GA: Decided to upload this. It's a little set of drabbles that I wrote, with no set updating schedule, just really "whenever I come up with something", concerning Dave and the Doctor. The setting is technically a newly created Earth, like a "factory reset endgame" of SBURB, and is about the Doctor's life intertwines with Dave's. But this first part takes place at the end of time, because I really liked this concept and decided to write it out.


Two men stand at the end of the world.

"I didn't expect to have company," one says thoughtfully. He glances at the shorter man next to him. "Not many can say they made it to the end of time."

The other stares blankly back, unused to the attention. "Not many can say they know when it is, either." The two sit in silence, both coming to terms with their own interpretation of the comment. "Why did you save them?" the blonde asks.

The brunette sighs wistfully. "They reminded me of myself. Ambitious, young, excited." he frowns. "Naive." He raises an eyebrow. "What is your excuse? Why save a doomed race?"

"Because we were doomed once, too." They both know this, but it still causes no less pain than when it was first uttered. "I was like them once. More than I thought possible." He snorts. "Me, human. I wish."

The other nods in solemn agreement. "Ignorance is indeed bliss," he says simply, the quote summing up everything on both of their minds.

Both are silent, before the blonde turns to his companion, sunglasses in his hands. "Thank you, Doctor," he says, "for understanding. For keeping me company."

The Doctor smiles. "Anything for a brave Knight, Sir Dave."

Two men stand at the end of the world.
Neither are afraid anymore.