Naruto's Hawaiian Adventure


Naruto x Nani


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Author's Note


It's Naruto's Birthday and what better way for me to celebrate it than for me to start as many new projects as I can this fine day? By that, crossovers people don't touch or crossovers that need some decently written stories in them and by this fine day I mean on October 11th as I just got home.

Story Start


It was finally completed, after months of toiling and balancing his accounts and making sure all the orders were correctly processed his restaurant was finished. It was just a matter of reviewing the applicants and hiring the right people.

A few hours had passed and he had some hits and misses. Running his hand through his spiky blond haired in frustration, he was going to wonder when he was going to find that one person. The person who would draw attention by the droves or had the energy that gave off a positive vibe. One of the most surprising things his old teacher Jiraiya thought him about was business.

It was amazing how learning how to run a business gave so much experience and insight that could be attributed to being the leader or a major figure of your home town. Using the back of his hand Naruto rubbed the side of his eyes to rub out the crust. The whole thing had left him rather anxious so he hadn't been able to get much sleep.

The door opened and the bell rung, signifying another potential applicant. He looked up and sure enough it was a young woman, a bit younger than him actually. She had the Hawaiian tan skin, to which Naruto couldn't help but think of Fu when he first saw a female native. Her hair was long, a dark brown shade, with blue top, tan Khaki pants and brown, opened toed sandals. She was one of the few applicants that listened to his order to wear completely casual clothing.

Naruto observed the nervous-looking applicant. "Hello," he greeted her. "You must be…" he took a moment to pause and mentally cycle through the name of the applicants. "Nani."

"Yes," Nami answered. She couldn't help but study her new boss. Tall, not unattractive, calm blue eyes dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, tan pants, and flip flops. Seeing him extend his hand she extended her own to shake it. "Nani Pelekai."

"Well Nani Pelekai," he said. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Thank you for coming in and please come with me."

"Okay." They walked from the waiting room which had a large, circular brown table and four wooden chairs on one side while the other had a mahogany desk, a computer and computer chair with a file cabinet off to the side. There was also a window with blinds, a calendar and a clock on the wall. It appeared to be a small office.

"Welcome to my office. In time I hope to earn money and buy a new building. As you can assess I have another business on the side and renting an office space seemed rather unwise at the moment."

"Okay," Nani replied, she wasn't going to say anything to offend her potential new boss, she really needed this job. The bills had been piling up and Jumba's experiments were causing more harm at home than good. She had lost far too many jobs at this rate and there was a rumor of cursed luck that seemed to be following her.

"Alright, so let's begin," he said taking out her resume. "How did you happen to hear about the job?"

"I saw an ad in the paper." She wiped her sweaty palms on her pants, careful not to break eye contact until the blond looked back down at her resume.

'She has experience as a waitress not to mention she worked at a hotel. Both incidents involved some sort of incident with a dog.' Naruto though, was the kind of person to allow people to prove themselves before he made a decision. He decided that once the formalities were out of the way, he would hire her and let her actions and performance speak for her.