Goooooood morning!it's the Robbie and Dave show with your hosts Robert...

Arnold rolled out of the bed flipping off the alarm and moving to his closet he pulled out jeans and a shirt.

He moved down the hallway to his bathroom and stepped into the shower turning on the hot spray.

He let the hot water erase the tension from his body and shoulders for awhile before stepping out of the shower and pulling on his clothes.

He walked down the stairs slowly the smell of pancakes calling him to the kitchen. He planned on skipping breakfast but decided not to and detoured to the kitchen.

He collapsed into a chair at the table.

"Good morning!"

"Good morning beautiful" He smiled.

Helga turned around from the stove spatula from flipping pancakes in one hand she was glowing this morning.

"Do you want pancakes or not Romeo?" She smiled and he nodded.

He watched her walk slowly towards him loose fitting pj shorts showing off her long creamy white legs and a pink tank top her hair pulled back in a loose bun. She was still the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

"Come here..."He reached for her and she hesitated before stepping closer and he pulled her onto his lap.

She giggled setting his plate aside on the table.

He gave her a kiss silencing the giggles. His lips moved from hers to her neck and down across nibbling on her collarbone his hand trailing lightly up her bare leg pushing her short leg up in it's path.

She laughed pushing his hand away.

"Stop it...didn't you have enough last night?"

"I'll never get enough of you...ever...I love you" She softened.

"I love you too" She leaned down giving him a kiss his hand slid under her tank top crawling up her side she pulled away.

"'re killing me" She laughed.

"Not in front of Miles" She glanced at the high chair a few feet away where Miles their son who was now seven months sat.

He was covered in his breakfast but beaming at them happily blonde curly hair, deep blus eyes. Human perfection.

"Let's go upstairs then..."He offered and she laughed grabbing his wrist and flipping it to look at his watch.

"You have to be at work in forty five minutes.."

"I can work with that"

"Eat your breakfast" She slid off his lap moving to clean Miles off.

He watched her with a sigh before digging into his pancakes. They had been married when they were 18 fresh out of highschool he glanced at the wedding band sparkling on his hand. that was four years ago.

"What are you doing during my lunch break?" Helga shurgged.

"I don't know...why?"

"I could come home...If you would like that" He smiled and she turned to face him leaning a hip against the table.

"You don't want to eat when you come do you?" He grinned and she shook her head.

"I could pick up a pizza on my way home if you want lunch" He offered.

"I suppose Miles could take his nap a little early..." He stood leaning over and giving her a deep kiss.

"I'll see you at lunch then...I love you"

"I love you too" He smiled moving past her to step into the hallway and pull on his coat.

"I'll see you in a little while" He called and she turned to finish cleaning Miles off.

"Ok...Oh and Arnold?"


"I'm pregnant" He popped back into the kitchen in record time.

"Really?" She laughed.


He swept her up in a hug lifting her feet off the floor.

"When did you find out?"

"I took a test this morning...but I missed my last two periods"

"I love you so much" He told her and she laughed.

"You said that already" He kissed her nose then stood her on the floor turning to Miles.

"You hear that buddy? you're going to be a big brother!" Miles giggled happily beating his spoon on his high chair tray.

"'re going to be late for work if you don't leave soon you'll miss the bus" Helga scolded and he kissed Miles's head before heading for the door.

"I'll bring home two pizzas need to start eating gotta feed the baby"

Helga smiled shaking her head as she heard the door close before turning to Miles and lifting him into her arms.

"What do you say we clean you up and you can watch some television while mommy cleans?" He giggled and she pulled his spoon out of his chubby hand setting it on the table.

She kissed his head and snuggled him close. She didn't know a life could be this full this happy. Her life with Arnold was everything she ever thought it would be and more. She didn't know if he realized how much he meant to her.

She wondered if he knew that he had saved her. She smiled she supposed her understood her life wasn't perfect but he had loved her through it and that was all that mattered now.


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