shirt grabbing his varsiety jacket since it was a little chilly out. He had been playing football since sophmore year.

Still no girlfriend to show for it though. Gerald had been dating Pheobe for three years and Arnold had dated Lila for eight months before he broke it off. She didn't want to be with him she just wanted a football player and he was the first to ask.

He walked down to the kitchen bypassing Grandma who was running up the stairs dressed like marie antionette.

"Remember the Alamo!" She screamed Arnold shook his head and moved into the kitchen.

Grandpa was sitting at the kitchen table reading a paper.

"Morning Shortman...off to school?"

"Yeah Grandpa I'm just going to grab something quick to eat then head out"

"Ok, Do you have practice today?"

"No, Not today...I might see if Gerald wants to do something after school"

"Well Alright just be careful"

"I will Grandpa...see you later"


Arnold was pulling books from his locker Gerald was leaning against the locker beside him.

"Why don't we go grab dinner and then maybe head to a movie or something.." Gerald suggested.

"That sounds like a good idea" Arnold turned to walk down the crowded school slamming right into another body sending both crashing back down onto the floor books scattering.

"I'm sorry...Helga" Arnold sat up first and saw her picking herself up onto all fours.

"Helga...are you hurt? I'm sorry" He began gathering her papers and books for her.

Helga glanced at him but didn't say a word. Which was normal since highschool Helg had lost the title of bully and just became a loner. quiet and invisible she barely uttered a full sentence to anyone but Phoebe anymore.

She stood and so did Arnold his books forgotten on the floor he caught her arm which was rail thin and cold.

"Helga...are you alright?" She nodded but didn't say anything reaching for her books that he held.

He handed them to her and she clutched them to her chest she brushed past him down the hall not lifting her head or uttering a word.

Arnold looked at her retreating form noticing how skinny she was.

Helga was always thin but this was a different kind of skinny her long arms were slender and white underneath the black tshirt and even though the shirt had to be a small it hung loose on her. Her legs were sickly thin and the black cargo jeans amplified that point her waist was small enough he bet one of his hands could wrap around it. Her long blonde hair was always down anymore hanging in a curtain hiding most of her face when he head was down but beneath it she was sickly pale.

"Wow...that was weird" Gerald handed Arnold the books he had picked up Arnold still watching Helgas retreating form.

"She doesn't look very good" Arnold winced and Gerald gave him a pointed look.

"I mean...she looks GOOD but...she looks...sick"

"Well the flu is going around maybe she's a carrier...you better hope you don't catch it the big game is friday!" Gerald teased punching Arnold lightly in the shoulder.

Arnold laughed and turned to walk away with his friend still feeling haunted by his interaction with Helga.


"Helga...I brought two of everything I saw you skipped the line so I borught you something" Phoebe set the tray down between herself and her friend.

"Thanks Pheebs...but I...I can't" Helga pushed the food away.

"Oh Helga...were you sick again this morning?"

"It wasn't that bad"

"Helga, You need to see a doctor...look at you the weight is flying off it's not healthy"

"I'll be fine Phoebe honest...I uh ran into Arnold today he knocked me over in the hallway"

"Did you talk to him?"


"Helga...how long have you been crazy over Arnold? It's time you told him for real...He's single you're single you have nothing to lose"

"Just let it go Phoebe...he's a big super star football player I'm a nobody..." Helga sighed and looked again at the plate of food infront of her she was hungry.

Across the lunchroom Gerald and Arnold were sitting at a table Gerald was eating Arnold picked at his food watching Helga ignore hers.

"Look she's not eating anything..."Gerald glanced up and shrugged.

"So what? This school food isn't that great maybe she's going to get something at home"

"Maybe...something...just isn't right I don't know what it is."

"Arnold...it's not big deal she probably has the flu relax man"


Arnold and Gerald walked out of the diner where they had just ate dinner and were heading towards the movie theatre.

Arnold tried to relax and have fun but there was something nagging at him about Helga and he didn't know why.

"So...about Helga..."Arnold started and Gerald groaned.

"Arnold she is fine I promise"

"It's just I know her parents went away if she's sick I hate to think she's alone"

"She's not...Phoebe said Helga has been staying at her house most of the time she goes over for dinner and then just goes home to sleep and shower"

"Gerald...do you ever wonder what happened to her?" Gerald looked at him confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Well last year she was the same old Helga she played sports with us, drove us all nuts being a bully and pushing us around and harassing us then one day she came to school...the way she is now...the fight was gone it's like she's not even here anymore she just disappeared"

"I asked Phoebe what happened to her when she first started to be quiet all the time...she didn't answer me so I let it go"

"It's just...something had to have happened to her...and now...she just doesn't look good"

"Look man you're probably worrying over nothing...alright?"

Arnold sighed but nodded in agreement as they reached the movie theatre.


Helga looked at her reflection in the mirror one last time she looked deacent but no amount of make up could hide her pale color and the black under her eyes.

She supposed it didn't really matter what she looked like when Phoebe found her the end resuly would be the same.

Phoebe poor Phoebe Helga hated to let her friend be the one to find her but she was afraid if Phoebe didn't nobody would. If she didn't go to dinner Phoebe would come to get her and find her but if she called to cancel dinner there was no telling how long she'd lay in her bed before someone came looking for her.

She hated the darkness that seemed to hang over her but there it was and she was sick something was wrong and she just couldn't go on anymore.

She walked to her closet looking for something that was appropriate yet would look good on her when she was found.

She found a long ballroom style dress that she decided would work as she slipped it on. It was off the shoulders and black. It wasn't tight but it clun to her clear to her ankles but from the waist up had black lace over it with the little off the shoulder straps lace trimmed.

The black contrast with her pale skin and long flowing blonde hair looked striking and she sighed so this was it. This is what she would look like when she died.

She pulled the curtains in her room darkening it and poured herself a glass of wine at 17 she was nowhere near old enough to drink but she didn't care. She moved to her stereo and turned on her favorite cd Birdy and the song Without a Word. She put it on repeat.

She walked to the dresser where Miriams sleeping pills were sitting and took a deep breath she put a handful in her mouth and washed it down with the wine then another and the bottle was empty she finished the wine already feeling drowsey.

She laid down on her bed with a sigh adjusting her dress slightly so it looked nice she folded her hands and closed her eyes.


They were mid-way through the movie when Geralds cell phone vibrated and he pulled it out seeing Phoebes cell number.


Arnold glanced at Gerald and saw his face visibly pale.

"Ok...ok...calm down...it's ok...baby...I'm coming ok? I'm coming" He stood and so did Arnold sensing in Geralds tone something was seroiusly wrong.

Gerald hung up as they hit the street and Arnold spoke.

"What happened? Is Phoebe ok?"

"Arnold...it's Helga...she..." Arnold panicked.

"What Gerald? Is she sick?"

"She's dead" Arnold stagged from shock everything spinning.

"What? what happened?"

"She didn't go to dinner...Phoebe went to check on her...she overdosed...Phoebe is there now she's scared and shook up I'm going over do you want to go home?"

"No, I want to go with you" Arnold decided.

They reached Helgas house and saw the police car and the ambulance sitting outside a cop was standing in the doorway and he held up a hand to stop their entry.

"Can I help you boys?"

"Yeah uhm...my girlfriend is in there she found the body she called me" Gerald said and the cop nodded.

"Alright, she's pretty shook up I'll let you in but you stay of the way" They nodded as he left them in and they saw Phoebe sitting on the couch sobbing into her hands.

"Phoebe" She saw Gerald and rushed into his arms crying harder.

"Oh, Honey I'm so sorry...it's ok"

"I...I tried to wake her up...I tried" She sobbed and Arnold looked away he needed to just block it out this couldn't be real.

"I know sweetie it's ok" Gerald soothed and all Arnold wanted was to see Helga.

"Can I see her?" He asked a nearby cop who looked startled Phoebe sobbed harder.

"I'm sorry young man nobody goes near the body"

"She's not a body...she's a person...she's 17 years old her name is Helga she has blue eyes and blonde hair and a mother, father and sister and...she writes poetry...she was my friend please I won't disturb anything"

The officed looked at him with sympathy then sighed.

"I really shouldn't but...I'll give you five minutes...then the coroner has to take her...alright?" Arnold nodded Gerald grabbed his arm.

"Man, Don't do this to yourself"

"I gotta see her Gerald...I have to" Gerald sighed and nodded before going back to soothing Phoebe.

Arnold followed the cop up the stairs past the other policemen and down the hall the cop motioned him to stand outside and he went into her room.

"One of her friends is here...he's pretty upset...I told him a few minutes before the coroner comes guys so...let's give him a minute"

Five or six police men filtered out of the room with the EMS crew who looked at him sadly the cop he had followed motion him inside.

"Go ahead but I'm staying here in the doorway...I'm sorry but I can't let you alone..." Arnold nodded and moved into the room.

And you can tell the world
That you're leaving
And you can pack your bags
And spread your wings
And you can tell them all
That it's over
But while you wave goodbye
I'll be getting closer

Stand there and look into my eyes
And tell me that all we had were lies
Show me that you don't care
And I'll stay here if you prefer
Yes I'll leave you without a word
Without a word

The music playing softly was the first thing he heard but he didn't recognise the song or singer he moved closer to the bed slowly and when his eyes finally fell on her he was breathless.

She was stunning he had never seen her look more beatiful or peaceful laying on the bed with the black dress soflty laying on her body. Her long blonde hair laying gently on the pillow eyes closed and her lips tinged from the wine she had swallowed.

He touched her hand it was cold as ice and it shocked him back to the reality of what had happened to her. Tears burned his eyes and throat.

"Why?...why didn't you come to me for help?" He looked at her through teary eyes it all seemed like a nightmare any minute now he'd wake up or Helga would sit up and laugh for tricking him.

She didn't sit up and he didn't wake up either.

"Sleeping Beauty..." He whispered to himself.

"Come on son...the coroner is here.." The cop said softly and he nodded giving her one last look he placed her hand he didn't realize he was holding back on her stomach.

He stayed at her house with Gerald until Phoebe was free to go home. They walked her home and Gerald decided to stay with her.

Arnold walked in the door and Grandpa met him at the door.

"Arnold...I heard about your little friend...I'm sorry shortman"

"Yeah, Me too Grandpa..."Arnold brushed past him quietly up the stairs.

He walked into his room and closed the door with a soft click. The entire time at Helgas house and walking Phoebe home he held it together he stayed strong not anymore. He collapsed onto the bed with a sob.

He just wanted today to be over and gone he never wanted to go through this day again.

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