Hi! welcome to the story! I hope you can enjoy this story as much as i did writing it! Now let's begin...

Well the day began like any other day i suppose. I woke up and she was standing over me again waiting for me to get up...I guess i should introduce myself, My name is Triston Yuudai, I am in a famous group called Vocaloid. Now the girl that was staring at me was my friend Rin Kagamine who is also a Vocaloid herself. Trust me she really is a nice person but sometimes she is kinda mean. "Triston get up! You need to do your chores for the morning and make us breakfast." She said hitting on the head lightly so i can wake up.

I groan and sit up slowly and say "Rin don't worry its only...8:00 am...OH MY GOD IT'S 8 AM!" I said realizing that the others who live here are going to be waking up soon.(I will introduce them soon) So I quickly jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to the kitchen and cooked omelets for everyone and adding in extra leeks for a certain someone. As soon it was 8:30 AM the other two started coming downstairs for breakfast, the first one was Len Kagamine who walked downstairs grabbing a banana and his omelet and saying good morning to me and eating his breakfast. Second and last but not least was my good friend Chibi Miku.

Chibi Miku is what i suppose is to be a tiny version of the real Miku Hatsune who is another good friend of mine but since she has been gone for tour chibi miku has been staying with me,Rin,and Len so she would not be lonely and be taken care of. "Good morning Triston." ChibiMiku said smiling as always. "Morning, here is your omelet." I said handing her a the plate and quickly taking off a cooking apron to do the other chores. "Thanks Tris!" She said as she walked to the table and hoping on the chair while Len and Rin were eating and Rin as always trying to play her PSP while she eats. I quickly take away the PSP and say "No playing while eating!" She then looked at me angrily and Len and chibi miku looked away in fear as suddenly i was hit on the head and getting the PSP stolen right out of my hands.

"Don't ever try that again!" Rin yelled as I slowly backed away nodding and going back to my chores. "Yup..just another average day here in the Kagamine house..." I muttered to myself grabbing a grocery list and asking Chibi Miku if she wanted to go to the Family Mart with me which she replied yes so she can visit our friend Haku who is a bit shy but really fun to be with. As we started to walk to the store the day was nice and the birds were chirping but of course mother nature pulled a trick on us because by the time we arrived me and chibi miku were sweating and Haku got us water which we said thanks in return.

As I got the grocery's I saw Chibi Miku buying one of the hot and spicy leek crackers which i could not wait to she her try. I soon found myself watching Chibi Miku bite into the Spicy concoction and soon her whole face turned red and she made me buy her two cartons of milk (yuck). Soon after Haku was laughing and so was I while Chibi Miku gave us a glare. "It's not funny when your mouth is on fire!" She said while holding up the half eaten cracker. That only made me and Haku laugh some more and then soon later we left the Family Mart and waved Haku good bye.

Later on when I was done with chores I found myself playing a MMO with Chibi miku,Len,And Rin. We raided a dungeon and of course Rin being the Konata of the group was level infinity while me and len were mere level 10's and chibi Miku being a level 50."This seems very strange that chibi miku is a higher level than us Triston?" Len said sadly while we were the first to die. I nodded while Chibi Miku and Rin were in the game, defeating dragons and other creatures me and Len barely understood. As they led on to victory me and Len talked about when Hatsune was coming home...

It is now nighttime and as Len was the first to fall asleep me,Rin, and Chibi Miku went to watch "The Ring". After the movie me and Rin were freaked out the most while Chibi Miku had an evil plot in her mind that would effect us later on in the night...as i went to my room i heard a thump in chibi miku's room. Since i was already creeped out i slowly walked in and saw what seemed to be the Ring staring right at me. So I did what any real man would do in this moment! I screamed and ran into Rin's room telling her The Ring is real.

The next thing we know the door slowly started to open and The Ring was standing there in the flesh so Rin yelled "Take him not me!" as she pushed me to the Ring, the ring started to take off her hair revealing Chibi miku laughing while saying "that was for the spicy cracker!" I sighed and said "ok no more scary movies before bed!" and with that note we all went to bed. Lesson was never laugh at the chibi again!

that is the end of the first chapter! I hope you enjoyed it here is a character description for Triston!

Name: Triston Yuudai



eye color: Green

Hair color: Dark Brown

Hair style:Spiky (like sora form KH)

Skin color:Tan

Wears: A red shirt and jeans and for performances he wears a silver jacket and a black shirt with jeans

Likes: Taking care of his family and being the boss for once


Favorite Food: Strawberries

Personality:always nice to people he meets and willing to do anything for his family