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Chapter 25

Dangerous Threats

It gets cold fast around district thirteen, and soon a light dusting of snow sends the soldiers inside for training. It means the victory tour is almost upon us and with that I get a message from command.

It seems President Alma Coin wants to see me before I am sent off.

I have never been to level four. It's mostly administration and conference rooms. It's also where 'command' is situated.

There are rooms that are welcoming, well lit, warm. This is not one of them. Even knocking on the metal door makes me feel I really should not be here. Even if I am her spy, even if I was trained to be a weapon in and of myself (so says Charring), even if I can shoot the wings off a dragonfly (or so Boggs says).

Not even this agent feels safe here. My stomach twists unpleasantly entering this office.

A huge dark wood desk sits in the middle surrounded by bookshelves and a dark carpet underneath my feet. I start to feel sick at seeing opulence when Maverick was suffering from depression and wasn't allowed even a small reprieve from his hurt.

'who does she think she is?' my mind is telling me, 'she's as bad as Snow and you are working for her!'

She looks up and I get the same feeling I had on my reaping day. Now it's mixed with a strong feeling to run.

She is slight in frame and has pale eyes, I can't say the colour but it's almost washed out, and graying hair that is cut so extreamly straight it looks like a wig. I have half a mind to try and tug it off to ease my inner child and curiosity but I don't think this woman would appreciate that.

"Take a seat agent Crane" she says and I do so, not wanting to be rude, "I was just going over your final assessments, Charring and Boggs give you glowing reviews and Dr. Makenzie is pleased with your work. We want to set you up in her old hospital" she looks at me her lips pressed together and into some sort of smile that never reaches her eyes, "we expect great things from you" she adds

"If you don't mind me asking what do you really expect me to accomplish in the Capitol" I ask and she slides a folder towards me.

I open it to a photograph or President Snow, it's like ice water was dumped on me.

"We want information and the only way to get it is getting close to him" she says, "shouldn't take long a year maybe, who knows, he keeps the blue prints of the capital on his personal computer and he knows I have some spies in his city already, not all of them but the obvious red herrings" she gets up, "you've grown up some, almost unrecognizable to how you looked in your games, which is the only version capital citizens remember victors, except Finnick of course"

"If it's all the same I would prefer a different assignment" I say and she looks at me with her pale eyes, "if I go near him I might want to kill him outright"

"You do that and it will probably be the last thing you do, and I wouldn't do it if I were in your position" she says coolly


"Think of whom you have here my dear" she says, "Plutarch made your team personally, persuaded me to help Letorch….if you died…well what's the point of having them here? If word got out that a tribute survived the games….well Snow doesn't like loose ends"

I don't know what cause my reaction, the open threat to Makenzie and Ziggy or just Maverick but I have leaped from my chair and have Coin pinned to the floor my arm across her neck within seconds.

I don't think she was expecting that she stares at me with the whisp of fright I saw once in a tribute in my games, stunned for the moment. When our eyes meet solidly there is steel behind mine that is mirrored in hers. I'm seventeen years old and I am going to do something I never thought I would do.

"Listen very carefully" I tell her softly, and clearly, "one hair harmed, one drop of blood spilt, or one moment of neglect I hear is caused to Maverick Letorch, or if anything happen to my team and I get wind of it? You know my accuracy with a rifle, you know I can pin the larger soldiers down within three minutes and you openly threaten me with harming my crew? I'll do my job, and when I return if I find out you hurt ANY of them then my next target is you" I get up as a soldier comes in and sees Coin on the floor gasping for air. I know she is faking because I only pinned her I didn't aim to kill her…

"M'am! Everything alright?" he asks

Coin looks at the soldier then at me… "prepare Sparrow for deployment" she says getting to her desk and straightening out her hair and clothing, giving me the coldest of glares that barely can touch the disrespect I have for her. Only thing that is keeping me from offing her here and now is she has the same vendetta I do.

Take down Snow.