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Indirect meetings.

'Faster.., faster'

I love this feeling, I feel it every time im able to let loose and just move as fast as possible. I never really get to do this whenever I want, only when im hunting. The joy I feel as the trees pass me by in almost a blur, it's so exhilarating I can't help but let out a laugh. I made my feet move even faster, I had already caught my prey and fed till I was full, my family was off in another part of the forest enjoying themselves as well. I looked up to the sky where I could see the red color of the blood moon trying its best to outshine the numerous clouds that tried to hide it. I let out another laugh. Even though it was night time the sky still was covered in clouds that was just the way Forks was I supposed.

My family and I moved here just over a year ago and already I was able to appreciate the charm of this small town hidden away from the rest of the world. Over the years I had lived from one place to the next, from Paris, to Africa, to England, and now Washington State. Out of the whole family, I was the happiest here, my mother was next, followed by my father, my siblings honestly couldn't care less where we lived as long as they were able to let loose every once and a while.

I laughed at the startled bobcat as I sailed over him, he took off in the other direction as fast as he could. I was still running, just enjoying the night, and the smell of wildlife and forest in the air. I was heading to my favorite spot on our side of the territory; it was a cliff overlooking the ocean, where you could also see the small town of Forks off to the side. When I reached the top I would be able to see for miles and enjoy the night sky and the blood moon properly.

I was half way there now, I couldn't wait, it had been awhile since we were able to have free reign during our hunts. Usually we would find our food as quickly as possible and return home just so that we can finish doing whatever it was we were busy with that day. Usually, my father Carlisle worked late nights at the hospital, my mother Esme had an online video cooking class that she would teach three times a week, while Rosalie and Emmett would do whatever the hell they deemed important to them, and my younger brother Edward would just be playing the piano aimlessly, sometimes I would sit with him and play myself or I would sneak away and sketch a few things that might have caught my imagination recently. But today was different I didn't have anything interesting going on and the rest of the family had become restless in the two days since we last fed.

I was almost to the clearing before the cliff now. I could smell the oceans scent on the air now and feel the added wind running through my hair. I suppose it would be chilly out tonight if I could tell the difference at all, however I wasn't human anymore so the temperature was one of the last things on my mind. My whole family was different, we weren't human, not anymore at least. And no amount of acting the part would ever return us to the way we were. Out of my entire family, I believe im actually the happiest about not being human, after all If I wasn't, I never would have met my family. However not remembering anything of your human life made it hard to question your current one. Most of my siblings hated this way of life, at least at first they did, for most of them it's just become a mild resentment, while my mother and father had decided (like me) to make the most out of the life we now led. Were all different now, we had all been made to become something more, something supernatural, an undead monster that lived off of the blood of others because we have none of our own. We were dangerous now, powerful. We were vampires now.

"Almost there, I can't wait it's been so long"

That was slightly overdoing it, in reality it had only been a few days since I last saw the ocean. However not needing to sleep made the days seem longer and longer, and the fact that there was nothing to do most of the time had me yearning to see this natural portrait again. It was my favorite view in this little corner of the world, I have exactly seventeen sketches at home to prove it. I stopped suddenly my gift activating, and throwing away reality for what was to come. My gift was special, it allowed me to view ahead of the present and see the future pertaining to myself and sometimes my family based on decisions those involved would make. Usually my visions were sporadic when I didn't initiate them myself. My brother Emmett would joke that this was my spidey sense, tingling.

This vision was different, where usually I would see a somewhat blurry outline around whatever the vision centered on I could still make out the picture itself, could still hear and smell what was around me. This time however it was like I was looking into a television with no reception, just static and nothing else. Nothing, no sound, no picture, no smell to go off of, nothing.

"Strange? What's going on here?"

I came crashing back to reality with the most confused look on my face. This had never, ever happened before, not in my 93 years of existence anyway. Even the wolves never made this reaction, with them I just didn't see anything but a blur started up the rest of the way to the cliff at a normal human pace, walking with as much silence as a predator such as myself could muster. Steeling myself for what might be ahead I continued on towards my goal.

I could see it up ahead, I was about to cross over the threshold of trees along the outside of the clearing, my danger sense hadn't gone off yet so that was good, I passed into the area, and I looked around, I couldn't see anyone hiding in the shadows of the trees, thanks to my eyesight I would have seen them clearly, I tuned to look up the hill, towards the edge of the cliff.

And I froze.

Standing at the top of the cliff was a figure of a man, he was standing with his back to me overlooking the view of the ocean. From my angle it looked as if he was staring face to face with the moon. He wasn't tall, but at least a head and a half above me. Wild, unruly raven black hair covered his head, the wind was tossing it in every direction it looked like he was wearing some sort of black cloak with a silver outline along the edge, over his body, suddenly the wind changed and his cloak blew to the side and I got a view of a rather fit man that wore a something of a dress robe similar to what I had seen in old paintings of my father Carlisle, back when he was still a young vampire. Except while Carlisle's robes were a mixture of colors, this man only wore black.

The man turned his head to the left and I was able to see that the man was actually a boy, no older than the kids at the school my family and I attended, I was able to see the pale, creamy skin, not a blemish or a pimple in sight, other than the large scar running down his forehead. I was able to see his high cheek bones, and set jaw …and then I noticed his eyes, while only one was visible from my vantage, it was the most captivating thing I had ever seen. Even behind his thin round glasses I could make out every detail, the eye that I saw was green and looked almost like it was glowing, an aura around the iris, sparkling almost as my skin did in the sun, it was as is the were constant waves of power moving just below the surface of the sclera. It showed clearly even in the dark, it stood out stark against the rest of his face, it showed age beyond what one as young as him should experience, pain, weariness even. I was entranced, watching him, as brilliant emerald green gazed out over the ocean.


It was one of the most intoxicating aromas I had ever enjoyed. Which wasn't normal because the smell's themselves was nothing that one would consider good? It was a mixture of soil, burnt wood, and something else that I couldn't quite place. I held my breath and was about to move closer. Keeping an eye on this mystery boy, and If I wasn't so focused on him I would have missed what he said

"So... This is forks… it's beautiful."

I almost missed the words he spoke, they were just whispers against the crashing waves at the bottom of the cliff and the wind rushing around us. His voice was smooth, almost elegant, but something about his tone sounded …disappointed, or frustrated. I was about to finally move closer when someone decided to speak up.


The sound of my brother Emmett's yell startled me out of my stupor, I turned around quickly to shh him hoping beyond hope that the boy hadn't noticed, but as I turned, I heard a loud 'pop' and when I turned back the boy was gone. I looked around for a moment even tried to pick up the scent of the stranger again but it was like everything just vanished, like he wasn't even there. Nothing. "What the hell! Where did he go?"

"Alice, come on its time to head back."

My brother Emmett, and his wife Rosalie came out from the behind the trees. Emmet smiling while covered in blood from a fresh kill and Rosalie as clean as she was before the hunt and just as bored as well.

"What are you doing here by yourself?" asked Emmett.

"I came to look out over the cliff, but when I got here someone else beat me to it."

Emmett sniffed around while Rosalie just glanced in different directions.

"I don't smell no-one pixie you sure you're not losing it?" asked Emmett.

"No, I know what I saw." I turned and crossed my arms, to believe he would think I was crazy ugh.

Rosalie looked up sharply and leveled an impressive glare on me. "Did he see you Alice?"

I sighed, leave it to Rosalie to jump to the worst case scenario immediately.

"no, he didn't see me, or at least he didn't see anything that would be suspicious anyway, I've only been here for a few minutes, by the time I looked back he was gone, I don't know where he went or how he left so quickly."

"Do you think he jumped?" asked Emmett trying to make himself taller as if it would let him over look the cliff from the bottom of the hill.

Feeling a sudden dread, I raced to the edge of the cliff, only to relax, the rocks below were clear of any bodies.

"No the rocks are clear, maybe we should tell Carlisle about this, if there's someone new in town that can sneak away from us, we need to figure out what to do." As I said this Emmett let out a loud 'Whoop' to go with the giant smile he had plastered on his face.

"Alright a new vamp movin into town and I get to kick some ass, well if he's not a vegetarian like us anyway." He finished. Rosalie turned away from us with a sigh "that's if he's a vampire love, who knows." Waving her hand dramatically as she started walking.

"Either way I call dibs on first fight." Big smile still in place. Check.

I looked away from them, and back towards the moon. "I don't think he was a vampire though, his eyes were glowing… but they were green."

Emmett turned to follow her and after another minute I did as well. Headed back to the house, we had a family meeting to call.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A dark 1951 Buick phased out of the fog on a dirt road that passed in-between and mash of trees, it pulled up to a grey wooded, desolate looking house, one of the oldest in Forks. Its recent owner had just passed, leaving no will or receiver. The shadowed windows gazed out at him through the rain, the automobile windows reflecting his pale, slightly marred face, complete with green eyes that stared right back at him. He noticed the house was completely surrounded by trees, giving him the privacy he would no doubt be happy for. Uncle Lucius had done his small, odd job well.

"This is it, Mr. Riddle" said the driver, "122 Cranewell Drive."

"Thank you Matthew, here is a little extra for having to drive out so far, just to accommodate my interests." The teen in the back seat handed the driver a roll of bills, which he accepted with barely an objection. When the young man climbed out of the back seat he looked around his new property, taking a deep breath of the forest air as he did. It had nothing on the forbidden forest back home, but it still helped to bring up memories, one particular of the day when he first discovered a unicorn while his father educated him from underneath the hollow of a copse of trees.

Sighing in melancholy, Hadrian Riddle moved towards the house, up the rickety and crooked steps leading to the front door, he was hit with a sudden urge and turned toward his driver, who had gathered his luggage and was setting them aside on the porch.

"Matthew, could I trouble you with one last thing, before you leave?" Hadrian said with a smile.

Matthew Sampson was a 43 year old driver that worked at the airport all his life, he had a round face that came complete with a receding hairline and a bulbous nose. However he always showed the best to his customers, always wearing a smile and willing to help the people he met, and this 'Mr. Riddle' was one of a kind, fitting of his name in fact. When he first pulled up along the private airstrip where he was suppose to pick up someone, he thought it would be a celebrity coming to Seattle to hide out, away from cameras and interviewers. Little did he know he was about to meet a young man who had at first, creeped him out, with the way he spoke you would expect him to be an adult that had years upon years of interacting with people. The child was able to worm out of him almost everything about himself such as how long he had been doing this job, if he had family, hobbies, where he went to school. Matthews had even divulged a memory of his bachelor party without even being asked, and when he realized just how comfortable he had become around someone he knew absolutely nothing about, needless to say he was unsure of exactly what was happening, and that scared him.

However as he drove from Seattle to Forks, Hadrian (as the boy insisted he call him) had shown himself to be a very respectable teenager and that, all things considered, was very pleasant to be around. He hadn't minded at all when the boy asked if there was a route through the forest to their destination, and when he had looked back on him in the back seat while driving through the trees he had noticed the small smile on the boys face as he stared up at the canopies that they passed. He had decided that the boy wasn't so bad after all.

"Of course Mr. Riddle, what is it you need?"

He turned back around to face the young man, all he saw was an outstretched hand in front of his face, and he heard one word and his world turned black.


Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As Hadrian watched the car turn away from his drive, he smiled, he had pleasantly enjoyed the man's company, and it was a shame that Matthew wouldn't remember anything about today, but Hadrian figured that the less people who knew his address the better.

Turning back towards the house he opened the door with a wave of his hand and levitated the bags inside. The house was already furnished, and it reminded him of his old common room back at Hogwarts, all greens and silvers. There was a fire place set directly in front of the entrance way, fire already billowing inside however it gave off no smoke, large chairs surrounded a somewhat large coffee table situated in front of the fire place. To the left was the kitchen, and the stairs heading up to the master bedroom, and the right was the only thing he had brought over from his last home, a dining table that he had grown up sitting around, the one his father would hold meetings at between him and his followers. He walked up to the head of the table, his father's old chair. Running his finger tips over the old black mahogany, in remembrance. However this was no longer his father's chair, it was his, this where he would sit from now until his death (however unlikely that event may be), to address those that had survived 'the purge', those that still followed him instead of the memory of his father.

Hadrian sighed, he had better things to think about than that bloody affair, after all if he was going to be spending his 'banishment' across the pond, in a small town no one had ever heard of, well he was going to have to enjoy himself. After all, he had his first day of muggle studies, (school) later that day. Hadrian smiled.

"This should be quite fun indeed."

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

'Alice, are you almost ready?"

Esme, my mother called from downstairs, as I got ready for school. It had been a week since we got back from the hunt and everyone had spent the week resting before the star of school. It was the first day after winter break so it was still chilly out for the humans unfortunately that meant I had to cover up my amazing outfit, with a less amazing but still stylish grey coat, and some black stockings, (sigh, moving on). As I started out the door to my room, my mind went back to the memory of that boy, just a few hours ago I had been mesmerized by an ethereal figure that had appeared and disappeared into nothing in an instant. I still wasn't quite sure how I felt about this new predicament in our life. I remembered what the rest of the family had to say about my encounter with him.


As soon as everyone was gathered, Carlisle decided it was time to figure out the reason for the meeting.

"So, I believe some of us had some sort of encounter tonight, Alice could you please fill us in."

Carlisle's disarming smile allowed my nerves to recede a little while I started with my story.

"I was running towards the cliff at the northern end of our treaty line, it's been awhile so I wanted to go visit. When I got close to the clearing, I got thrown into a vision …but...it was unlike anything that's ever happened before. It was like the vision was being covered in a sheet of snow, almost like static. I couldn't hear or see or smell anything and I only saw white, that's never happened to me before. When I came out of it I decided to investigate so I went ahead and-"

My mother, always the one to worry about her children decided to cut me off at that point.

"Alice, you went ahead into a situation where you were blind? Why wouldn't you call us? What if something had happened to you?" she was looking more and more worried as she went on, imagining scenarios in her head where she could have lost her youngest daughter.

Looking down for a moment to compose myself, I glanced back up at her shyly, "im sorry I wasn't thinking, I promise Esme I won't let it happen again." Flashing her a smile that I hoped was reassuring. She smiled back so I guess it worked.

"I'm grateful for that." Carlisle said. "Now please continue."

Taking a breath I continued. "Well when I went on ahead through the trees, I finally reached the cliff, at first I didn't see anything, it all looked normal. Then when I looked to the edge, I saw someone-"

Edward gasped all of a sudden, no doubt his gift allowing him to see exactly what I saw.

"What the hell!" he looked just as confused as I was when I first saw that boy.

Emmett cocked his head to the side and then clapped his hands. "Hello! Unlike you guy's some of us can't read minds here!"

I looked into Carlisle's eyes when I continued.

"It was a boy, he didn't look any older than the kids at school. He was wearing some kind of cloak around him, kind of like what you're wearing in that old painting with the Volturi, Carlisle except it was all black and silver, when he turned his head I got a glimpse of his face, he had pale skin, black medium cut hair, and glasses but… his eyes they were glowing like ours do if we feed on humans, but they weren't red. They were green. Have you ever heard of anything out there with green, glowing eyes dad?"

Carlisle bowed his head in thought for a moment, going over the memories of his life in perfect clarity thanks to his vampiric mind, after a moment he sighed and looked up.

"No, there's nothing that I can recall. The best I can do is contact a few people and see if they've ever heard of a species with characteristics like that. Now what happened after that, Alice?"

"Well after that Emmett decided he was gonna scream out my name as loud as he could and distract me when I turned around I heard some kind of 'pop' noise and when I turned back the boy was gone. Emmett thought that maybe he jumped off the cliffs but when I looked there wasn't anything down there but rocks, when we tried to pick up a scent, we couldn't it was like everything about that boy just disappeared."

When I finished I looked around the table to view my parents reactions, Edward had already seen everything in my head and had been trying to piece together an idea since he spoke, Rosalie had already thought on it and decided it wasn't worth her brain power to think on it anymore, and Emmett was still smiling, probably imagining a fight in the future. Esme looked worried that there might be danger ahead and Carlisle was still contemplating everything with his hands brought up to his mouth and head bowed.

"For now I want everyone to travel in pairs, I don't care where you go, if this boy is dangerous then we need to be prepared. If you see him again and decide to make contact then go ahead, if he tries anything then alert the rest of us immediately, I don't want anyone getting hurt over this. Emmett that means don't go starting a fight without having back up."

"Got it boss man"

That decided he stood "alright now, I believe you all still have a few hours left until school starts, until then I'll be calling in a few favors from some old friends to see what I can find out, and remember whatever happens, we will deal with it as a family" He left the room heading to his office upstairs. Slowly we all got up from the table we were sharing and went our separate ways. Emmett and Rosalie decided to go and have their 'alone time', Esme retreated to the kitchen to pre tape her cooking class, However Edward stayed and walked right up to me, bending down to place his mouth at my ear.

"Why didn't you tell them about how his scent affected you?" he had to whisper it in my ear so others couldn't hear him speak.

"I don't understand it myself, I know that it was intoxicating to me, but that's it, I don't know why or even if it was because of me and not something that related to that boys abilities. Until im sure can we keep it private? Just between you and me?"

He leveled a stare at me and then turned away. I tried to use my gift to see what he would say, but he hadn't decided yet. Finally he took a deep breath and turned back to me. "Fine, but if you ever need another brain to bounce ideas off of you know where I am, don't beat yourself up thinking about this." He smiled as I thanked him and then left the room and was almost immediately on the piano, playing one of his own creations. I returned to my room, I may not have seen the blood moon tonight, but I had something new I wanted to sketch.

(End flashback)


I took one last glance around my room, my eyes settling on the newest sketch added to my wall, one all graphite drawing of that boys face with the moon in the background, for some reason I couldn't hold back a smile that formed on my face. Deciding not to think on exactly why I was smiling, I flashed downstairs and into the garage where the rest of my siblings were waiting and with that we left and headed towards school.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I sighed as the bell rang, signaling the end of third period math. As I got up and gathered my things I saw yet another group of girls, giggling and smiling. (Sigh) sometimes it was tough to be in a family that most were to afraid to approach. I missed not having many friends, like I did in collage about 30 years ago, I was the toast of the sorority house, and was constantly surrounded by people I would have considered my friends however since then it's been just me and my family.

Some of the girls here were nice, like Angela Webber, she was quiet, but I never heard a mean thing come out of her mouth. Unlike the girls I was watching now, Lauren, and her two little followers were harping on and on about the new transfer student coming in today. It wasn't the first time that day that I had over heard about this, it was a little surprising at first that so many people knew about such a small thing, but when I sat down and looked at the big picture, like the fact that Forks high school only had around 850 students, and that the town itself only had about 2000 people in it, it wasn't so surprising anymore that everyone knew.

With all this hype going on around me I decided I would listen in, and see if Lauren knew anything factual or not.

"So, did you hear anything about the new kid coming today, is it a boy, or a girl?" harpy 1 spoke.

"I heard it's a rich girl that had to transfer cuz of a kidnapping scare." Harpy 2 said. I rolled my eyes at her the things this generation could think up was very out there.

"no, it's not a girl, Mrs. Cope told me it's a new guy from England, and that he lives by himself, that's all she knew though, he better be hot, otherwise im just gonna kill myself, there's no one hear even remotely my type!" Lauren said to harpy 1 and 2.

So Laruen had heard from the school secretary, I guess that would be the most reliable information at this point. I finished gathering my things together and walked out of class, heading to the cafeteria. Forks high wasn't a big school, it had 4 buildings for classes a gym, a cafeteria and an indoor pool that had a wave generator, that was used for swim classes as well as rowing classes. I had only made it about two buildings over when I almost ran over into a smiling, and somewhat dazed, Angela Webber.

"Oh god Angie, are you okay? Im so sorry!" I grabbed her hand and helped her to her feet, luckily since it was cold out I had gloves on otherwise she might have noticed how cold my skin was. Angela got up and duster herself off, it only took a few seconds before her smile returned full force.

"Hi, Alice Im fine, thanks for helping me up and sorry that I wasn't paying attention."

"You look a little dreamy there Angie, did something good happen?" her smile widened and that was all I needed

"Ooh tell me, tell me!"

"Okay well you know who Eric Yorkie is right?" I nodded "well he asked me to prom! I know it's like 3 months away but he said that he didn't want anyone else to ask before he could, isn't that sweet!"

My own smile widened at that, Angela had been pinning on the slightly short, Asian kid who had a penchant for music of all kinds, for awhile now. I had noticed her staring at him a few times during class earlier in the year. I was happy for her, she had few true friends and she deserved someone who could devote their time to her.

"That's great Angela, you know this means your gonna have to look extra sexy for him at prom right?" winking as I finished. I giggled slightly at the mad blush that fell of her cheeks.

"Yeah I know I'll make sure to make it up to him, ha ha, anyway Alice I gotta run to my locker before I go to lunch so I'll see you around okay!"

I gave her a quick hug and a wink before passing by and heading on my way to meet up with my family. I was in no rush however, as a vampire I couldn't stomach human food, in fact it smelled absolutely horrible to me. But appearances had to be kept, it would look weird if a whole family never ate anything after all. When I finally got to the area outside the cafeteria I met up with my siblings and as one we walked into the chaos that was always common during lunch. There were people running around, chugging soda, and mashing different foods together to see if they would make a good combo. As we walked to our table we received the usual stares and murmurs of gossip, but after three and a half years most had just accepted out presence and left it at that.

When we sat down, we brought out all our food, while we wouldn't eat any, we would discreetly throw it all away during out lunch, everyone at school thought our whole family was on some super special diet since our father was a doctor and we never ate anything from the campus. I looked around at my family and saw Rosalie checking herself needlessly in a mirror, as if anything would ever have to be fixed up, Emmett was juggling three apples that he stole off of everyone's plate, when I look at Edward, I noticed his face was scrunched up into a look of concentration. When he noticed me looking he flashed a smile that bolstered my confidence that he was okay, it was always hard on him to be surrounded by so many thoughts, and it sometimes even gave him migraines.

I was about to throw away some of my food, when I smelled it, the aroma from the night before, a mixture of soil, burnt wood, and something else that I still couldn't place. I stiffened and looked around, I ignored all other sounds going on around me, so that it was as if the room had grown quiet, lifting my head up, I looked towards the doors leading out of the room and into the courtyard outside. That's where the scent was coming from, I felt the others stiffen beside me, and glanced at them. Edward had a somewhat shocked look on his face while Rosalie and Emmett, not knowing the cause of our tenseness were just quietly growling, and looking in all directions trying to find whatever it was that had startled us.

When the doors opened, it was like the scent from before exploded into the room, it smelled so good that I briefly closed my eyes in bliss. Then I remembered who this scent belonged to and snapped them back open.

There standing just in the doorway was the boy from the star light encounter last week, wearing designer clothes, much like our own, he had a black jacket on over a white button up shirt, long black slacks, and black 'deer stag' shoes. His hair was just as messy as before, he walked in with a small smile on his face, and looked around. When he turned towards me I was met by the same pair of (significantly less) glowing, green eyes as last night, his smile broadened before turning and continuing on his way.

At that time, I only had one thought making its way through my mind.

"Why is he here?"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

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