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In the time since she agreed to pose as her brother, Go Mi Nyu has found herself in some pretty dramatic situations in trying to maintain the facade. While she knew that it wasn't going to be easy pretending to be a boy, especially since she was living with the other members of the famous band A. , it still amazed her that she hadn't been caught after all this time. There were so many things she was discovering and, in her excitement, she almost slips, almost forgets that she's pretending to be a boy.

Whenever she thinks of all those times that she could've gotten caught and exposed...it scared her senseless. But no, with Manager Ma and Noona Wang's help and expertise, she was able to go about the facade comfortably without anyone the wiser.

Well, that wasn't true. Having overhead (and taped) a private conversation she was having with Noona Wang, Hwang Tae Kyung-sshi, the lead singer, discovered her. It was her worst fear realized, to think that she would be exposed before she could accomplish her goal of finding her mother, that she would ruin her beloved brother's dreams just as they were realized.

But amazingly, unbelievably, despite his initial desire of using the information to get her kicked out, Mi Nyu was confident that now—after suffering his abuse and challenging his belief on whether she can find her mother—she had his full trust, and he wouldn't tell. Or rather, she hastily reminded herself, he said he wouldn't get involved. But that was just as good…she guesses.

It is, she fiercely thinks. He could've easily handed that information to anyone and within a week—no, within an hour, she would be finished. That he hadn't done so when he said he would, that he refused to betray her even after she broke her promise to him, proved that her trust had not been misplaced, and that the ever-intimidating lead singer truly had a kind heart.

Still, just as it seems that there could be no more danger to her secret, another obstacle just had to appear! As if there was some force or deity or god in the world that's determined to have her exposed or watch her struggle to maintain her secret for his/her own amusement!

"What's wrong with you two guys sharing a room for a few days?" President Ahn asked, annoyed and exasperated. "Mi Nam, you pick. Who will you stay with?"

This can't be happening, she thought.

Considering all that had happened before, she supposed she shouldn't be too surprised, but this was really pushing boundaries. Sleep in the same room with one of the guys? And worse, she had to decide whom?

She may not have found her mother, but finding her Auntie Mi Ja (her father's sister) was good consolation. Still, Mi Nyu couldn't help panicking at what her aunt's extended stay was causing. Forfeiting her room? Okay, she was willing to do it; the last thing she wanted was to disrespect her and her brother's only living blood relative and it was only right that she take the room. But really? Staying with either Shin Woo, Jeremy or Tae Kyung? The god/force/deity must surely be enjoying this.

A quick look at Manager Ma's face told her that he could do nothing to help. And, all too reluctantly, she looked at her…Go Mi Nam's band mates. None of the expressions on their faces looked encouraging. Shin Woo looked indifferent, cold, unlike his normally kind self. Jeremy seemed nervous, as though at any moment he expected to get attacked. And Hwang Tae Kyung…well, he mouthed the words: "You're dead." And Mi Nyu knew that even his kindness has a limit.

She looked away, getting more nervous than she cared to admit even to herself. So who to pick?

"If I really must stay with someone…" she started, thinking fast, going over any other options that might be available in order to escape this. Again, she traded quick looks with Manager Ma. He looked helpless.

Just pick already, a voice in her head shouted. What's the worse that can happen? Exposure.

She closed her eyes, took in a deep breath and quickly pointed, praying that she made the right choice.

When she opened her eyes, she was half-relieved, half-panicked. She picked Shin Woo.

"Ah, marvelous!" President Ahn cried out. He clapped his hands in delight. He and Auntie Mi Ja seemed to be the only ones oblivious to the tense atmosphere. "I'm sure you two will have a good time! It'll be a nice time to do some bonding!"

Jeremy looked deliriously happy that he wasn't picked; Tae Kyung, Shin Woo and Manager Ma were shocked.

For a few seconds, Shin Woo stood there and stared at Mi Nam in disbelief, almost certain that his eyes and ears were deceiving him. But at President Ahn's words, he pushed back the shock and smiled a thousand-watt smile, saying, "Yes, I'm looking forward to it."

A/N: Yes, this is a version of You're Beautiful episode 5. I just always wondered what could've happened if Mi Nyu picked Shin Woo when she needed to room with one of the guys. Some events are going to be changed, slightly (and even dramatically), and Auntie Mi Ja will have several roles to play.

Also, I going to be introducing another character that's going to cause a lot of drama and hilarity for A. . :) Look forward to it!