FushigiBoshi no Futago Hime::

The Warrior Princess

Chapter 1::The Prophecy

The most of universe become peaceful these pass two years. Of course it's all thanks to the unprincess like of all princess twin, Fine and Rein of Sunny Kingdom from Mysterious Star, also to their support of their friends that always by their side when they fighting for everyone smile.

But a planet that long forgotten is still suffering because of evil power of planet is called before Sky planet, but since that someone spreading it evil powers that planet become Death Planet. No one is wanted to go there, even for just visit and no one from that planet that has courage to step out from their home planet. The Sky planet before have incredible power. But not anymore, that's the reason why this planet is already forgotten.

But the people that living in Sky planet or Death planet never once lost their hopes. Because of prophecy that saying "When the time has come, a girl from another planet will born with a mark of white heart in her chest, that will save the Sky planet to its crisis and will kill that someone".

While the kings and queens are waiting for her arrival they get eight children that also have a mark of heart base to rainbow to be 'Guardians'. These eight kids are from four different planets. But because they enter the Death Planet something happen to their existed.

In Sunny Kingdom::

A summit of kings and queens is now happening from Mysterious Star.

"When the twin princesses become fourteen, we must tell to one of your daughters about her incoming destiny Queen Elsa, King Truth" the king of Windmill kingdom said

"We know how hard it is, but one planet will be destroy if we didn't follow what is prophecy saying" the queen of Moon kingdom said

Meanwhile the queen of Sunny kingdom, Elsa is crying because one of her twin, beloved twin will have to leave their home planet to obey her fate that written in prophecy. For a mother it's really hurts, but if she didn't do it that forgotten planet will destroy so the queen did not have any choice but to follow it.

"We already know it, since she was born" king of Sunny kingdom reply

"Now...tell us, who in your twin that have mark of white heart?" the queen of Jewelry kingdom said, the king of Sunny kingdom nodded

"The girl that in prophecy and the princess that have red heart is Princess...Fine!"